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Rachel Getting Married



Anne Hathaway


Party Down


Rebecca Marsh

Brainscan's comments:

Rebecca Marsh in Party Down, second season, episode 3: love the series, all its episodes, but this has to be the best of them for all the time that Rebecca spends on screen topless.  And she delivered her lines perfectly.  I think.  Wasn't really listening.




Ursina Lardi

Johnny's comments:

Here's an Australian film entirely in German. Yeah, I'm baffled too...

Lore is an Australian-German co-production set in the days after the German surrender in World War 2. A well-off German family is about to fall apart. When a German officer leaves his family without taking them with him, he leaves them to fend for themselves and worse when he turns up dead and his wife can't take it and leaves her 5 children all by themselves. Teenager Hannelore aka Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) is left in charge of her siblings including her younger sister Lieschen, twins brothers and a newly arrived baby in desperate need of her mother. So, Lore is forced out into post-war Germany, trying to get to Hamburg to find her grandmother. Lore keeps the kids hopes of seeing her parents again by saying that they will meet them at their grandmother's house, but this not going to happen. Basically, it's everyone for themselves with Germany split up into different regions and Hamburg being in another region. At a school house, Lore meets Thomas, a mysterious young Jewish man who starts following the family and ends up helping them even though Lore has been taught to never trust the Jewish people. This is going to be a tough journey and with the remnants of Nazi Germany still pervading and a wartime mentality amongst the soldiers they come across, illusions are well and truly about to be shattered. I'm a sucker for a miserablist film, but there's something about Lore that just didn't click with me. It's not a bad film and it's rare for film to be set in the immediate post-war environment, but I felt distant the entire time. Directed by Cate Shortland, who sure knows her miserablist stuff (Somersault, her only feature film which was bizarrely 10 years ago, The Silence and the short film Joy) does good work here, but if your looking for uplifting, this ain't it.

Normally, I wouldn't cap this film, hell, I'd doubt I'd would've watched it if it wasn't partially Australian, but I have that completist mentality, so it was always going to be capped.


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