TV Round-Up

Californication (720p, s6e4) offered some nudity:

(Fleeting) T&A from Allison McAtee

Breasts from Alissa Dean


And here are two more women from the latest Naked News: Natasha Olenski and Whitney St John

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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Return of the Living Dead



One of the great nude performances in film history from the eternal Fun House favorite, Linnea Quigley

Part 1

Part 2




Mia Sara

Scoop's note: If you're like me, you remember her fondly and miss her, so you'll be happy to hear that she has re-emerged in public after spending years away from the cameras. She's in Dorothy and the Witches of Oz. That's not the new major studio film with James Franco, but a low-budget flick from last year with Christopher Lloyd as the Wizard and a cast of virtual unknowns. I guess it's not really a film, since it is just a re-cut of a mini-series. At this moment, I know of no way to get a copy of the re-cut film, but you can watch the 165-minute TV version at That's just FYI, not a recommendation. I have not seen it and one of the reviewers on IMDb, where it is rated an anemic 4.4, opined that it was "not recommended for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Depressingly terrible."

Anyway, here is what Mia looks like today.



Bliss is a Canadian television series that looks at the desires, passions and fantasies of women. It was produced and directed by women and there was lots of lovely nudity by a number of women.

There were three seasons of eight shows made in the years 2002 to 2004. These caps are from season three and the second half of season two.

Season 2 Episode 5 Chastity (2003)

Cara Pifko - underwear

Season 2 Episode 6 Office Management (2003)

Rachel Hayward - bum and side boob

Season 2 Episode 7 The Piano Tuner (2003)

Shannon Lawson - breast

Season 2 Episode 8 Aural Sex (2003)

Raven Dauda - breast

Season 3 Episode 1 Tying Up Gerald (2004)

Katya Gardner - cleavage

Shary Guthrie - bum

Season 3 Episode 2 Penelope and Her Suitors (2004)

Stephanie Morgenstern - underwear

Season 3 Episode 3 Tango (2004)

Larissa Gomes - underwear

Not identified - underwear

Season 3 Episode 4 Badness (2004)

Adrianne Richards - underwear

Zoie Palmer - underwear

Season 3 Episode 5 Amazon (2003)

Jessica Greco - pokies

Nathalie Toriel - underwear

Not identified - breast

Season 3 Episode 6 The Arrangement (2004)

Pamela Sinha - underwear

Season 3 Episode 7 Les Petits Mots (2004)

Patricia McKenzie - underwear

Season 3 Episode 8 Steph's Life (2004)

Robin Brûlé - Breast

FYI: Some of the correspondents on Naked News are actresses but they usually go by another name.

Naked News AKAs:

  • Eila Adams: Misha Highstead
  • Rachelle Wilde: Rachelle Corbeil
  • Rachel Simmons: Araina Nespiak
  • Peyton Priestly: Ashley Byford
  • Elle Kingsley: Elle Smith
  • Gia Gomez: Hazel Lorraine
  • Ariella Banks: Jasmine Chase
  • Athena King: Sophia Gerodimos

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "Murdoch Au Naturel" (s6e06)

This episode takes place in a nudist colony and sets a new high water mark in nudity for a CBC television series although the actresses have their hair super-glued to their boobs.
Talia Russo, the most famous Toronto Sunshine Girl, shows her butt.

Amber Goldfarb: bare butt.

Tricia Braun: side boob, bare butt.

Helene Joy: nude but showing nothing while undercover cop explains his "shrinkage."

various: various nudists.


episode: "Seven Year Slave" aka "Dangerous Persuasions"

This episode is based on the true story of a female hitchhiker (Chloe Sullivan) who was abducted and forced to be a sex slave for seven years. For a true crime docu-drama it's very sexually graphic by televison standards but the Canadian version is missing the scene where the wife (Lorna Wright) forces the husband to have a threesome with the sex slave.
Chloe Sullivan: topless tied up Hankster-style, and nude doing swim.

Lorna Wright: brassiere in deleted threesome.


Another new television series about a female detective. This time she's a single mother of a  teenage son.

Allie Bertram: cleavage in brassiere as son's girlfriend.


New television series about sperm donor who spreads his seed both inside and outside the plastic cup.

Vanessa Matsui: sexy as waitress.


episode: "No Traveller Returns" (s1e05)

Mayko Nguyen: sideboob getting out of bed after doing the dirty deed at end of the previous episode.

"Arctic Air"

episode: "Old Wounds" (s2e05)

unknown: ring girl sexy.

Mr. Viral

(2012; trailer)

Sex comedy still looking for a distributor.

Karissa Strain & Katie Strain: bikinis as sin pit girls. Despite the familiarity they're not identical twin daughters of Julie Strain.

Bangin' Vengeance!

(2011; trailer)

Gindhouse boobsploitation still looking for a distributor.

Paula Burrows: topless but barred out.

"Toad Face

(2008 short)
Laura Hope (also in Bangin' Vengeance) in a brassiere, showing her rock hard abs.

Cottage Country

(trailer; 2013?)

This movie was supposed to have been released but no one has seen it and its Facegoup group has disappeared.

Malin Akerman: brassiere only.

"Glad Rag Doll"

(album cover)

Deanna Krall: jazz singer very sexy.

Emily Bruhn

Topless with pasties in modeling shot. She plays the sexy waitress in the television series Health Nutz.

Take This Waltz


Avert your eyes. Two more of the shower women have been IDed.

Barnieta Runnings: nude scrubbing her cooter.

Rosalind Feldman: imagine George Costanza's mother from Seinfeld nekkid? [shudder]

Film Clips

Alba Rohrwacher in Bella addormentata (2012) in 720p

Lilith Stangenberg in Rosa Roth: Das Maedchen aus Sumy (2009)

various in The Magdalene Sisters (2002)


Gwendolyn Taylor in this week's Spartacus

Blayze Collins-Perucchetti in The Thompsons (2012)

Katarina Gellin in The Thompsons (2012)

Gaia Amaral in Xanadu, s1e1 (2011)

Amaia Salamanca in Brain Drain (2009)

Saskia Reeves in I.D. (1995)