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Southland Tales


Bai Ling


Sin, A Story of Passion


Olga Ponizova


Going back a bit with this week's submission - back to the 50s and 60s. There a few nudist films in this lot. Pubic hair was not able to be shown so you can see a number of ingenious methods used to hide it.

3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt

Some nice nudity in 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964) when Mamie Van Doren shows a bit of breast and bum.

Beatlettes Go Nudist

Beatlettes Go Nudist is part of the 'movie' Lullaby of Bareland (1964).
It's a nudist film with plenty of breasts and bum by Delores Carlos,

and many not identified.

It is amazing how those with bikini bottoms face the camera and those without are facing away.

Mother's Magic

Mother's Magic (1960s) is just a short movie and shows a stripper taking it off in a cave.

The Naked Venus

The Naked Venus (1959) is another nudist film with lots of naked women hiding their bush.

Two identified women are Doris Shriver

and Patricia Conelle

Conelle in the special features

And there are lots not identified.

Unidentified in the special features

Strip Tease Queen

Natasha does a partial strip tease in Strip Tease Queen (1960s)

They Wear No Clothes

There is no real point to They Wear No Clothes (1956) with there being lots of topless women.



Something new from an Australian film.

Mental is a comedy about the Moochmore family, who are about to have a crisis. Shirley Moochmore (Rebecca Gibney), the matriarch obsessed with the Sound of Music, is having a nervous breakdown. Her rarely seen husband, local mayor Barry (Anthony LaPaglia), takes her to Woolongong, aka a mental institution, but now he has a problem and it's a big one. He has 5 troublesome daughters and they need looking after and he sure as hell doesn't want to do it. So, he finds a drifter on the side of the road and gives her the job. Shaz (Toni Collette) and her loyal dog tackle the problem head on and attempt to get the girls to take back control. Except for one thing; Shaz isn't exactly, well, sane. Meanwhile, eldest daughter Coral (Lily Sullivan) has a new job as a helper in a shark exhibit run by weirdo Trevor (Liev Schreiber), who seems to know Shaz very well. Oh and Coral has fallen for lifeguard Trout (Sam Clark). So, can Shaz save the Moochmore family from itself.

Hmmm... from the director of Muriel's Wedding, Mental has more than a little in common than Welcome To Woop Woop, not in the least that both use songs from classical musicals in both movies. Plenty of Sound of Music songs in this film. But also, the Aussieness of both films is amped up to 100 and that's the first problem, what is it about Australian films that need to be that exaggerated? I have no problem with over-the-top gross out films, but Mental has some utterly embarrassing moments that almost kill the film. It's not all bad, there are laughs but for the most part it's just... I dunno...

Love Sophie Lee briefly turning up, it's been a while. And the nice surprise of Lily Sullivan getting naked.

Lily Sullivan

Toni Collette (non-nude, but side-bum)

Film Clips

Lysette Anthony in Save Me (1994). Nice to see this in 720p. For years we had nothing but VHS caps from this flick, which has some pretty sweet nudity.


Model Johanna Lundback

Mercedes Brito in Cartel War (2012)

Sandra Carolina, also in Cartel War

Madeline Merritt in The Guest House (2012)

Ruth Reynolds, also in The Guest House

A few more collages of Nadine Velazquez in Flight (2012)

Cindy Beal in My Chauffeur (1986)

Jeannine Bisignano, also in My Chauffeur

Leslee Bremmer, also in My Chauffeur

Sheila Lussier, also in My Chauffeur