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Immortal Beloved

1994, 1920x800

Valeria Golino

Geno Lechner

Johanna TerSteege

Spin City

Spin City is a comedy series set in the local government of New York City. It went for 145 episodes over 6 seasons. Michael J. Fox starred in the first four seasons, replaced by Charlie Sheen for the last two. From the FH point-of-view, there is no nudity but there are some lovely, sexy women and sometimes they were partially dressed.

Season 5 Episode 4 The Bone Collectors (2000)

Heather Locklear

The 50s

Europe to the Rescue

American cinema was, in theory, nudity-free in the 1950s. Surprisingly, two major Hollywood names managed to sneak in some teases - and maybe a bit more - using the ol' bath trick.

In 1954, Anne Baxter may have flashed some areola in a film called Carnival Story

And Janet Leigh managed to get just about an entire breast on screen in a 1956 film called Safari, although there were no nipples or areolae to be seen, thanks to some dark Hollywood magic.

The USA did have a small coterie of avant-garde filmmakers who incorporated nudity and other shock elements into films that appeared in a few arthouse theaters in Greenwich Village and other such outposts of the outré in the otherwise conformist landscape of the 50s. One such artist was Kenneth Anger, who presented a nude Marjorie Cameron in his fantastical 1954 short, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome.

In order to see genuine nudity, one had to turn to foreign films. Although the UK was puritanical in the 1950s, it was much less so than the USA. The Rank coorporation discovered an exotic-looking German actress who had no qualms about nudity and cast her in the role of the Māori chieftain's seductive wife in The Seekers. Laya Raki (real name Brunhilde Jörns) created a worldwide stir by baring her breasts, a true rarity in English-language cinema in 1954.

One of the few reliable sources of film nudity in the 50s was France, and one of the great contributors was Dany Carrel, a very fine looking woman.

She was topless in Maternite Clandestine (1953)

and then again in Pot Bouille (1957)

Pot Bouille also featured some brief exposure from Micheline Luccioni

We also owe France a tip o' the hat for showing us Michele Bailly's extraordinary breasts in Two Men in Manhattan (1959)

And the beautiful Maria Vincent topless in an obscure 1958 effort, La P ... Sentimentale

More details on this era can be found in essays at

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Wooden Heart


Meredyth Tamsyn film clip (sample below)

Gut Gegen Nordwind (2019) in 1080hd

Claudia Eisinger

Nora Tschirner

Ella Rumpf and Zora Schiffer

Vasilisa Denisova in Through Black Glass

An enhanced 1080hd clip of Liv Tyler in The Leftovers (s2e3)