More Rachel Weisz

As I was putting the finishing touches on today's page, a reader sent in this expanded clip from The Advocates. The extra footage shows that Rachel Weisz did some brief soft-focus full-frontal nudity (at about the 50 second mark). There is also some excellent bathtub action prior to that, with some great breast-bouncing. The nudity takes place just prior to the scene we saw in the previous clip. I've never seen this show, and until this minute I didn't know there was a brief frontal.

OK, the quality is not that good, and the damned thing is dubbed into French, but the key fact here is that it represents full-frontal nudity and lots of jiggling from Rachel Weisz when she was a ripe 20 or 21. (She turns 40 next month.)

And that's pretty cool, as I see it.


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Final Examination


Today part 2 of "Final Examination" with 3 topless chicks.

First up Belinda Gavin with just a little boob. Caps with a clip.

Then Kalau Iwaoka shows off her really nice tits. Caps and a clip.

Wrapping it up the legendary B-movie babe Debbie Rochon showing off the hooters. Caps and a clip.


TV Land

Over in TV Land Cerina Vincent shows off the cleavage in a 2008 episode of "Two and a Half Men." Caps with an HD clip.






Lonely Hearts


Alice Krige 720p film clips (samples below)


Shannon Murphy 720p film clips (samples below)




Monkey Grip


Clips of Noni Hazlehurst. The six collages are below:




Kristin Booth: This Beautiful City

Caroline Cave: This Beautiful City

Dana Fares in Heist

Alexandra Morrow in The Keeper

Angela Serrano in The Keeper

Natalia Vodianova


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