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Malin Akerman was topless in the new episode (s1e5) of Billions


Check out Defoe's French nudity section below for the latest from Groland (Feb 13th edition), the premiere of Trepalium, and Le Secret d'Elise, a TV movie.


Naked News clips:

2/12 - Eila Adams hosts Hollywood XPosed

2/14 - an audition from Elise (nice looker!)

2/14 - an episode of Versus starring four of the anchors (Kat, Whitney, Carli, Isabella)

2/14 - one-on-one with porn star Samantha Rone

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season five


today: s5e11

Bojana Novakovic

Sasha Alexander

Emily Bergl

Shanola Hampton


Kate Upton




Alix Benezech and Georgia Scalliet in L'Odeur de la Mandarine (2015) in 1080hd

Florence Janas in Les Rosiers Grimpants (2016) in 1080hd

Veerle Baetens in Un Debut Prometteur (2015) in 1080hd


Various women in the premiere of Trepanium in 1080hd

More unidentified actresses from Groland (Feb 13th episode) in 1080hd

Helene de Fougerolles in Le Secret d'Elise (2015 TV movie) in 1080hd



The Babymakers


Johnny's comments:

The Babymakers is a comedy where happily married couple Tommy and Audrey (Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn) decide to have a baby. After 9 months of trying, nothing and it's beginning to take a toll on their relationship. Convinced that he is not the problem because he donated sperm to by a wedding ring from Audrey, he reluctantly get his sperm checked and it turns out he's 'shooting blanks'. Tommy is unhappy about this a decides and after Audrey suggests adoption, he's having none of that and decides to get his frozen sperm to use with Audrey. Turns out there is only one vial left and it's promised to a gay couple. After unsuccessfully convincing them to let him have it although he rejects and offer of having sex with one of the men for the vial, Tommy decides to steal the vial with the help of his friends and a crazy Indian criminal.

Another one of this new genre of movies involving wacky hijinks involving someone's sperm. There seems to be no end to them, none all that funny and usually end up being disgusting in some way. The Babymakers is no exception, with the only decent humour involving the Indian criminal and his wacky ways. So much unfunny sex humour and the inevitable semen shower (Jesus, why is this necessary? Surprised there wasn't a joke about restocking...). While it's technically not a Broken Lizard movie, it involves a few of the members and sadly it's been diminishing returns since Super Troopers, which I quite liked (just saw they're currently making a sequel).

No more sperm comedies please! Never funny.

Olivia Munn and Jenny Nicole 1080hd film clips (collages below)

Audrey Sonnier and Alena Sav 1080hd film clips (sample below)

Helena Mattsson 1080hd film clips (sample below)

Film/TV Clips

Kristina Sheiter in a vid made for a Treats magazine shoot (2016) in 1080hd

Mia Goth in The Survivalist (2015) in 720p

Bea Santos in Coconut Hero (2015) in 1080hd


Ronda Rousey in a painted swimsuit

Caroline Wozniacki in a painted swimsuit

Rihanna see-through

an oldie but goodie of Sarah Hyland

Maggie Civantos in an episode of Vis-a-vis

Alba Flores in an episode of Vis-a-vis

Berta Vazquez in an episode of Vis-a-vis

Hiba Anouk in an episode of El Principe