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Life of Brian


Sue Jones-Davies 1920x1080 film clip. Collages below.

Various tidbits from IMDb:

Sue Jones-Davies is an actress and singer of considerable reputation. She is a regular performer on Welsh language television, and has recorded two albums with the folk group Cusan Tan. Most recently, she appeared in Solomon and Gaenor, which received an Oscar nomination as Best Foreign Language Film

As of July 2008, she is serving as the mayor of Aberystwyth, Wales, a town which had maintained a ban on the showing of Monty Python's Life of Brian for nearly 30 years. One of her first acts as mayor was to overturn the ban.







Kill Theory


No time travel today as we take a peek at Steffi Wickens and her tiny tots.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Isla Fisher, Mrs. Borat, returns and pays a visit to Conan's show, where she shows off lots of leg and a little cleavage.









Birds in Paradise


This one is a rarity. Never on DVD. At one time, this cable TV mini-series (from the early years of the Playboy Channel, I believe) was edited into a straight-to-vid called Soft Touch 2, but that is out of print on VHS and only available used - at a premium price.

Part 3 of ?

Jeannine Louise. Small sample below








Notes and collages


"The Ghost Whisperer"

s4, e14

Jennifer Love Hewitt









Zalman King's Body Language"


Haven't seen this latest offering by Zalman King but this 13-part cable series about strippers is airing on TMN in Canada. Toronto area model Jessica Rimmer finally goes topless in the last episode.










The women of The Queen and the Cardinal: Alessandra Martines, Alexia Quintin, Audrey Fleurot, and Sophie Dufouleur

The women of Mes Amis Mes Amours: Virginie Ledoyen and Mar Sodupe

The women of L'Ex de ma Fille: Aurelie Solis-Moussaron, and Perrine Fovez

Julie Debazac in Les Tricheurs

Patricia Franchino in Equipe Medical de Urgence








Miracle at St. Anna


In some ways, filmmaker Spike Lee has done it again, as there are some very good parts to this 2008 World War II story. Unfortunately, at 160 minutes, there are some parts that are quite bad, and there is a lot of drag in this story based on a James McBride novel. I seriously doubt this will be considered one of Spike's best.

This story was inspired by a massacre in 1944 at Sant'Anna di Stazzema in Italy. To pay back the town for Italian partisan activity, the Waffen-SS basically wiped out the whole town, killing countless civilians.

The story focuses on four American soldiers, members of the all-black 92nd Infantry Division, known as Buffalo Soldiers, who were trapped near the village, and fought to repel the Germans during the subsequent attack.

As you would expect from this director, there is an examination of the racial prejudice that the Buffalo Soldiers endured, and this part was actually quite interesting for the most part, and based on history. The fighting scenes were also quite well done.

I really feel that this movie suffered from length. There was an easy 30 minutes, maybe more, that could have stayed on the cutting room floor without hurting this movie. I was also disappointed at the graininess and low quality of the print, probably done on purpose, which was very obvious in the Blu-ray version. Even so, I'm not sorry I saw it.

Laila Petrone Valentina Cervi







Two more takes on Naomi Watts stark naked, captured by paparazzi

Now in HD: the women of Caligula. First, Helen Mirren

The women of Caligula: Mirella D'Angelo

The women of Caligula: Mirella D'Angelo in the DVD special features

The women of Caligula: Theresa Ann Savoy

Peaches Geldof shows off her tats - and, of course, her tits - on a public beach


Film Clips

Daneen Boone in Justine: A Private War

This is a big download, but you absolutely want this in your collection. 19-year-old Nastassja Kinski and screen legend Marcello Mastroianni gettin' it on. Extensive nudity from Kinski and many other woman seen along the way. The movie is Cosi come sei