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It's Al Pacino day. Four nice quality clips of women getting nekkid in two of Pacino's most entertaining movies.

First, two clips of Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way.

In the first she is working as a stripper. The second is one of the great "teases," as Miller induces Pacino to break down her door, similar to the Turner/Hurt seduction in Body Heat. (Zipped .wmvs)

Then two great clips from The Devil's Advocate, one of our favorite escapist movies.

First, full frontal nudity from Charlize Theron and then even more full frontal nudity and a rear view as well, from Connie Nielsen



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Other Crap:


A whole new look for Vin Diesel.

  • Whoda guessed it? He's now Ric Moranis.

"'The Daily Show' correspondent Rob Corddry has landed the title role in Fox's comedy pilot 'Becoming Glen'"


The world's smallest pacman game (Other microscopic games at their home page)

Does salesman's gasless engine run on snake oil?


Six clips from Freedomland

  • Based on Richard Price's bestselling novel, which opens as a bruised and bloodied white woman named Brenda Martin stumbles into a Dempsey, New Jersey, emergency room, claiming that a black man stole her car with her four-year-old son in the backseat. Veteran detective Lorenzo Council is assigned to investigate the case, and despite reservations about Brenda's story, he launches an all-out search for the abducted boy. Jesse Haus, an ambitious young reporter for the local newspaper, also suspects that Brenda is hiding something, and she befriends the grief-stricken mother in an attempt to break the biggest story of her career. But as the search for the alleged carjacker intensifies, smoldering racial tensions between the predominantly black city of Dempsey and its mostly white neighbor, Gannon, threaten to explode.

Six clips from the new spoof, Date Movie



Those hot American Idol twins are "Today's Girl" on Maxim Online.


Renowned Thespian Pamela Anderson To Bounce About Bouyantly in BAYWATCH THE MOVIE???


A nice version of the new Vanity Fair cover


Extreme Coffee Shapes by Latte Arts


Al Michaels joins Madden at NBC. The more things change ...


Wiretap Report: Saint Gretzky knew about the gambling ring.

  • Law enforcement officials say Gretzky's wife has bet a half million dollars in recent weeks.


"Mastercard Revokes Bush's Personal Credit Card"


Transcript of President's Powwow With So-Called Prophet Moohammed to Discuss Cartoon-Induced World War III WHITEHOUSE.ORG


A bunch of new pics from Nacho Libre!

Here is the trailer for Alpha Dog, about the youngest guy ever to make the FBI most wanted list

Hatcher Wows Grammy Crowd With Sheer Gown (I'm lookin' for a good picture.)

This week's movies (2800 screens): Firewall - 33% positive reviews

This week's movies (2800 screens): Final Destination 3 - 58% positive reviews

This week's movies (2600 screens): Curious George - 67% positive reviews

This week's movies (3500 screens):Pink Panther - 29% positive reviews

Colbert Report: Nerd Patrol

  • "Equations are the devil's sentences."

Colbert Report - Tip/Wag: No-Fault Divorces

  • The no-fault divorce is a threat to the sanctity of divorce.

Stephen Colbert talks to former CIA director Jim Woolsey

Rapidshare has four very large zipped .avi files from Lie With Me, the explicit film with Lauren Lee Smith

France rules in favour of P2P

  • "The French courts have ruled that using peer-to-peer networks (P2P), providing you are doing so for personal rather than commercial reasons, is legal."

Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




No Inhibitions (2002)

This is yet another soft-core made by hard-core performers, and with a hard-core plot. This time, April Hannah finds an ancient Indian fetish while she's raking in her garden. It has an odd magical effect, at least on blondes. It makes them immediately take off their clothes, then have sex with themselves, or, better yet, anyone nearby. She fondles first the talisman, then herself while fantasizing about sex with Dawn Arellano. She contacts her old anthropology professor on the net, and he identifies it as one of four identical such fetishes that he knows about. She then watches neighbor Alana Evans fondle it, and have sex with the pool cleaner. She again contacts the professor, and he relates stories of the other women who have found one, including Lola, Lexi, Nina Ferrari and Roxanne Hall.

No Inhibitions begins with a 12 minute sequence with no dialogue at all. All dialogue occurs in inside locations, which is much easier than looping or recording live outdoor sound. The sex scenes are tepid, but the nudity is shot in clear light, and is comprehensive. Tonight, we have April Hannah, Dawn Arellano and Alana Evans.

This one has also escaped the attention of IMDb. It contains some lovely women, and doesn't have much in the way of a story or dialogue to distract you. In fact, it might be best watched without sound. This is a C-, barely, assuming a genre of soft-core sex film.


April Hannah

Dawn Arellano

Alana Evans




First up today, from the Oxygen Network Television series "Bliss," we have Gina Wilkinson. Who says an older woman can't look sexy? Gina seduces another man in front of her husband. Boobs and a flash of bush in this uncensored version.

Next staying with the older woman theme we have Patricia Heaton in the TNT Network re-make of "The Goodbye Girl." Nothing exposed but some nice cleavage and leg. I think she is sexy.

We wrap up today with Vahina Giocante in "Lila Says", look for the beaver flash on the swing.







