Valentine's Day

Termination Man (1997):

The film is a real treasure, so I added some pictures and other info. More details at the Movie House.

The key point is this: Athena Massey in the buff.




Other Crap:

Salma Hayek is very naked for very long in her new movie.

  • "if you need another reason to see this film, Salma Hayek and Colin Farrell are both naked like crazy in the movie. I'm not talking body double shots with head cut out of the frame, or a fleeting glimpse that is designed to break the pause button on your DVD remote control. I'd say that there's a good 4-5 solid minutes of eye popping Hayek nudity in this movie. Even some full frontal shots."


UN to declare blasphemy a violation of human rights?


The water in the toilet at fast food restaurants has less bacteria than the ice in their drinks!


"Bootlegs flood foreign market" ... U.S. music, software, and movie companies struggle

  • Here is something I didn't know: "In Bolivia, vendors of pirated media have formed unions, and they held a trade convention last July to plan their defense against government crackdowns."
  • Bolivian vendors get most of their illegal DVDs and music CDs from Peru, often months before the titles are officially released. Pirated copies of King Kong arrived in Bolivia two months before the film debuted in 56 countries, including the United States, on Dec. 14."
  • When I worked in Peru, I was fascinated by the stores. Virtually every product on every shelf looks just like a U.S. or European brand, but few of them are. The piracy is not restricted to just a few industries, but runs as deep as (for example) baby shampoo by "Johnsin and Johnsin" - in a bottle absolutely indistinguishable from the original except for that one letter.
  • In Egypt, several shop keepers told me that they were selling legal, authorized CD's, even though I could see that the artists' names were misspelled!


Spring Break 2006: 10 hot spots


Katrina fraud, waste; dozens arrested - Hurricanes' Aftermath

  • This effort has been a complete debacle with problems ranging from FEMA mismanagement to victim fraud. Nearly a million checks went to false or non-existent Social Security numbers.


Basketball Skills - this guy is kind of an extreme, white Globetrotter


Redford says Paris Hilton is a sure sign Sundance is 'out of control'


The trailer for Film Geek

  • "FILM GEEK is a hilarious new comedy about Scotty Pelk, a socially inept video store clerk with an encyclopedic knowledge of film."






You are going to read this headline and think it is from a satire site. It is for real. Paris Hilton on the shortlist to play Mother Teresa.


Dick Cheney Invites Jack Abramoff Bird Hunting


"Veteran director Robert Altman has chosen an old-fashioned radio show threatened with closure for his latest film

  • " ... a riotous yet touching story which actress Meryl Streep said recalled a more innocent time for Americans. Streep leads an all-star ensemble cast in 'A Prairie Home Companion' which also features Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Lindsay Lohan and Kevin Kline. It was written by Garrison Keillor, real-life host of the titular program that is heard every week by millions of listeners around the world."


Norrismania continues: Chuck Norris SoundBoard:


Film Jerk's Early Report for February 12


Winners Gallery - World Press Photo of the Year


Official nutburger theory of the day: "Cheney shooting was no accident"


Sergey Brin's resume, written Jan 7, 1996, and still online. (He's one of the Google zillionaires)


The first picture of Dick Cheney's hunting accident.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




The In Crowd (2000)

The In Crowd (2000) is a drama thriller. A girl, Lori Heuring, is paroled from a mental institution to work for the summer at a posh country club. Because she is attractive and bright, she catches the attention of the club bitch, Susan Ward, who pretends to befriend her. The Cast is full of attractive young women, but elected to go for a PG-13 rating. Given the plot and cast, this was a mistake, but not the only one. The script pretty much telegraphed the ending early in the film, and was obvious each time it presented an important clue. What should have been either a murder mystery, or a good old titty-fest, or both, became neither.

Heuring is seen in a nearly transparent bra. Ward shows breasts.

