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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Priscilla Barnes film clip (720p). Samples below.

Joey Lauren Adams film clip (720p). Samples below.







Scoop's notes: One of the things I lost was the directory with Hank's pictures (my error), but I did save his text and film clip to a different directory. I'm sure he'll send it all again, and it'll all appear then. In the meantime, here's the film clip:

"Desperate Housewives"

Nicolette Sheridan shows us that the body is still in good shape in a recent episode. Nice red bra
& panties in this clip.








Hollywood Sex Fantasy


Final part

The unknowns








Notes and collages


The Buddha of Suburbia

1993 (TV Mini-Series)

Sarah Neville


Brewster McCloud


Obscure early Robert Altman film which is actually more interesting than many of his famous ones. Filled with deadpan humor and remarkable inventiveness. It came out just after M*A*S*H, and suffered in comparison.

Sally Kellerman







The Guitar


Some movies are hard to classify. This 2008 effort directed by Amy Redford (Robert's daughter) is definitely a chick flick, but beyond that, it's both a sad story of despair and a life-affirming story of hope. It's beautifully done and quite different.

Mel (Saffron Burrows) is having a bad day. She's diagnosed with terminal cancer and given two months to live, returns to work to be handed a severance check because her job has been downsized, and seeks solace from her boyfriend who dumps her before she has a chance to tell him about her illness.

Overwhelmed with hopelessness, Mel rents an expensive loft on a short-term lease, and maxes out her credit cards furnishing it. She also buys her lifelong dream, a guitar. For the next two months, Mel changes her life completely by living extravagantly, taking both a male and female lover, and just generally adopting a "who cares" attitude.

The ending, depending on your point of view, is either a giant cliché, or a satisfying ending to a great character study, but either way, this is a fascinating movie.


Paz De la Huerta Saffron Burrows


Here are some more individual Saffron Burrow frames from The Guitar, as per Señor Skin:







Film Clips