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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD. We have completed season 1, and here's ...

season 2, episode 6


Merrin Dungey

Samples below



Lingerie Dreams 2


Brainscan's comments:

I read somewhere Lingerie Dreams 2 was the most eagerly awaited sequel since Godfather 2. Or was it Major League 2? Police Academy 2? One of those. Who knows? This is a strip and wiggle extravaganza made memorable only by the presence of two women who starred in over 100 B movies - Julie Strain and Sauna O'Brien - and a cult figure of sorts, Susie Chidley who sometimes uses the name Suzie Q. Joining them are former pornstar Cathy Raymond (her nom de humpin' was Gabrielle Scream) and two unknowns (Stephanie Somers and Kari Mitchell). The drill was very much the same for each of them. Scene one - skimpy stuff. Scene two - topless. Scene three - full frontal. Image quality sucked and things run on a bit too long but the women look fine and they are nekkid. So here are caps and clips for all y'all.

Today: part 5 - Kari Mitchell (sample below)



Film Clips

Diana Amft in "Doctor's Diary," s3e7. (2011; sample below). This just aired.

This is also hot off the presses (aired Monday) : Xenia Assenza in Die Verfuehrung Das fremde Maedchen (samples below)

And Sonja Gerhardt (with a non-nude) Xenia Assenza, also from Die Verfuehrung Das fremde Maedchen (sample below)

Keisha Castle-Hughes and Vera Farmiga in The Vintner's Luck (2009) in 720p

Tanya Saulnier in Slither (2006)

Paz Vega and Natalia Verbeke in El Otro Lado de la Cama (2001; samples below)



Just for old times' sake: Teri Hatcher in Heaven's Prisoners (1996)

Meg Ryan (body double?) in When a Man Loves a Woman (1994). Somehow this nude scene has completely escaped my notice for 17 years. Sorry, I don't know anything about it, and I haven't seen the movie. I'm so clueless on this that I was not aware that Ryan's character  appeared naked in this movie, with or without a double.

Tahnee Welch in Cocoon (1985). I felt old when I looked this one up. Raquel Welch's DAUGHTER turns 50 this year. I haven't seen or heard anything about Tahnee in some ten years. IMDb and Wikipedia are no help. She seems to have dropped out of sight.




Cindy Danel in A Prophet (2009)

Anna Kalaitzidou in the current Oscar nominee, Dogtooth (2010)

Aggeliki Papoulia in Dogtooth

Mary Tsoni in Dogtooth

Michelle Valley in Dogtooth