Cable round-up

The Dynamic Duo of Sunday night: Shameless and Californication



s1, e6

I didn't see this episode, but Deep at Sea was on the job for some Emmy Rossum T&A

Samples below






I watched this one. I was happy to see Addison Timlin's chest again, but the best thing about the show was the promise of a sex scene with Carla Gugino next week. She had her bra on in the previews, but I assume the scene continued from there.

Addison Timlin samples below



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD. We have completed season 1, and here's ...

season 2, episode 4


Mageina Tovah

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Lingerie Dreams 2


Brainscan's comments:

I read somewhere Lingerie Dreams 2 was the most eagerly awaited sequel since Godfather 2. Or was it Major League 2? Police Academy 2? One of those. Who knows? This is a strip and wiggle extravaganza made memorable only by the presence of two women who starred in over 100 B movies - Julie Strain and Sauna O'Brien - and a cult figure of sorts, Susie Chidley who sometimes uses the name Suzie Q. Joining them are former pornstar Cathy Raymond (her nom de humpin' was Gabrielle Scream) and two unknowns (Stephanie Somers and Kari Mitchell). The drill was very much the same for each of them. Scene one - skimpy stuff. Scene two - topless. Scene three - full frontal. Image quality sucked and things run on a bit too long but the women look fine and they are nekkid. So here are caps and clips for all y'all.

Today: part 3 - Shauna O'Brien (sample below)



I Spit on Your Grave


Johnny's comments:

Let's head into dangerous territory.

I Spit on Your Grave, a remake of the 1978 revenge thriller, is about Jennifer (Sarah Butler), a writer who has going to a backwoods cabin to write her next book. On her way there, she gets lost and asks for help at a gas station run by Johnny, who tries to pick her up. In the process, Jennifer embarrasses him in front of his friends. Finally, she gets to the cabin. That's when the terror begins. Bored, as most backwoods rednecks seem to always be, they decide to go have a little fun with the writer. Jennifer escapes an initial attack and runs to the local sheriff, who takes her back to the cabin to get a statement. Except, he totally wants a piece of the action and Jennifer is then repeatedly raped and violated.

Just as the sheriff is about to kill her, she dives into the river and escapes. Thorough searches come up with nothing, but a month later Jennifer begins her revenge on those who wronged her. I haven't seen the original, so I can't comment on whether the remake is better or not, but this film is an OK revenge thriller, that's more than a little obsessed with elaborate revenge acts. But there's nothing you haven't seen before, and just goes to show that I'll never go out of the suburbs cos those country-fried rednecks sure like to hurt people.


Sarah Butler film clip

The collages are below:





Film Clips

Giovanna Zacarias in Rabioso Sol Rabioso Cielo (2009; sample below)

Renee Soutendijk in The Fourth Man (1983; samples below).  Tiny but powerful, she brought the lithe, muscular body of Olympic gymnastics to her acting career, often playing pint-sized badasses. One of my favs. I'm kinda surprised she never became a bigger star outside The Netherlands.


Monica Guerritore in Eutanasia Di Un Amore (1978; sample below)

Ornella Muti in Eutanasia Di Un Amore (1978; sample below - gorgeous at 23!)

Claire Vernet in Faustine et le bel ete (1972; samples below)

Muriel Catala in Faustine et le bel ete (1972; samples below)





Vanessa Hudgens, kinda see-through panties, cute butt

Krew Boylan in Primal (2009)

One more collage of the magnificent Kelly Brook

Four more looks at Emma Watson's wardrobe malfunction

One more look at that lovely Michelle Trachtenberg shoot

Inez Sastre on a beach at St Bart's last month. She has not stayed in shape, but it still plenty sexy.