American Summer

(aka The Pool Boys; 2009)

It's basically a complete rip-off of Risky Business, with just a tiny hint of Night Shift. No, it's NOT an update. Indeed, it you were to grab a time machine and release this in the early 80s, nobody would know it was from the future. If you manage to release it before Risky Business, the other will seem like a better quality rip-off.

There is some decent nudity, but it's just breasts, and none of them appear to be natural:


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







A "Hankster Light" day.

Erin Brockovich


The Time Machine goes back 10 years for "Erin Brokovich" with Julia Roberts showing lots of cleavage and some leg (no nudity) in these caps and an HD clip.


TV Land


Over in TV Land Olivia Munn with a leg & thigh show in an ultra-short dress and boots as she visits "Lopez Tonight."







Wow. That was 34 years ago.

Sissy Spacek film clips (samples below)




Nancy Allen film clip (samples below)





The Band

(2009; Australia)

What makes this movie about sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll a bit different than most of this type is that the sex is explicit, and real, according to interviews by the cast members. Other than that, it is a very average rock 'n roll band story.

Lead singer Jimmy Taranto dumps his girlfriend Candy (Amy Cater) and his band Gutter Filth in one fell swoop convinced that his career will soar without either one of them. Candy, herself a musician/singer, auditions for his spot and despite misgivings, the band takes her on.

As one might expect in a rather unimaginative band story, Gutter Filth rises to stardom while good ole' Jimmy sinks to the bottom of the toilet. In a final fit of poetic justice, Jimmy tries to re-connect with Candy to no avail.
The cast made a big deal out of the fact that they agreed to do real sex to give the film an air of authenticity and candor. They insist it is not porn. The problem is that while the sex stuff is fine, the story otherwise is just boring and extremely predictable. What they wound up with is musical porn, and nothing more.


Amy Cater Brianna Hart
Sarah McKeown Tiffany Stevens


Nice pic of Isabelle Huppert

Tom Arnold pulls down Marisa Miller's pants while tackling her

Melanie Laurent (of Inglourious Basterds) in L'Amour Cache


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