According to IMDB, Broken Lizard already has a movie in the can.  Broken Lizard's the Slammin' Salmon was filmed last year but is apparently having trouble finding a distributor, so who knows if it will be released before Super Troopers 2:


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Re: Signs of the Apocalypse

Helen Mirren is using a body double in Love Ranch




Still Waiting ...

It's a long-buried masterpiece, Samuel Beckett's sequel to Waiting for Godot. Most literary scholars had felt it to be lost forever.


He never shows.


I'm just fuckin' witcha. It's actually a straight-to-vid sequel of a lowbrow comedy called Waiting ..., minus the biggest names who appeared in the first. Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds did not elect to appear in the sequel, probably because they read the script. Justin Long did appear, but his part was more or less a cameo, and was probably filmed in a single day.

Once again the story takes place within a single day in the life of a chain restaurant. The site manager would really like to make it to the district manager position, but if he fails to reach the top of his metaphorical thermometer, the corporate heavy breathers will not consider him for the promotion. Unfortunately for him, he seems doomed to failure because of a new competitor next door. His Shenanigan's (read Bennigan's, minus the lawsuit) is facing stiff competition from the neighboring Ta-Tas (read Hooters), which is not only taking away customers, but his hottest female employees as well. There is only one day left in his current reporting period, and he can't make his quarterly goal without a miraculous and unprecedented gross on that day. As a result, he has to push the staff extra hard, using the time-honored motivational tactics of fear and deceit.

The one thing that made the original script a pretty good piece of comedy was that it really revealed the truth about life in the service industry. The characters were drawn from life, and the story revealed a lot of crazy things that can transpire behind the scenes. Watching it was like eavesdropping on service industry workers who are amusing one another with their best "war stories." Uncharacteristically for a lowbrow comedy, IMDb contributors frequently comment on the film's accuracy! It's rated 6.9 at IMDb, which is almost unheard of for a lowbrow comedy. To give you an idea how good that is, it's a hair below There's Something About Mary and a hair above Kingpin. Pretty impressive.

The level of humor in the second one is similar to the first, but the originality and appropriateness are not. The sequel is generic and  could pretty much take place in any workplace. Very little is industry-specific. Take the same script, modify it just slightly, and it could take place in a convenience store or a department store or a furniture store or even outside of retail. Moreover, the characters and situations have left reality and entered the fantasy world, especially at the Ta-Tas next door.

Adam Carolla is pretty funny as the world's worst self-help guru, whose tape is watched by the shy Shenanigan's manager. Of course, that is a throwaway bit which has nothing to do with the restaurant business. The one funny major character in Still Waiting ... is the hostess, a burnt-out alcoholic hottie with a major chip on her shoulder and a vocabulary that would seem a bit extreme at a Tourette's convention. Her attitude gets even worse when the neighboring Ta-Tas turns her down for a job because she doesn't have the obligatory perma-smile required by that chain to match her admittedly impressive ta-tas. This rejection leads to the film's only nudity, when she gets drunk and despondent enough to show her "credentials" to the rest of the Shenanigan's employees. (As they say, "Nice rack." Unfortunately, the nudity appears to have been done by a body double, and the aforementioned credentials don't seem to be factory originals.)


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Amy Smart nekkid. One of the top nude scenes of 2008.

Amy Smart film clip (1920x800). Collages below.








Schoolgirl Hitchhikers


You can probably guess from the title that this Jean Rollin film was not recognized at Oscar time, but we pointed our Time Machine back to the seventies anyway, because it features a classic "Babe in Bondage," Rollin regular Joelle Coeur. Caps and a clip.


TV Land

For our TV Land segment today, old friend Amy Robach serves up some more leg on the "Today" show.









Hollywood Sex Fantasy


Part 4 of ?

Catalina Larranaga

Three clips. Small samples below.








Notes and collages

Rok's notes:

For those unfamiliar with the storyline of Extremities, it comes down to a moral crisis of "kill or be killed." A woman captures her would-be rapist/killer but doesn't know what to do with him. It's her word against his and he promises to kill her if she has him arrested. As this sort of thing has happened in real life, the movie's premise is completely plausible and frightening.



Farrah Fawcett


Scoop's remembrance: I noticed Farrah before she was an angel. My favorite TV show in the mid-70s was the obscure Harry O. There have been a zillion TV private eyes, but Harry Orwell was perhaps the most fascinating. He had no car and often took public transportation when working a case. He couldn't fight because of an old injury.

Farrah was charming in a small recurring "girlfriend" role, but the show's real attractions were David Janssen as the world-weary Harry O, Anthony Zerbe as the acerbic Lt. Trench, and Les Lannom as Lester, the pesky criminology student who worshipped Harry O, much to Orwell's everlasting chagrin.

If that show ever hits DVD, I am all over it.








Emmanuelle Seigner in The Ninth Gate

Meredith Giangrande on an episode of Nip/Tuck

Lena Headey in 300

Porn legend Georgina Spelvin in Babylon Pink

Lisa Lynds in The Good Student


Film Clips

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon stark naked in Bajarse al Moro (1989)



Tereza Voriskova in Bobule (2008, Czech Republic)



70s nostalgia: Claire Bloom in A Severed Head (1970). What a life she has led. She has won both a film BAFTA and a TV BAFTA. She has been married to outsized personalities like actor Rod Steiger and author Philip Roth. She had a famous romance with the even more outsized Richard Burton, and even one with Lord Olivier himself. She has a daughter who is a successful opera singer. She has written wrote two memoirs. The first was a serious book about her career: "Limelight and After: The Education of an Actress" (1982). The second one was a controversial tell-all called "Leaving a Doll's House: A Memoir" (1996).

And she's still at it!



More 1970s nostalgia from the legendary Russ Meyer: Erica Gavin and Vincene Wallace in Vixen



More 1970s nostalgia: formerly a syrupy child star, Hayley Mills was not just a pollyanna; she was THE Pollyanna. She grew up nicely in Deadly Strangers.



And some 60s nostalgia: Vanessa Redgrave in Isadora (1968). The free-spirited dancer from the 1920s was the perfect symbol for the free-spirited late 1960s, and the noted anti-establishment actress Vanessa Redgrave threw herself into the part, including this full-frontal nudr scene, in which she appears to be a dead ringer for her daughter Joely. The film has never made it to DVD, but this clip is taken from a TV broadcast, and the quality is much better than the VHS material we have seen in the past.