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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Kramer vs Kramer


JoBeth Williams 720p film clip. Collages below.







Magnum Force

The Time Machine goes back to the seventies for Suzanne Somers' breast-baring scene in "Magnum Force." It doesn't end well for her. Caps and a short clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land lucky Richard Simmons, of all people, gets to play with Kiran Chetry's leg on "American Morning".








Birds in Paradise


This one is a rarity. Never on DVD. At one time, this cable TV mini-series (from the early years of the Playboy Channel, I believe) was edited into a straight-to-vid called Soft Touch 2, but that is out of print on VHS and only available used - at a premium price.

Part 2 of ?

Jennifer Inch. Small sample below








Notes and collages


White Palace


more mid-career Susan Sarandon










Confessions of a Go-Go Girl

(2008) (TV)

Pretentious movie from the "Confessions of a <fill-in-the-blank>" week on the wimmin's network. No nudity and the
camera tends away from worm-eye-view panty crotch shots.

BTW, go-go girl is a dated term from the 1960s. To make money these days dancing in a "gentleman's club" a woman would have to at least take off her top.

Chelsea Hobbs: bra and panties as student stripper

Sarah Carter: cleavage as stripper

Rachel Hunter: sexy as older stripper

... and I noticed an underwear color code used in Hollywood movies:

  • white is virginal
  • black is very sexy and hot in the sack
  • blue is seductive
  • pink is chaste
  • red is for sluts


"Being Erica"

episode: "'Til Death"

No (female) nudity but Joanna Douglas is sexy in what looks like her last guest appearance.



"Urban Legends"

season 2, episode: "One Wedding, Two Funerals"

The old story of a couple who return years later to a hotel, only to find out their wedding night years before is now the main attraction on the pay-per-view porn channel.

unknown: fully clothed sex


Dead Leaves


Artsy movie a guy who drags his girlfriend's dead body (Liz Gondek of Screwballs II/Loose Screws fame)

Beth Gondek: sexy but she really is dead


Demons From Her Past

(2007) (TV)

Television movie marketed as a horror on DVD although it is anything but.

Janet Lane: sexy as trophy wife




Canadian artsy movie only available in Australia. I sure hope Oz doesn't think our Canuck youngsters are like these emo kids.

Laura Jordan: boob

Rachelle Lefevre: sex, lesbian kiss with Laura

Karen Simpson: sex, lesbian kiss with Laura

Cristina Rosato: side boob








Naomi Watts stark naked, captured by paparazzi

(She's 40, and just had a baby)

Valentina Cervi in Miracle at St. Anna

A rare one of Cervi in the DVD special features from Hotel

Milla in No Good Deed


Film Clips

Brandy Ledford in Demolition Man, a very entertaining sci-fi action/comedy which was kinda mismarketed to make it look like a typical Stallone film, sort of like Rambo in the Future. It still managed to gross $60 million, which was a big number in 1993, and has been a popular renter ever since.

Catarina Murino naked in Seme della discordia. She was Solange in Casino Royale. Someday I will learn to distinguish her from Catalina Moreno, the (totally non-Italian) chick from Maria Full of Grace.


Moira Kelly in Daybreak (samples right)

Tilda Swinton, Karen Sillas and Amy Madigan in Female Perversions (sample right)

Brooke Hogan, the li'l hulkstress, shows her bethonged butt on Brooke Knows Best, episode 3. (Sample right)