Some incorrect IDs identified by our readers. (Thanks to all; my additional notes in yellow.)

Two people pointed out this one: "The woman identified as Karoline Mardeck in the clips and caps for The House on the Edge of the Park is Brigitte Petronio. Mardeck appears at the very beginning of the film, when she is killed. The IMDB synopsis confirms this."

And this one from today's e-mail: "A couple weeks back you incorrectly identified one of the two girls with Fisher Stevens on Californication (s4e4) as Melissa McFail. Her name is actually Megan Stevenson."

Yes, that must be right. They are identified by the producer as "Tabby" and "Corinne." Ms. McFail, whoever she might be, played "Peaches."

For reasons which I don't recall, everyone had this ID'ed wrong.


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In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD. We have completed season 1, and here's ...

season 2, episode 5


Anne Heche's body double

Samples below



Lingerie Dreams 2


Brainscan's comments:

I read somewhere Lingerie Dreams 2 was the most eagerly awaited sequel since Godfather 2. Or was it Major League 2? Police Academy 2? One of those. Who knows? This is a strip and wiggle extravaganza made memorable only by the presence of two women who starred in over 100 B movies - Julie Strain and Sauna O'Brien - and a cult figure of sorts, Susie Chidley who sometimes uses the name Suzie Q. Joining them are former pornstar Cathy Raymond (her nom de humpin' was Gabrielle Scream) and two unknowns (Stephanie Somers and Kari Mitchell). The drill was very much the same for each of them. Scene one - skimpy stuff. Scene two - topless. Scene three - full frontal. Image quality sucked and things run on a bit too long but the women look fine and they are nekkid. So here are caps and clips for all y'all.

Today: part 4 - Cathy Raymond (sample below)



Caps from Greek Films part 3

Betty Livanou from “Ksafnikos erotas” (Sudden Love aka Talgo)

Efi Oikonomou from “Matomeno iliovassilema” (Bloody sunset)

Lida Matsagou from “O Ergenis” (the Bachelor)

Mairi Hronopoulou from “Stohos ton ekteleston” (Assassin’s target aka Savage hunt)

Maria Korinthiou from “Deep end”

Maro Kontou

Strippers from “O Thymios stin hora tou striptease” (Thymios in the land of striptease)

Unknown from “Kalpiki Lira” (Counterfeit quid)

Unknown from “Stefania”

Valeria Hristodoulidou from “Monaksia mou ola” (Loneliness my everything)

Vana Barba from “M’ agapas?” (You love me?)

Martha Karagianni film festival:

from “Klironomoi” (The inheritors)

from “Merikoi to protimoun kryo” (Some like it cold) – bottom right pic shows her as she looks today

Zoi Laskari film festival:

from “Dakrya gia tin Ilektra” (Tears for Electra),

from “Iliggos” (Vertigo),

from “Katiforos” (Slump),

from “Merikoi to protimoun kryo” (Some like it cold),

from “Stefania”

from “Ston asterismo tis parthenou” (In the sign of Virgin),

Aliki Vougiouklaki film festival

 from a dance routine

from “Kataskopos Nelli” (Spy Nelly)

from “Astero”




Underbelly Files: Infiltration


This is a TV movie based on the popular series. Samples below each clip

Madeleine Harding

Meisha Lowe

Rheanna Duff




Film Clips

Dana Thompson in the sensitive Valentine-themed romance, Dr. Nazi (2011; sample below)

Whitney Able in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Karen Young and Charlotte Rampling in Vers le sud (2005)

Miranda Otto and Violetta Kolakowska in Julie Walking Home (2002)

Leonor Watling and Paz Vega's body double in Hable con ella (2002)

The women of Hundstage (2001; sample below each):

Trivia: "Hundstage" (dog's days) is also what Dog Day Afternoon is called in Germany!

Claudia Martini

Christine Jirku

Franziska Weisz

The women of Suckers (2000; Scoopy's notes)

Karen King

Lori Laughlin (Dark scene. Can't see jack.)

Lisa Lewis

From season 1 of Outer Limits (1995; samples below each)

Sofia Shinas

Tammy Isbell

Shannon Whirry in Body of Influence (1993)

Sybill Danning and Wendy O Williams in Reform School Girls (1986). Wendy Williams was born in the same hospital as I, four months later. She grew up a couple of miles from my house, and went to a rival high school, although I never met her and was never aware of her until at least a decade after she left town. (There is almost no record of her life between 1965, when she dropped out of high school, and 1976, when she auditioned for Rod Swenson.) Time being the inexorable force that it is, we are now approaching the 13th anniversary of her suicide.

Barbara Hershey and a lot of prosthetics in The Entity (1982; sample below)




Bardot in Contempt (1963; Scoopy Review)

Stephanie Beaton in A Passion (2001; Brainscan Review)


Devin DeVasquez in A Passion


Maggie Louie in A Passion

Nichole McAuley in A Passion

Jane Smith in A Passion

Tracy Turner in A Passion

Addison Timlin in Californication s4e6

Miley Cyrus on Grammy night. Deep cleavege, but no nudity.

Haley Bennett in Kaboom. This film is supposed to include some good nudity. It is playing On Demand, but nobody has ripped it yet.