The Scratch

No-budget attempt to create a film noir detective story. The writer/director has no other IMDb credits. His script is kinda OK, although its the same old stuff, and he does some interesting (if initially confusing) things with flash-forwards. but whatever value the script might have had is ruined by amateurish acting, zero production value, and the fact that the film seems to have been made entirely with a home camcorder. (And it sounds like they used the built-in mic!)

It does have a brief topless flash from Colleen Parker, who is identified in the credits even though all of her screen time is shown right here. I thought maybe I had the ID wrong, especially since she has kind of an Irish/English name and she looks Asian, but I looked her up and that's the right woman.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The English Patient


Scoop's notes: this film is simultaneously one of the most beloved and one of the most despised films in history. I'm OK with it, but I sure as hell wish that the author would not have used real character names. The real Almasy was a well-known Nazi collaborator and a homosexual. Why in the world did the author choose this man's name for his fictional character? Why not just make up a name? (That would have made much more sense, since the character would work better if his nationality were Swedish or Swiss. By choosing a real person, the author was stuck with a Hungarian, which made some of the plot details unrealistic.)

One thing which produces no complaints: the nudity, especially from KST (or KS-T, whichever she was using at that moment).

Juliette Binoche: 1920x1080 film clip. Collages below.

Kristin Scott Thomas: 1920x1080 film clips. Collage below.








Dead On


B-movie babe Shari Shattuck shows off the boobs in these caps and two clips.


TV Land

Over in TV Land leggy Elizabeth Banks visits 'Leno". She is just so cute and sexy!











Alexandra Marischka in an episode of  Der Komissar
Catrin Striebeck in Die Katze
Catrin Striebeck in Gegen die Wand
Anika Mauer in "Adelheid"
Christiane Krueger in another episode of Der Komissar
Maren Eggert on stage in A Strassenbahn Named Desire







Hollywood Sex Fantasy


Part 1 of ?

Kelli McCarty

Small sample below.








Notes and collages

finishing off ...



Nathalie Leon

Raquel Welch

Marilu Tolo









Carol Connors, mother of Thora Birch, in her famous role in Deep Throat. Sidebar: here is the trailer for Thora's new film, The Winter of Frozen Dreams. The original reports said that there were graphic sex scenes between the bald guy and Thora. Others have denied it.

Claudia Celedon in La Perra

Andrea Thompson in Nightmare Weekend.

(For a much better look at Andrea, see the film clip section below.)


Film Clips


I have never seen a film clip of this before: Andrea Thompson, former CNN anchor, in Hot Splash.


Shauna O'Brien in Bare Naked Survivors. Samples below.


Monica Bellucci in The Man Who Loves. This came out in Russia on DVD last week. I don't believe it ever had a theatrical release. Whatever. It has Monica topless. What more do we need? Sample right.
Cristiana Capotondi in Come tu mi vuoi. We have had this before, but without the sample to the right.