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Absolutely outstanding 720p nudity from Stephanie Pasterkamp in episode 2 of Kaboul Kitchen

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CJ Fidler 1080p film clip


Edits - Part 2

Two very famous women showing some flesh

The rare sight of a Reese Witherspoon nipple

The Eva Mendes butt is seen more frequently, but I never get tired of it.




Johnny's comments:

Let's head back to the 70s.

Petersen is a 1974 drama about a renaissance man named Tony Petersen (Jack Thompson), an electrician and former footy star who has taken time out from his job to go to university, all the while encouraged by his doting wife Susie (Jacki Weaver) as she looks after their 2 kids. At university, he is a struggler, but he's doing a good job fitting in, mainly with one of his lecturers, the married Trish (Wendy Hughes), with whom he is having a passionate affair. It seems that Petersen is quite the lady killer, even in front of his wife. He's also a big drinker and a brawler and you know how these go together. As the relationship with Trish develops, things for Petersen get more and more complex until it ends with a burst of extreme violence as he desperately tries to come to terms with his new life.

Wow, Petersen, from the writer of Don's Party and the director of Alvin Purple and Stork (and Attack Force Z, can't forget that little corker), is one hell of a film that is very much of the time, so much so it seems like science fiction. Petersen pretty much has to walk in a room and every woman wants to sleep with him. His wife is one of the most submissive wives I've ever seen in film, she seems unreal. Were/Are woman really that dismissive of themselves? The sexism is a given for a 70s film, but at least it addresses it and then throws it against the wall when Trish calls one character a nymphomaniac even though she is having an affair with Petersen. The violence in the film seems unbelievable, but after thinking about it a little, I don't think it's that far removed for a notorious brawler. The rape scene is very sudden and I can't make up my mind about it's meaning. I'm still struggling to get my head around the film but it has definitely got me thinking. It's a strong and often ugly look at a man trying to find himself, even if it's not a perfect film, it's definitely something. Plus Jack Thompson's drunk acting is a hoot and he's regularly drunk and violent in this film.

Oh, and there's plenty of 70s nudity.

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Clara Lago in La cara oculta (2011)

Martina Garcia in La cara oculta (2011)

Indie filmmaker Julia Ostertag in Sexjunkie (2003)

Jennifer Tilly in The Getaway in 1080p

Kim Basinger in The Getaway (1994) in 1080p


Designer/model Gemma Kahng on the runway

Lohan's usual stuff

Edwina Cheer in Vipers (2008)

Mercedes McNab in Vipers (2008)