Agora is Amenabar's ambitious attempt to cover the life of Hypatia of Alexandria, a fourth century teacher and mathematician who is considered one of the first women in history to be accepted as a genuine intellectual.

It looks impressive, and includes some great directorial touches, but bears pretty much no resemblance to anything that really happened to that woman in that time, nor does it present accurately either the era or its impact on later eras. Frankly, I got quite irritated with the anachronisms and historical inaccuracies, so I hit the fast forward button a lot, and therefore can't write a fair review, except to quibble about the nonsense he tried to pass off as history.

The film was nominated for 13 Goyas, so we can conclude that many people must have been impressed.


Here's Rachel Weisz. She's lost weight, worked out, and looks great.

Here's a sample collage done by someone else: (the vid is mine)


Speaking of Rachel Weisz

Somebody else just created a new film clip of her topless scene from The Advocates

(various images from the film are shown below)


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  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Final Examination


Today from "Final Examination" we have a pair of topless babes in this forgettable soft core flick.

Amy Lindsay shows off her cute tits and ass. Caps and a clip.


Then Kim Maddox displays her robo hooters. Caps and a clip

Part 2 of "Final Examination" tomorrow.


TV Land

Over in TV Land the Time Machine goes back to 1997 for "Spin City" and Connie Britton with a leg & thigh show. Caps and a clip






To Love and Die in L.A.


Darlanne Fluegel 1080p film clips (samples below)





Debra Feuer 1080p film clips (samples below)




Alicia Keys in a bikini

Sara Cosmi in Private

Heidi Klum see-through

Jessica Capshaw see-through

Kim Knight in Basement Jack

Maribel Oporto in Bravo

Priscilla Barnes in Mallrats



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