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There was some very brief nudity from Tanya Clarke in episode 7 of Banshee's third season

Annie Wersching showed a slim butt and a brief breast in episode two of Bosch, a new Amazon series

Naked on Stage

Kamilla Baar as Ophelia in a 2003 interpretation of Hamlet. I thought there was no way to make Hamlet more depressing, but Hamlet in Polish breaks the Ingmar Bergman Depression Meter. The quality of the video is poor, but probably above average for Polish Shakespeare.

Eva Susova in something called 4U: Undress Unless Under Uterus (2010)

Music Videos

This is a Spanish model named Evangelina Julia Rodriguez (aka Eva Dithdoll) in a music video set to Kasper Bjørke's "Apart," which makes Polish Hamlet seem kinda cheerful.

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season two

today: episode seven

Daniella Short and various unidentified actresses

Daniella with someone else

Unidentified actresses


Demon Legacy


Annamaria Demara

20,000 Streets Under the Sky


Zoe Tapper


This week, the movies come from the south of the border, which, in this case, is the Mexican/US border. They’re mainly from Argentina and Chile, along with a couple of Mexican films that I had capped.

Today: the last group from Argentina

Golden Gun

Camila Cruz gets naked in Golden Gun aka Caño dorado (2008).

Hostage of an Illusion

Romina Ricci puts on a good topless display in Hostage of an Illusion aka Rehén de ilusiones (2012).

The Paranoids

Elvira Onetto is topless in The Paranoids (2008).

'The Secret in Their Eyes

Carla Quevedo gets good and  naked in The Secret in Their Eyes aka El secreto de sus ojos (2009).

Through Her Own Eyes

Ana Carabajal gets a cavity search in Through Her Own Eyes aka Proper Eyes (2007).

My Mistress


My Mistress is an Australian drama about 16 year-old Charlie (Harrison Gilbertson), who finds his father hanging in the garage while everyone else is enjoying the Christmas party inside the house. He doesn't handle his father's death well and is becoming distant from his mother (Rachael Blake) and begins to become fascinated with a French woman Maggie (Emmanuelle Béart), who has moved into the neighbourhood. One day, he enters her house an finds out that she is a dominatrix. When she advertises for a gardener, Charlie forces his way into the job, which she reluctantly agrees. Charlie also forces Maggie into dominating him, but over time, they become closer and their relationship develops, but they are both harbour emotional trauma and both will have to come to terms with this. Also, Charlie's mother finds out about their relationship and does not approve and causes even deeper ructions between Charlie and his mother.

Interesting take on grieving, but boy, this is a tough watch, nothing but neverending depressing behaviour. So, that means Emmanuelle Béart is well cast because if there's one thing she does well, it's being depressing. The BDSM stuff is interesting enough, but I don't think it's developed enough, particularly how a 16 year-old would be interested in it and the way their relationship ends is rather forced and just a little... questionable. OK, but...)

Emmanuelle Beart film clip (collages below)

Love is Now


Love is Now is a romantic drama where aspiring photographer Dean (Eamon Farren) briefly meets Audrey (Claire van der Boom) as he serves her at a shop where he works. He would like to meet her again, but doesn't know her name, but as luck would have it, he has stolen an invitation from a prominent photographer after a terrible job interview and goes to the showing which is of Audrey's photos. There is an instant attraction between them and Audrey convinces Dean to go on a biking holiday along the Harvest Trail to complete a trip she took two years before. Along the way they would take photos and do some fruit picking for a little extra cash. At the first farm, Audrey begins to flirt with the head picker James (Dustin Clare), which Dean vehemently dislikes and fractures begin to show up in their relationship which are exacerbated when Audrey calls up James to meet her at a pub along the way. She cools that fire, but at the next farm all is not well and Dean himself becomes flirty with another picker. When Audrey disappears after a party, Dean frantically looks for her, but all is not as it seems.

OK movie that is very much in the mould of those Nicholas Sparks books/movies where love is eternal and there's a massive unnecessary twist because love is everything or something, I dunno. While it's a pretty easy watch, the central relationship is totally frustrating, the type of relationship that starts at 100 miles per hour and then peters out while still trying to go at the same speed. Yeah, you've probably gathered I'm not much into these type of movies, but I was never bored, just frustrated.)

Janini Milet film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Alanna Forte and Iren Levy in Little Red Riding Hood (2015) - 1080hd upgrade

Florence Welch in What Kind of a Man (2015) in 720p

Chiara Mastroianni in 3 coeurs (2014) in 1080hd

Patricia McKenzie in Cosmopolis (2012) in 1080hd (also a non-nude Juliette Binoche)

Selma Blair in Poker House (2008) in 1080hd

Anelise Hesme in Our Earthmen Friends (2006)

Sanaa Lathan in Love And Basketball (2000) in 720p

Taryn Power in Tracks (1977) in 720p