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Payday stars Rip Torn as an unpleasant second-tier country singer on tour with a small band. As the film opens, he screws a fan in his Cadillac, then goes back to the hotel and ends up in bed with his girlfriend, Ahna Capri. The next morning, he leaves to go quail hunting, getting his best friend out of bed with Elayne Heilveil. Before the day is over, he will fire his best friend over a fight about his dog. We see how addicted he is to pills when he goes into the pick box of his guitar case and gives his mother a handful. Later, he throws his girlfriend out of the car in the middle of a country road, and starts an affair with his ex-friend's girlfriend. Things turn bad in a restaurant, when a man whose girlfriend was seduced by him starts a fatal fight, and Rip convinces one of his employees to take the rap.

Its strength is in accurately portraying the life of an almost successful touring musician. The film was well reviewed. For instance, Roger Ebert awarded 4 stars. Despite that it did almost no business in the theaters.

IMDb readers say 6.7. 


Ahna Capri shows both breasts

Elayne Heilveil shows her right breast.









View from the Top


Scoop's note: Kudos to Hank on this one. I have seen several captures from this film and even watched the damn thing myself, but I never realized until now that Gywneth did a topless scene! (For about one frame.)

Gwyneth Paltrow (the first one has a small version of the topless frame)

(film clip)


Christina Applegate

Paltrow and Kelly Preston

Paltrow, Preston, Applegate

The first one here is the one you're looking for

Applegate and Preston

(film clip)

Paltrow and Applegate








Notes and collages


Jennifer Aniston

Episode 214







We Own the Night


In this decent but unexceptional 2007 crime drama, two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law, at least for a while.

Set in 1988, in the middle of a drug war between Russian mobsters and police, Bobby (Joaquin Phoenix) manages a thriving nightclub in Brooklyn owned by a wealthy elderly Russian. His brother Joe (Mark Wahlberg) is a New York Police captain. Although the club is frequented by Russian mobsters, Bobby is assured the owner is legit, so he avoids any involvement with the mob-types, and sets his sites on trying to open another nightclub in Manhattan for his boss.

Relations between the two brothers is strained, but when Joe is targeted for assassination by the mob, and they almost succeed, Bobby decides he must get involved. The more he looks into things, the more he realizes his boss is not as honest and innocent as he thought.

It's a decent enough crime story with a lot of action, but no real originality. You won't get bored, but you won't see anything new, either. Still, Eva Mendes is very hot as Bobby's girlfriend.

Eva Mendes






Salir Pitando


A drama centered on a soccer referee whose reputation is threatened by his controversial decisions

Lidia Navarro







Three sets from Diary of an Assassin: Xenia Reguant, Raquel Arenas, Maria-Jose Bausa

An assortment of nice nudity from the Russian vault of obscurity: all very short clips; all beautiful women showing body parts clearly.

Rachel Hunter in Two Shades of Blue

Julie Anne Roth in Le Sang Du Renard

Body painting nudity in SI Swimsuit Action

Jessica Gomes
Tori Praver
Tori Praver
Quiana Grant
This is Nastassja Kinski's daughter, Sonja Kinski, in All God's Children Can Dance. The quality is crap, but it shows us what we have to look forward to. Sample right
This is a very short clip of Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck. It is zoomed and cropped - concentrating only on the brief flash of her breasts. (See right)
Jemima Khan pulls a Britney.

Amy Smart, who's almost as cute and adorable as Heather Graham, falls out of her dress.