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In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD

season 1, episode 8


Jane Adams film clip

Samples below





Johnny's comments:

Let's have a Billy Zane double shot... I mean girls from movies that star Billy Zane.

Scoop's notes: Billy Zane is quite young - he turns 45 in a couple of weeks - but he already has more than 100 credits at IMDb. He was in seven movies in 2009, another seven in 2010. IMDB says he will be in 12 movies released this year!!! That's 26 films in three years. Marlon Brando only made 39 in his entire life, spanning 51 years.

Zane is the new Eric Roberts. But the old Eric Roberts ain't leaving the throne. Roberts has about 200 credits, including 123 movies, and he's not slowing down. IMDb lists him in 9 films with 2011 release dates! He actually has more credits than Gerard Depardieu now, but Depardieu still has him by a mile if we look at the movie category alone, where the Flabby Franc has 164 credits.

I now return the mic to Johnny's:


Blue Seduction


Blue Seduction is a thriller about a one time music star Mikey Taylor (Billy Zane), who is mounting a comeback after falling prey to the usual trappings of fame. He hires a singer for a studio session and a girl named Matty (Estella Warren) arrives and blows Mikey and his crew away. And then all hell breaks loose and Mikey's gonna fall off the wagon bad. First, Matty seduces him, then she gets him back on the drinks and drugs and then Mikey begins to miss important event with his long suffering wife (Jane Wheeler). When he apparently hits bottom, Mikey desperately tries to get back in track, but one final twist is in store. This film is so silly that it's perfect for Billy Zane; dodgy wig, bizarre histronics and all. The film skirts the edge of silliness and farce quite well and it's final twist is pretty neat, so if you go in with lowered expectations, you'll probably have the most fun.

Estella Warren film clips (almost no nudity; collages below)


The Hessen Affair


The Hessen Affair is a post WW2 set thriller about a group of soldiers taking over a castle in Germany. One day, the crown jewels are discovered and instead of doing the right thing, the colonel (Billy Zane) with the help of his female lieutenant (Lyne Rene) and other soldiers decide to hide the treasure and then get it back to the US and fence it. With a cunning plan to get the colonel and liuetenant back the US to facilitate the fencing of the treasure, the princess discovers the treasure missing and alerts the authorities. In the US, the colonel and the lieutenant begin to have trouble when their fence is murdered and the jewels are stolen. So, the colonel and the lieutenant decide to go their own way to con the man who stole the treasure. An OK little adventure thriller that is diverting, but nothing special, just as most Billy Zane films seem to be.

Lyne Renee film clips (collages below)

Vanessa Flammez film clip (sample below)




More caps from old Greek Films

Barbara Bouchet from "To aggistri" (The hook)

Eleni Anoussaki from "Ta kokkina fanaria" (the red lights)

Gizela Dali from "I spilia tis amartias" (The cave of sin)

Mirka Kalantzopoulou from "Lolites tis Athinas" (Athens lolitas)

Stripper from "Pezodromio" (Sidewalk)

Elena Nathanail from

  •  "Anazitisis" (Search),

  • "Dama Spathi" (Love cycles),

  •  "O fovos" (Fear)

Tina Spathi from

  •  "6 diestrammenes zitoun dolofono" (6 depraved women looking for a killer [great title!]),

  • "To akrogiali tou erota" (the seaside of love),

  • "Meli to kormi tis" (Her body sweet like honey),

  • and some caps showing her looks then and nowadays

Unknowns from

  • "Anazitisis",

  • "I spilia tis idonis",

  • "O viasmos mias monahis" (the rape of a nun),

  •  "Sexomania",

  • "Tiffany, I agriogata tou sex"(Tiffany, the wildcat of sex)




Film Clips

Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono in Lennon Naked (2010)

Screen nudity legend Anne Parillaud, looking spectacular at 50 in La Marquise des ombres (2010; samples below)

Julie Strain in How to Make a Monster (2001; sample below)

Lisa Catara in Charlie Valentine in 1080p (2009)

Melissa Leo in The Three Burials ... in 1080p (2005)





Starina Johnson in Stuck!

Pleasant Gehman in Stuck!

Shannon Sossamon in The Order

Milla Jovovich in Stone

Gemma Arterton in Tamara Drewe