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s2e3 of Black Sails featured some monumental cable nudity:

a lesbian scene with Jessica Parker Kennedy (nude, but only breasts exposed) and Clara Paget (covered)

Clara Paget stripping naked (T&A), followed by Jessica Parker Kennedy again, this time exposing everything



a passionate sex scene with Hannah New (topless), followed by a brief flash from an unidentified topless hooker




Clara Paget is a great looking woman when she's not all grimed up for this role. (Link goes to IMDb gallery)

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The Baby of Macon


This movie covered three days.

Friday: all of the stills and the first film clip of Julia Ormond.

Saturday: the second set of clips.

  Today: the third and final set of Julia Ormond footage


La Gueule Ouverte


Although not the best source material I loved piecing together the collage of Nathalie Baye from a 40-year-old movie.  Nathalie stayed gorgeous for decades after this performance but it was a pleasure to see her in her youth. 

"Danger 5"


Tia Azara in the gonzo Aussie series


Romaine Par Moins 30

(le movie; 2009; aka Romaine 30° Below)

Maxim Roy: topless then awkward lesbian air kiss with Sandrine Kiberlain.

Sandrine Kiberlain: partial nude while Maxim Roy ogles her body, then bra and panties

Christine Beaulieu: fully clothed sex while wearing sweater.

"Lance et Compte"

 (le tv series, la saison eight)

Lise Martin: very nice topless in several sex scenes.

le s8e3


"Mémoires Vives"

(le tv series, le s3e16)

Catherine Renaud & Dominique Quesnel: stripped down to their brassieres rubbing their tits together, from which I now understand how lesbians have sex with each other.

"Unité 9"

 (le tv series, le s3e16)

Eve Landry mounts Catherine-Anne Toupin with some sort of strap-on dildo but nothing is shown.

  Myriam Côté: very sexy.


la french speaking series (le s3e02)

Original Radio-Canada series.

  Magalie Lépine Blondeau: le nue.


le english speaking series (s2e03)

English version series on Bravo.

  Laurence Leboeuf: nice cleavage.

Rehearsing Shakespeare

 (2009, short)
Kathleen Phillips is currently the female arch-nemesis Miss Terdie in the Mr. D tv series on CBC.
  Kathleen Phillips: downblouse.

"Strange Empire"

(tv series, episode "The Dark Riders," s1e13, season finale)

  Cara Gee: side boob getting plowed by Tahmoh Penikett.

"Shitt's Creek"

episode: "The Cabin" (s1e05)

CBC already renewed this for season two even before the first episode aired.

  Annie Murphy: granny panties.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "A Simple Plan" (tv series, s3e16)

  Aniela Kurylo: sexy.



  Amanda Thomson: swimming in bra and panties which get clingy afterwards

"Dragon's Den"

(reality series, s9e12)

  Talia Russo: the omnipresent Toronto Sunshine Girl is sexy.

Son of a Gun


Johnny's comments:

Son of a Gun is an Australian thriller mostly set in Western Australia where JR (Brenton Thwaites) is about to begin a 6 month sentence in jail. He attempts to befriend notorious prisoner Brendan (Ewan McGregor), but Brendan is having none of that until a threat is made to JR from another prisoner. Brendan gets his two buddies Sterlo (Matt Nable) and Merv (Eddie Baroo) to finish the threat and JR is allowed to join the group. After his release, JR puts together Brendan's plan to help the group escape from prison. After Brendan gets rid of Merv for an indiscretion, he, JR and Sterlo head to Sam's (Jacek Koman) place to lay low and set up their next heist. JR meets Tasha (Alicia Vikander), a young woman who seems to have run of the house and they fall for each despite warnings from Brendan. The gang are joined by getaway driver Chris (Nash Edgerton) and Sam's idiot son Josh (Tom Budge) on the heist of 6 gold bars, which goes well until it becomes clear that Sam set them up. Brendan wants what's his and with the help of JR, who now has Tasha tagging along, they come to Melbourne to steal back the gold for themselves. But, there is a neverending number of people that want it for themselves.

Familiar, but not bad little heist thriller made better by a pretty good performance from Ewan McGregor. The movie suffers from far too many twists including a final twist which stretches credibility and much is made of JR's inability to swim, a lazy plot device you just know that was going to feature in the ending. But, the movie moves along well and is a pretty easy watch.

Alicia Vikander 1080hd film clips (collages below)

TV and Film Clips

  Amanda Bathgate and Monique Taylor in Soul Mates (s1e4) in 720p


Taylor (same scene)

Marina Abramovic in The New Yorker Presents (s1e1) in 720p


Olivia Munn cleavage in a Latin American edition of Esquire

classic Jessica Alba in a revealing bikini

a new shoot featuring Cailin Russo

vintage Claudia Schiffer, from young


to mature