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Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
One more look at Manhunter (The first Hannibal Lecter movie). By the way, did you see the weekend results on Hannibal? It took in $58 million for the weekend, just edging out the second place movie, which did $7 million!

Anyway, I revisited "Manhunter" based on this letter.

"I noticed in your comments on Manhunter that you had viewed the Director's Cut, not the standard.  One of the DVD review sites I went to commented that the Director's Cut looked like it had been printed from a bad VHS tape.  The standard Widescreen I saw the other night has a love scene between Kim Greist and William Peterson lit in blue light and dark, but it looks like Kim is bottomless.  I captured a couple of frames with my WinTV card, but I don't know how to take out the blue to see the scene more clearly.  Maybe you or Tuna could check that out and see if there is anything there.

Enjoyed the article on Widescreen vs. Anamorphic vs. Full Screen and thought of a couple of examples.  Unfortunately, one  involves Alyssa Milano.  The DVD of 'Embrace of the Vampire' has both a Widescreen and Full Screen version.  When you view the Full Screen version of her getting dressed early in the movie you can see her butt and a hint of pubes.  The Widescreen version cuts her off at her waist.  Another movie that could illustrate the same thing is 'Ghost Story'.  The original Full Screen VHS has a full frontal scene of Alice Krige walking towards the camera.  The Widescreen DVD cuts her off at the waist.  I wonder how many other movies are similarly affected."

Good tip. As it turns out, the scene was in the director's cut as well, but it's only about five frames long and I just plain missed it. Not sure what is or isn't there, but here's the evidence. The "unfiltered" images took away the blue filter used in the day-for-night shot, then showed the images at the largest size available. I don't see any dark patch there, so Kim is probably wearing some kind of thong or a crotch pad. I don't know. It could be Dr Scholl's foot pads or even blond pubes for all I know, but there is a clear shot of her crotch, whatever it may happen to contain.

One more DVD of The Hunger, four more episodes. This anthology is called Bump in the Night. Nobody very famous this time. Lori Petty starred in one of them, but failed to remove any essentials. I don't actually know any of these women. As is typical with The Hunger, they are all attractive, the stories aren't bad at all, but the exposure is more in flashes than "out there"

TomCat did Nathalie Quenard in Le Dernier Chant. Have you noticed that so many French movies begin with "the last (dernier) this" or "the last that". A cultural preoccupation with eschatology? And do you think they will really not allow any more songs in France? Could be bad news for the careers of Potsie and Hasselhoff. Not to mention Johnny Hallyday.

  • Nathalie Quenard (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

TomCat also did Catherine Oxenberg in The Flying Dutchman. Year 2000 film. Not that many slip by me, but this one sure did. Never heard of it, never seen this scene before. Listed at IMDb, but no info, no votes, no comments, and not listed as available yet on video or DVD (???? a straight-to-vid with no video version ???? I don't get it.)

It stars the king of straight-to-vids, Lord Eric Roberts, and one of the kings of the guys who used to work in good movies but now make crap, Rod Steiger. (He's battling Roy Scheider and Peter Weller for the keys to this kingdom)

  • Catherine Oxenberg (1, 2)
Don Bun
More vidcaps from "Vice Girls"

Lana Clarkson When we last saw 'caps of Lana in Vice Girls she was being pretty well felt up. This time there are no pesky hands obstructing our view of the goodies.

Stephanie Johnson OUCH! This poor girl...I believe what we see here is a very compelling argument for a malpractice suit against her boob doctor. Looks like someone sewed two softballs into her chest. I bet even Dr. Nick Riviera could do a better job.

Heather Ward Dropping her top.
Claudia Schiffer
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
A flashback to 1994. Scans of Claudia from and older issue of Vogue. For Schiffer fans, 1994 was of course the same year she debuted on the big screen in the Macaulay Culkin masterpiece, "Richie Rich".
Brandi Quinones

Debbie Dietering

Two more from the same '94 issue of Vogue. This time we get the added bonus of see-thru exposure.

Tetchie Agbayani Comments by Zenguru:
A few days ago Tuna posted some 'caps from "Emerald Forest". One of the unknown ladies there was a Filipina Celebrity named Tetchie Agbayani (files Unknown09-11 and 15). She was once featured in a Bunnymag in Germany. I think it was around 84 or 85.

No nudity in this batch of scans from the Kirsten Dunst cheerleader movie "Bring it On", however there are still plenty of excellent images that are worth a look.

Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku
(1, 2, 3)

#2...definitely #2! Look at it, pay attention to to the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Eliza Dushku
(1, 2, 3, 4)
#4 is the highlight here, featuring the "Buffy" co-star in a bikini top!

Tsianina Joelson
(1, 2)
The 1997 Miss Fitness America Champion. She has also hosted a workout show on MTV, appeared on "Xena" a few times and owns several hotels with her husband.

#1 features the most prominent pokies in this series, while #2 gives us an excellent view of the glutes of a champion.

Clare Kramer and Nicole Bilderback
(1, 2, 3)
#1 has the young actresses in bras. #2 and #3 in their uniforms.

and ...
Alexondra Lee A very hot actress that some folks may remember as "Callie" from "Party of Five". Here she is showing off some wonderful cleavage in the latest Stuff magazine, by PicCap

Dominique Darel Plenty of topless nudity from 1974's "Andy Warhol's Dracula" aka "Blood of Dracula". Vidcaps by Dann.

Stefania Casini One more from "Blood of Dracula", by Dann. This time featuring plenty of full frontal nudity.

Michela Bruni
(1, 2)
Looking very nice in these topless scans from the March Issue of Front.

Tania Zaetta
(1, 2)
Paparazzi pics of the Aussie TV personality caught topless in a thong at the beach. Scans by ReCap.

Valérie Lemercier
(1, 2)
'Caps from the 1999 French movie "Le Derrière". The best views of her derrière are in #2. Thanks to Birdy 666.

Hilary Swank From Dragon...a nice scan with some see-thru nipple exposure and a whole lotta leg.

Katie Holmes One thing is for sure in the Jr. household we can never have too many images of Katie topless! This is probably the largest, clearest and best edited single frame from "The Gift" so far. Excellent work by ZonononZor.

Stella Tennant Baring a single breast in this scan from Vogue, by PicCap.

Madonna Yawn...on the cover of the March issue of the UK GQ. If you look for it, there is a bit of nipple to be seen.

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