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Dark City


Scoop's notes: It's great to see this one come out in high definition! Good nudity. Terrific S/F movie as well, although you can't really watch it twice and I can't tell you much about it since it's a mystery with a Twilight Zone ending. In fact, Rod Serling would have been proud to sign the scorecard on this one.

Melissa George: 1920x812 film clip. Collages below.









TV Land

In TV Land today we have Jennifer Aniston visiting Leno and putting on another leg & thigh show. Jenn turns 40 tomorrow (Wednesday). Like fine wine, she gets better with age.


Scoop's notes: I've never been a big fan of hers in the past. I think she is talented at comedy, with good delivery and timing, but she's never really accomplished much outside of Friends. But I've changed my mind. You have to admire what she has accomplished lately. She is still working in lead roles and still commanding top dollar at the age of 40. And she's not playing the sexy star's mom. She is the sexy star. And that's in a world where other women her age complain about being set on the shelf. She has learned to play the press much better than she used to, and (as Hank noted) her looks actually seem to have improved, or at least to have stabilized. She doesn't just "look good for forty;"  she just plain looks good. Look at Hank's collages and imagine her to be a stranger you just met. If that woman told you she was in her late 20s, would you be suspicious?







s2, e1 and e2


Film clips (all with nudity):

Mercida Olah

Angela Lemaitre

Jenna Lind








Hollywood Sex Fantasy


Part 2 of ?

Tracy Ryan

Small sample below.








Notes and collages


The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With the Sea


Sarah Miles

When the cameras stopped rolling, Sarah Miles and Kris Kristofferson did a hot photoshoot for Playboy in the summer of 1976. Kristofferson's wife, then the Delta Lady herself, Rita Coolidge, was not amused.







Laura Gemser in an "uncut Italian" version of Black Emanuelle. Nice nudity, but some of the images are basically VHS quality.

A legendary photospread: Raquel Welch in Gaceta magazine, October 1981

Emily Haack in Scrapbook. Lots of nudity, but also lots of nastiness.

April Pearson topless on an episode of Skins


Film Clips

Cristina Tiberia in Brain Dead. This is a recent film, but if you are nostalgic for the sight of large, real breasts, she may stir a few fond memories.

If you prefer the old breasts, here's an Uschi Digard double-header from some 1970s Russ Meyer classics: Cherry, Harry and Raquel and Supervixens

Goya Toledo in Nudos

Vivian Wu in The Pillow Book, a typical Peter Greenaway film: magnificently and precisely refined, spectacular to look at, filled with explicit nudity from both sexes, and completely opaque. I've never been able to decide whether I hate his movies more than I love them, so the balance varies from movie to movie. I place this one in the positive column, which is actually surprising because I didn't "get" it at all.

Kristin Kowalski in Scar

Steffi Wickens in Kill Theory. I tried to watch this and failed. Mad killer forces students to kill one another to survive. Thankfully some other guy stuck with it long enough to get the nudity.

Daneen Boone in Justine 4.

Various collages right.