Yesterday's clips/caps come from Manderlay (2005).


Manderlay, written and directed by Lars Von Trier, is a surprising film, not in the least by its form. It is more a filmed stage play than a movie. All the action takes place in a hangar where the spectators can see the whole stage or parts of it, depending on what is lit, just like in a theater. That and the length of the feature, more than two hours, mean that the interest of the viewer must be grasped by a remarkable story told in captivating dialogues.

This kind of film isn't really my cup of tea, but when the aforementioned positives are present, as in Inserts, then I have no trouble at all with it. That is also the case with Manderlay, even more so than in Inserts, because the theme of the movie is much more important and interesting. It deals with racism and social structures between blacks and whites in the US in the 1930's. Let me elucidate a little bit without giving too much away.

Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), her dad and their mob leave Dogville and move to Manderlay, a cotton plantation in Alabama where slavery still seems to exist. Grace is disgusted by this and liberates the slaves by force. Seeing that they don't leave the plantation but remain passive, she takes things into her own hands and becomes the leader of the plantation, introduces new ways of decision-making but has no consideration for the structures that were in place before her arrival.

The question that Grace never asks herself is why the black people remain passive and continue to behave like slaves. She assumes they don't know any better and feels obliged to guide them, as if she were a patronizing politically correct person from the present day. The question I asked myself as a spectator was whether or not Lars Von Trier was going to keep portraying black people as unmotivated, ill-informed and passive during the entire movie, the way racists see them, or would he offer some kind of catharsis or denouement that reversed the aforementionned perception. Will white Grace realize that she is a slave as well, a slave of whitey's system at that? Watch the movie and you'll know.

As for the actors, they were all excellent, especially Bryce Dallas Howard, the only lead role in this film. This young actress encompasses a whole palette of emotions and expressions, ranging from gentle and soft-spoken to tough and tenacious. This movie was for her a great opportunity to show off her talent, so I would be surprised if the future weren't bright for her.

I have already established that the strong points of this film are the weighty themes and the elaboration of those themes through intelligent and interesting dialogue. I cannot however rest silently about its weak point, namely the technical part. In some parts this excellent movie is hampered by color shifts for no reason within the same scene, depending on which takes were used in the final edit. Some scenes are out of focus. I know that Von Trier doesn't care much about such things, but if he did, his film would only have been even better. Notwithstanding the technical flaws, this film remains an excellent piece of work that rates a solid B on the Scoopy scale.

Nudity report: Bryce Dallas Howard is completely naked in one scene that even includes an open crotch shot. Several black men are naked as well showing mostly buns, but occasionally a penis is briefly visible.

So much for nostalgia for yesterday.

Here are today's clips:






Dann reports on Doom:

Hollywood has had varying degrees of success turning video games into movies. With 2005's Doom, the results were mediocre. The biggest problem was that this action/thriller didn't have enough action

 ... or thrills.

In 2025, Marines are sent to a laboratory on Mars to see what went wrong. They discover that an experiment had caused people to become infected with a virus that turned them into inhuman beasts. They must do everything possible, "with extreme prejudice", to keep the beasts from returning to, and infecting, earth.

Some great special effects, ass-kicking action sequences, and cool looking creatures, but far too much time was wasted with the Marines looking for these critters, and not enough time was spent actually fighting them. Oh yes, and it had a nude scene, very brief, in the unrated version. Still, I found it disappointing, especially compared to other games-to-movies like the two Resident Evil flicks, which I liked much better.

Blanka Jarosova



LC has been to the future again. Here's Robyn Moler in a very sexy scene from The Weather Man
Michelle Monaghan (left), Tanya Reichert (center), and Shannyn Sossamon  (right) in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Five women from The Witch's Sabbath. Left to right: Abby Viareal, Kiki Encina, Lisa Sparxxx, Syn DeVil, and my personal favorite, Lori the Gory, who was once again overlooked for an Oscar nomination. Would't uyou love to hear that just once? "And the nominees are Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Emma Thjompson, Julianne Moore, and Lori the Gory."

Mr Blonde captured some sexy caps of Jessica Biel (left) and Kelli Garner (right) in London. There is no real nudity, but the Biel capture is very, very close.

One of Kate Moss's boobs slip out of her bathing suit.
DeadRed did some captures of Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way.

(His beautiful film clips are listed in my section under RapidShare)

Seńor Skin captured Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in Cote D'Azur
Finally, Squiddy came up with a sexy picture of Heather Graham almost falling out of her top.

Pat's comments in yellow...

Last night's Grammy Awards opened with Madonna performing with the cartoon group The Gorillaz, but the most surreal moment came during the tribute to Sly Stone, who gave up performing in 1987 after battling drug problems because, his brother said, "He wanted to be normal."  He reemerged playing "I Want To Take You Higher," dressed in a shiny silver
and purple robe and a huge blond Mohawk. 

*  For the Grammys, that IS normal. 

*  It was surreal because he was dressed much too conservatively for the Grammys.

*  His fashion designer must be battling drug problems.

*  The show opened with a creepy, vaguely human-looking cartoon figure that never ages, and then the Gorillaz came out and joined Madonna.