IMDb readers say 4.1. Made for $15M, it earned $5.3 in its US release. Berardinelli awarded one star. This is a D. It is full of attractive young performers, and shot clearly, but makes no good use of those ingredients.

Susan Ward

Lori Heuring


King Kong Lives (1986)

What is better than King Kong? Why, King Kong with a girlfriend. In this Dino de Laurentis laugher, a Georgia doctor (Linda Hamilton ), has been keeping Kong alive, waiting for an artificial heart to be created. Now that the heart is ready, he is too weak for surgery without a little donor blood. Brian Kerwin to the rescue. He discovers a female Kong, and sells him to Hamilton's university. The heart replacement is a modified success, as Kong sniffs the female, and for some odd reason, wants to get near her.

Poor ape has been in a coma for ten years, and may never have been laid in his life. He breaks out, rescues her as well, and the good old US Army is tasked with making this species extinct. They failed to consider Kerwin and Hamilton, who have the same reaction to each other as the two Kongs did, and become a two person Greenpeace.

Linda Hamilton shows breasts in exactly three blurry frames.

IMDb readers say 2.9. People who read my reviews regularly will smell this coming, but this film is laugh-out-loud bad, which I consider a good, not a bad thing. They actually have the apes doing extended scenes with nothing but facial expressions. My personal favorite moment comes when hunters decide to capture Kong, and Kong picks one up, snaps him in half, and pops him into his mouth.

The genre is bad movie, and this is a C.

If you aren't into bad movies ... the score would be more like E as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy film.

Linda Hamilton





Today the old Time Machine takes a 30 year jaunt back to 1976 for "Lipstick." The late Margaux Hemingway made her film debut in this flick playing a fashion model who is attacked and raped by Chris Sarandon. So we have a true "Damsel in Distress" who becomes a "Babe in Bondage" - a tough role for a screen debut, but in the end Margaux does get her revenge after the legal system fails her.








Vejiita takes his turn with Lauren Lee Smith in Lie With Me

Polly Shannon, also from Lie With Me

Then he takes on Elsa Pataky in Ninette with some especially beautiful captures.

Also from Ninette, Mar Regueras








LC has been to the future again. Here's Keira Knightley in Domino (still not out on DVD - streets Feb 21)
and a full frontal from Olga Kurylenko in L'Annulaire

Herr Haut captured Los Aos Barbaros.

Here's Hedy Burress

... and Alison Smith

Tori Spelling out in a see-through.
Roselyn Sanchez in a semi-transparent blouse
Various nipple escapes from ubiquitous Paris Hilton
Eva Longoria in a bikini on the show
Angelina Jolie, offering a bit of nudity in Vanity Fair
Sienna Miller, offering far more nudity in Vanity Fair
Vanecia Small in Dominos
Emma Lung in Peaches
Leticia Dolera in The Emperor's Wife
Rosana Pastor in The Emperor's Wife
Oldies but goodies, now seen in higher resolution - Elle Macpherson paparazzi, with the fourth one showing precisely why she was called "the body."
Catherine Zeta-Jones paparazzi (bikini). All sarcasm aside, it looks like they have a very nice family.

Pat's comments in yellow...

Sharon Stone, who came to fame by opening her legs in "Basic Instinct" and is set to do more nudity in "Basic Instinct 2," told Esquire that she is horrified by Hollywood actresses displaying their breasts.  She says the current fashion of low-cut dresses and distorting push-up bras expose "acres of boobies" and make you look "like you have your bum on backwards."  Stone said she'd rather walk across the room naked because it's "much more honest."

*  And they can fix every little flaw digitally now.

*  And she can show off her bum in the rear, where it's supposed to be.

*  She'd rather walk across the room naked than do ANYTHING else.

Indian movie director T. Rajeevnath was so impressed by Paris Hilton's
refusal to pose for Playboy, he has put her on his short list of actresses he's considering to star in his upcoming biography of Mother Teresa

...The only thing they have in common is that Mother Teresa never
posed for Playboy, either.