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There was no nudity on Black Sails (again!)

I like this show a lot, but I wonder how much more mileage Starz can get out of this. Vane's daring escape by using his own flagship as a firebomb, a real incident, took place in August of 1718, but this particular generation, the last stubborn hold-outs from the Republic of Pirates, were not long for the world. Blackbeard was dead in November of 1718. Vane's career lasted only until February 1719, and he was hanged in 1721. Rackham took a pardon in 1719, then decided to go back into the pirate game, was captured, and was hanged in 1720. So in all three cases, we are coming to the end of their days of piracy, and the famous Republic of Pirates has already ended, as of this week's episode.

That will leave only Flint and his crew to carry on the story. Since Flint is fictional, he can just keep on sailin'. Robert Louis Stevenson suggested that Flint died in 1754, so he's got 36 more years of plunder and pillage.

There are at least two more historical figures that can be introduced. "Black Bart" Roberts, the greatest pirate of all, started to appear at just about the time that the show is currently in, and took hundreds of ships in a mere three or four active years before he died in battle in 1722. Ned Low, a truly evil and sadistic character, made it until 1724.


Juno Temple was nekkid in the first episode of Vinyl

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Bojana Novakovic

Sasha Alexander

Shani Atias


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"Wonder Woman"

Wonder Woman is a TV series based on a comic book of the same name. The first season was set in the 1940s and the Nazis kept making their appearance. The last two seasons were set in the 1970s. Wonder Woman was played by the very lovely Lynda Carter whose assets were enhanced by the sexy outfit she wore, especially when she was hanging upside down! The show only lasted for three seasons. These episodes are from the first and second seasons, and were made from 1975 to 1977.

Episode 1 The New Original Wonder Woman (1975)

Inga Neilsen

Lynda Carter

Episode 2 Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther (1976)

Lynda Carter

Episode 3 Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman (1976)

Lynda Carter

Lynda Day George

Episode 4 Beauty on Parade (1976)

Anne Francis

April Tatro

Christa Helm

Lynda Carter

Paulette Breen

Some not identified

Episode 5 The Feminum Mystique - Part 1 (1976)

Eric Hagen

Pamela Susan Shoop

Debra Winger

Episode 6 The Feminum Mystique - Part 2 (1976)

Lynda Carter

Eric Hagen

Pamela Susan Shoop

Debra Winger

Some not identified

Episode 7 Wonder Woman vs Gargantua (1976)

Gretchen Corbett

Episode 13 The Bushwhackers (1977)

Lynda Carter

Episode 14 Wonder Woman in Hollywood (1977)

Lynda Carter

Christopher Norris

Debra Winger

Episode 1 The Return of Wonder Woman (1977)

Dorrie Thomson

Lynda Carter

Episode 2 Anschluss '77 (1977)

Lynda Carter


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