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Feast of Love


Feast of Love is a character-driven ensemble romance set in Portland, Oregon.

  • Greg Kinnear is happily married to Selma Blair, and owns an espresso shop named Jitters. She, as we soon discover, is much less happy. After a softball game, she falls in love with the female shortstop from the other team as Kinnear sits beside her, oblivious. Kinnear blows it permanently with her when he gives Selma a dog for her birthday despite the fact that she hates and fears dogs. Then real estate agent Radha Mitchell walks into Jitters, and Kinnear falls for her. The only wrinkle is that she is regularly screwing a married man. They actually get married, but it doesn't last.
  • Morgan Freeman is a college professor on leave after the death of his son. Freeman's son seemed to be a model citizen, and was a doctor, but died of a drug overdose. Freeman is struggling to get over it.
  • An employee of Jitters, Toby Hemingway, and a job applicant, Alexa Davalos, fall instantly in love, but have obstacles. The first is common with young people in love -- they are broke. The second is his alcoholic and abusive father. Davalos discovers that her true love might not be long for this world, but doesn't let that get in the way of her relationship.

Movie goers and critics alike are sharply split on the merit of this film. Depending on your taste, it is either an overly-sentimental soap opera with nothing new and no surprises, or a wonderful character piece about the redeeming quality of true love. Put me in the second camp. The director got everything there was out of the source material, and created the finest film possible with it. The conclusions to the character arcs are predictable, as critics noted, but also satisfying, and the acting is top-notch, so your response to the film will depend on whether you like spending 102 minutes with the characters. I did. Let me add that the presence of Morgan Freeman alone is enough reason for me to watch a film.

IMDb: 6.9.

Radha Mitchell

Alexa Davalos


Selma Blair (with Stana Katic)











It's "play around with a film clip day" from the "Fun House" archives: Mallrats in HD.

Kicking it off with Joey Lauren Adams showing off her "Tiny Tots".


Then the venerable Priscilla Barnes bares the breasts with her right one having an extra nipple. Of course it's all a joke and she winds up eating the extra one.




Then we have some caps that I forgot about on my hard drive. No nudity but Elisabeth Shue looking very sexy in "Palmetto".







It's Quebec Day

"C.A. - Conseil d'administration"

(Le first season box d'set)

Quebec television series starring Isabelle Blais andSophie Bourgeois.

(1) Isabelle Blais: pokies and partial boob.

(2) Sophie Bourgeois: nipple slip having sex

Le guest stars

(3) Sharlene Royer: boobs in pilot episode

(4) Valerie Chevalier (blonde) and Genevieve Dery (brunette): sexy as jailbait Britney-like cousins

(5) Pascale Letourneau: topless in hot tub.

Julie Katherine Turcotte, Caroline Binet, Gabrielle Poulin, and Dylane Hetu have fully clothed sex.

(6) Julie Katherine Turcotte

(7) Caroline Binet

(8) Gabrielle Poulin

(9) Dylane Hetu



"Ma fille, mon ange"

 (2007) aka "My Daughter, My Angel"

Quebec movie about a vice cop who finds his daughter (Karine Vanasse) working on a web porn site. If that's not bad enough he later encounters her best friend (Laurence Leboeuf) working at a strip club.

(10) Karine Vanasse: partial boob and butt.

(11) Laurence Leboeuf: boobs and buns as stripper.

(12) Jessie Bordeleau: nude as porn actress.

(13) various strippers and webporn actresses


"Human Trafficking"

 (2005) (TV)

Here are some corrected IDs.

(14,15,16) Laurence Leboeuf: partial boob.

(17) Isabelle Blais: buns exposed while she gets raped.







Across the Universe


I loved this 2007 musical, and I actually wonder why. I'm no musicals fan, with the exceptions of West Side Story and Chicago. I'm no Beatles fan, either, and this musical is composed of over 30 Beatles songs. Even the characters are named after characters from the songs.

Set in the 1960's, Jude, a British dockworker, travels to America searching for his father, who left his mother before Jude was born. He meets and falls in love with Lucy, a typical sheltered American teenager. Lucy's brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, and they become heavily involved in the peace movement and riots that follow.

This highly popular movie knocked me out, and in fact I enjoyed the performances better than the original renditions of the songs by The Beatles, while most Beatles fans hated the movie, based on comments I've seen. I highly recommend it, regardless of your feelings about The Beatles. And if you've seen the PG-13 movie and are wondering why the collage has so much more nudity, I suggest you watch the extended performance of "Something" on disc 2 of the deluxe edition.

Evan Rachel Wood






Notes and collages


Courteney Cox

Episode 217-218








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Two film clips of Tatum Adair in Ghost Lake. (Collages right.)
Ashley Pierce in Days of Darkness
A tribute to the best of the former Yugoslavia. First, a film clip of a rare lesbian scene (rare in Serbian cinema): Ana Franic and Jelena Djokic in Disi Duboko. Sample right.
Here's a film clip of Gala Videnovic in the most famous Serbian movie, "Hey, Babu Riba." Sample Right.
A film clip of Lana Jergovic in Kraljica noci. Sample right.

Moving over to Slovenia, here's a film clip of Tanja Ribic in Kajmak in marmelada. Sample right.

Enough of Yugoslavia for one day.

Here's a film clip of the iconic Sydne Rome in La Race des seigneurs. Sample right.

A film clip of Ruta Gedmintas in The Tudors. Sample right.

Three from A Virgin Among the Living Dead:


Chona Jason-Shira in the timeless screen romance Vampire Samurai. Samples right.

Laura Harring in Ghost Son. Film clip here. Collages below.


Fiona Gelin in Le Grand Carnaval

Vera Farmiga in The Hard Easy

(slight nudity in #4. Others just sexy.)