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"True Blood"

Season Six, 1920x1080

Episode 1

Jamie Gray Hyder

Kelly Overton and Jamie Gray Hyder

This week's films are from 2011 and 2012. Today's teasers:

American Mary

American Mary (2012) was a film by Jen and Sylva Soska.

They’re shown wearing thongs and some nipple tape in the DVD extras.

In the movie itself:

Tristan Risk,

Paula Lindberg

and unidentified strippers show their breasts.

Katharine Isabelle promises a lot but is only down to her underwear.

The Soskas show nothing, but look cool

Cat Run

Cat Run (2011) has lots on show by a number of women:

Biljana Hresnjek,

and some not identified.

Paz Vega

and Michelle Lombardo are in their underwear,

and Janet McTeer shows some cleavage.

Dasa Zivkovic

and Ivana Pekovic are in bikinis.

More of Paz Vega in the DVD extras

The Blue Rose

(2013; TV)


Interesting little New Zealand mystery show reuniting the sisters from Outrageous Fortune (Antonia Prebble, Siobhan Marshall), not the same characters, but now they are trying to solve the murder of Rose (Caren Pistorius, whom GEM actually used as a selling point for the show, which is plain baffling for a number of reasons mainly that her character is only ever in the background). The whole scenario is a major stretch, but it works because the main mystery is well done, the characters are all fairly well drawn with both Antonia and Siobhan bringing that Outrageous Fortune chemistry to The Blue Rose and there are no outrightly bad characters, even if they do bad things. As I said, there are major leaps of faith made, but none are hard to swallow. I enjoyed the show more than I thought.

Not much nudity:

Shelley Meecham film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

More from the dreaded Farrah Abraham "Sex Tape" #2 (2014)

Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy (2013). Finally in 1080p!!

Jillian Murray in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2013) in 1080p

Bo Maerten in Wolf (2013) in 1080p

Nicole Travolta on Dr. 90210 (s5e13, 2007)

Zuzana Presova in The Slave Huntress (2007)

Nicole Vicius in the uncensored version of the Virgin Mobile "Nothing to Hide" Commercial (2003)

Kareen Schroeter and others in Und naechstes Jahr am Balaton (1980)