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In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD. We completed season 1 yesterday. Season 2 stars now.

season 2, episode 1


Alanna Ubach is back.

Samples below


And Katheryn Hahn

Samples below




Lingerie Dreams 2


Brainscan's comments:

I read somewhere Lingerie Dreams 2 was the most eagerly awaited sequel since Godfather 2. Or was it Major League 2? Police Academy 2? One of those. Who knows? This is a strip and wiggle extravaganza made memorable only by the presence of two women who starred in over 100 B movies - Julie Strain and Sauna O'Brien - and a cult figure of sorts, Susie Chidley who sometimes uses the name Suzie Q. Joining them are former pornstar Cathy Raymond (her nom de humpin' was Gabrielle Scream) and two unknowns (Stephanie Somers and Kari Mitchell). The drill was very much the same for each of them. Scene one - skimpy stuff. Scene two - topless. Scene three - full frontal. Image quality sucked and things run on a bit too long but the women look fine and they are nekkid. So here are caps and clips for all y'all.

Today: part 2 - Julie Strain (sample below)




episode: "Tony" (s1e01)

MTV teen comedy based on the UK series which makes "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" look like the "High School Musical."

Laura Eins: partial boob in window during opening scene.

Anastasia Phillips: sexy as teacher.

Haley Shannon: underwear as hooker.

Tenika Davis: underwear as hooker.

Katie Henney: boobs nearly falling out her dress.

In the original UK series the teacher played by Siwan Morris (now played by Anastasia Phillips) showed full frontal nudity in the shower room. But MTV will never have a scene like that.



Another movie directed by Bruce Sweeney who has the talent of casting actresses who'll do nudity in his films.

Laara Sadiq: topless.

Agam Darshi: rock hard pokies.

White Room


Kate Nelligan: cleavage having fully clothed sex with naked dude.

Sheila McCarthy: sexy.

Triple Dog


Movie about a group of teenage girls who "triple dog" dare each other to do crazy things.

Emily Tennant: strategic nudity doing the streak.

Janel Parrish: taking a whizz on teachers front steps.

"Harper's Island"

episode: "Crackle"

Episode from the murder serial shown between "Snap" and "Pop."

Anna Mae Routledge: bare back having sex.

"Harper's Globe"

(web series)

This is a companion series put on the web during "Harper's Island" and is included on the DVD set.

Melanie Merkosky: sideboob in episode "You're Never Alone on Harper's Island".


episode: "Finding the Boy"

This is the final unaired episode but there's still some missing footage such as the Karen LeBlanc nude sex scene shown only in a preview and the top heavy Julia Anderson playing a "hostess" (or hooker?) in an unknown episode.

Crystal Lowe: nice butt.

Growing the Big One

(TV 2010)

Lifetime movie from last Thanksgiving about a pumpkin-growing contest.

Shannen Doherty: sexy.

April Telek: clearly she has the biggest pumpkins of the patch.

Sarah-Jane Redmond: cleavage.

Krista Mitchell: very sexy.

Stephanie Belding: pokies.

Psycho Girls

(1985) (uncut)

The uncut video is only available from Italy on the PAL format which is very hard to convert to the North American NTSC format. The torture scene of Kim Cayer being electrocuted to death in the bathtub is much longer.

Kim Cayer: boob and brief bush.

Afghan Knights


Afghan-ploitation starring Michael Madsen.

Aimee McKenzie: boob and butt as "hashhut woman" (the Al-Queda equivalent of a crackhouse whore).

The Two Mr. Kissels

(TV 2008)

Another Lifetime movie featured during golddigger week.

Robin Tunney: bra and panties, bare back, obligatory nude behind fogged-up shower window scene.

Natalie Grace Jurewich: sexy as "busty lounge woman".


(tv series)

Before Patricia Stasiak (aka hefmag co-ed girl Phylis Syd) started starring in stripper roles she was a webcam girl for known as Deja. While footage and stills of her nude and solo performances are lost to the ages she did appear as Deja for in the first season of the Showcase's porn documentary series in 2005.

Patricia Stasiak: sexy only in the second episode.



Film Clips

Amy Seimetz in Bitter Feast (2010; sample below)

Valeria Solarino and Isabella Ragonese in the lesbotronic The Sea Purple. This one is in two parts: Part 1... Part 2 (2009, samples below)

Lidia Vitale in La Doppia Ora (2009; sample below)

Rie Rasmussen in The Human Zoo (2009). This is an incredibly hot sex scene, but Rie can't blame the director for exposing her like this. She WAS the director. (sample below)

Silvia Abascal in La Voz de su Amo (2001; sample below)

Various women seen below in Dias Contados (1994; samples below each clip). Oscar winner Javier Bardem, then 25, was in this film. In those days he often billed himself as Javier Encinas. That makes perfect sense, since his name is Javier Angel Encinas Bardem. What does not make as much sense is that he also worked occasionally as "Benito Gonzalez"!

Ruth Gabriel

Elvira Minguez, Gloria Sirvent, Ruth Gabriel, and Candela Pena


Various women seen in The House on the Edge of the Park (1980; samples below). In its original 91-minute avatar, this Italian-made "B" movie was considered highly provocative and transgressive in its day. IMDb has a complete synopsis with spoilers. Clips follow, with sample pics below each:

Annie Belle

Karoline Mardeck

Lorraine De Selle

Marie Claude Joseph



An interesting upskirt from Dr. Who (s5e13, according the the file name)

Michelle Trachtenberg (non-nude; upgrade). She would have to be among my top ten actresses who I would like to see naked, but have not. She's still only 25, so there's time, but she needs to do it before all that good stuff starts to sag.

Emma Watson side-boob, maybe a bit o' nip as well.