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season five


today: s5e6

Emmy Rossum

Ileana Huxley


Maryna Linchuk

Melissa Reeves

Pauline Ducruet


This week, we move to 1996:

Mars Attacks!

The comedy Mars Attacks! (1996) has no nakedness but some lovely looking women:

Christina Applegate

Janice Rivera

Lisa Marie

Sarah Jessica Parker

An unidentified couple of women showing a bit of cleavage

The Ever After


Johnny's comments:

Quick series from an LA movie made by real life couple Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber, who play a couple who are having a tough time in their marriage. Pretty basic plot, the woman is wondering where the marriage in going and beginning to have doubt, the man is offered temptations but they lead to something far more devious.

This movie is very much one of those 'get your famous friends together and lets make a movie' deals. So stuff like Rosario Dawson and Moby randomly turn up. Then the couple's friends turn up in random roles (like Phoebe Tonkin, Gemma Pranita and blink and you'll miss Tahyna Tozzi - which I did...).  The movie is completely baffling and weird. No more so than Teresa Palmer playing an Australian actress named Ava who was in a movie called Warm Bodies. Um, whaaaat? There's so many 'Is this really happening?' scenes in the movie that it would take forever to go through them.

I dunno what I just watched... I was less baffled by Knight Of Cups.

Teresa Palmer film clip (sample below)

Johanna Strickland film clip (sample below). Phoebe Tonkin also appears, but reveals nothing.

Film/TV Clips

ZhuZhu in Secret Sharer (2014) in 1080hd

The women of Scarewaves (2014)

Erin R Ryan

Haley Madison

Rachael Redolfi

Joni Durian

Tara Clark

Jessica Schwarz in The Door (2009) in 720p

Nostalgia: Ali MacGraw in Goodbye, Columbus (1969) in 720p (Here she is today)


Gwyneth Paltrow behind the scenes at a photoshoot

A few more enlargements of Zooey Deschanel in Gigantic

Heidi Klum in see-through lingerie