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Black Sails continued to provide Saturday Night nudity in s1e3 (720p)

Hannah New

Jessica Parker Kennedy

unidentified prostitutes

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"Magic City"

Season Two, 1920x1080

Episode 5

Jessica Marais

Sex After Kids


Modern Canadian sex comedy only available on DVD in Australia. Druth.

Christine Horne: nude sex scene with possible merkin.

Amanda Brugel: visible nipples in lingerie so skimpy her crotch nearly slips out.

"Memoires Vives"

(le s2e17)

Finally some nudity after 28 boob-less episodes.

Melanie Boulais: boobs and buns as le stripper nue. If this scene looks familiar it's because she danced topless on the same stripper stage in a 19-2 episode last year.

"Les Jeunes Loups"

(le nouveau tv series)

The title is French for "young wolves", not "Fruit Loops".

Cristina Rosato: breasts in recent episode.

"Unite 9"

(le s2e18)
Myriam Cote: very sexy but not quite prison issue except for a WIP exploitation movie.

"Serie Noire"

(le tv series)

Some catching up.
Joelle Bourdon: another scene as hooker à la mode. (le s1e01)

Elisabeth Locas: brassiere. (le s1e01)

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse: scene enhancement revealing a full breast and nipple. (le s1e03)

Edith Cochrane: partial boob waking up with another lesbian. (le s1e04)

unknown: strange sex scene with Bad Santa. (le s1e04)


le English speaking series (s1e02)

For those in Quebec the original French series is returning sometime next year for le saison trois.

Sarah Allen: partial boob.



The suspected body double has finally been IDed in the onscreen credits.

Laura Vandervoort: partial boob while her male co-star shows the full booty.

Kristen Pizycki: stunt butt for Laura.


(tv series)

Miranda Handford: down to panties exchanging fluids with Jordan Hayes. (s1e05)

Jordan Hayes: exchanging bodily fluids the old fashion way. (s1e06)

"The Best Laid Plans"

(series finale - s1e06)

As expected the boy gets the girl in the end.

Jodi Balfour: partial boob.

"Republic of Doyle"

(season double finale; s5e15)

The first part had a lot of sex, the second a lot of dead bodies.

unknowns: two porn actresses sort of nude in porn shoot.

Krystin Pellerin: camisole in sex scene.

Kaitlyn Leeb: fully clothed sex on video monitor.

Lynda Boyd: cougar cleavage.

Hannah's Law

(2012 TV movie)

Light chick Western.

Sarah Canning: sexy only.

The Crucifier

 (2005 video)

Another Bill Zebub classic.

Kerri Taylor: nude as the main victim.

Suzi Lorraine: skimpy bikini as crucified girl.

Jennyphyre Ligieri: pokies.

Rachel DeGenaro: bra and panties as crucified girl.

some of the footage is from the previous filmed Dirtbags (2002)...

Sica Bosma: topless as crucified girl.

Elena Kagan: topless as crucified girl..

Heather Forte: topless as crucified girl.

Rachel Plaster: bra and panties as crucified girl.


(2002 video)

Sativa Verte: nude as crucified girl.

Nikki Sebastian: nude as crucified girl.

Kerri Taylor: topless as dancer.

Rachel Bulisky: full frontal in end credits.

Jennyphyre Ligieri: bra and panties.

Elyse Cheri: bra and panties as dream girl.

Suzi Lorraine: bra and panties as dream girl.

Elizabeth Rolston: bikini as pool girl.

Sybelle Silverphoenix: very sexy as Bill Zebub's girlfriend.

Tekla Vassie: bra and panties as student. She's lucky, Kerri Taylor was totally nude for the exact same role in the 2004 remake.

Kerri Taylor: nude in 2004 remake.

BONUS modeling pics

Sativa Verte: nude modeling photo showing her disco bush.

Sativa Verte: explicit hardcore nude modeling pic.

Elyse Cheri: nude modeling pics.

Sybelle Silverphoenix: boy, have her boobs grown!

Nikki Sebastien

Room at the Top

(2012, UK TV mini-series)

Maxine Peake film clip (collages below)

Jenna Louise Coleman film clip (collage below)

TV/Film Clips

Ulrike Kriener in Naegel mit Koeppen (2013) in 720p

Diora Baird in Concrete Blondes (2012) in 1080p

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Confession of a Child of the Century (2012) in 720p

Patricia Wolf in Am Kap der Liebe: Unter der Sonne Uruguays (2009) in 720p

Petra Schmidt-Schaller in Nacht vor Augen (2008) in 720p

Fleur Lise Heuet in Get Born (2008) in 720p

Nora Tschirner in Sternenfaenger: Folge (2002) in 720p

Denice Duff in Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993) in 1080p