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A change. Tuna is now our colleague on the page, and will be a regular daily contributor to the member's edition. Every day (or almost every day), the members' edition will feature additional material from Tuna, with nudity.

Tuna's contributions to this page today are non-nudes: (1) "The Jewel of the Nile", the sequel to "Romancing the Stone"

Turner (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

Blinky has Agatha Relota and Ninja Sarasalo. Is "Enter the Ninja" about her? If so, I might have to rent it.

Relota (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) Sarasalo (#1, #2)

Hi dear Uncle !

In this contribution six women are going to show us more than we usually get to see.

First there is Tori Spelling in the paparazzi pics from Novella 2000. As promised I've made a collage of those pics. Since she seemed in high demand on the message board, it's time for a second treat, don't you think ? After all the alterations her body doesn't look bad, but now she's waiting until some doctor develops a head reduction technique.

Secondly there is German actress Marita Marschall in Lust auf Liebe. At the local Shell gas station she bumps with her car into a man's scooter. Since he was inside paying, nobody got hurt and they decide to put his damaged scooter in the back of her car because he has to be in court in 10 minutes and she will take him there. When she says "you're probably so desperate to get in court on time because otherwise you're going to miss your appointment with your parole officer", he answers : "Something like that, I'm the judge". One thing leads to an other and they end up in bed. Something like that never happened to me in a gas station. Scoop, to you maybe, you're the expert on gas stations ?

Then I've got German actress Nina Hoss, a rising star in Germany according to the TV guide. She plays the role of hostage Nicola Fleuchaus in the film "Die Geiseln von Costa Rica" ( the hostages of Costa Rica ). In the collage she paints her body in traditional Indian colors and offers herself to her abductor ! This film is based on a true story. This is what really happened : on January 1st, 1996 the "Comando Viviana Gallardo" kidnaps the German tourist Nicola Fleuchaus and the Swiss tour guide Regula Siegfried from a resort in the north of Costa Rica. After 71 days and a ransom of $ 200,000 the women were released. A photo which shows Nicola and abductor Julio Vega kissing, causes wild speculations. Vega is sentenced to 30 years in prison and Nicola never saw him again. The Stockholm syndrome ? The film was shot in Mexico and I saw a lot of jungle and waterfalls, but no nude Laetitia Casta nor an equally naked famous internet celeb webmaster :-)

Time now for Bettina Kurth in "Mit verbunden Augen", a film about an ice-skater who doesn't like her rival and tries to get rid of her. Sounds familiar, doesn't it and not much to see either.

On the message board last week a couple of guys asked me to bring more Flemish actresses ( there are some more in the Encyclopedia and the back issues ). So here is Mireille Leveque from the new series Spoed. She sitting pretty in the tub and shows a nipple. Rather tame but better than nothing I guess. I'll try to include more Flemish nudity, but it isn't simple. There's not much going on in that department lately. Flemish girls don't shed their clothes very easily ; they still think they'll lose their place in heaven if they do so. You know they told children in Flanders that if they didn't behave, they couldn't go to heaven where you get to eat rice pudding with golden spoons all day ! No naked girls, no Fun House and each and every day rice pudding, if that's heaven then what is hell ?

Finally there are still two non-celeb German girls who might be worth a look. I saw it on Blitz, that program on German TV I started watching since I found that nude collage of its presenter Caroline Beil. Britta Benkendorff is a German student who isn't happy with her small breasts and decides to have them enlarged in the Czech Republic where such an operation only costs half of the price it would cost in Germany. You can compare before and after, and those bruises are normal ; they filmed only a couple of days after the operation. To end this contribution there is still Jasmin Bergmann who works as a hired help for a lawyer. She was fed up with her pear shaped bottom and had it altered into pretty apple shaped one. No, the doctor is not Italy's Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema. And I don't think the lawyer-employer has something to complain about.

Yesterday: Here's Jo, 21, from Leicestershire. (#1, #2, #3, #4)

Gold is Nike Clarke, from 27 May, 1982.

Requested is Gail Thackray (#1, #2)

+ Ever wonder what the Playboy, Page Three, and other softcore models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. Fred has no pics today because of an e-mail quirk, but has a few comments:

"Actually, if someone is looking for the full set of the Mason Marconi (Penthouse Pet), Dyanna Lauren( Porn Star) & Lauren Taylor (Porn Star) pics posted by El Kabong they needn't just look for that 96/03 copy of Fox magazine. I can also be found in Club 94/10 and Club 94/12 as well as Oui 96/01. By now most folks know that Mason was Amber Erickson in her Playboy Appearances.

For those who want to see more of J.R. Carrington, well, you just missed her. She did her tour as resident Porn Star Hooker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada from January 27 through February 6, 2000. It's sorta expensive. Reportedly rates for Sunset Thomas and Terri Weigel start at $800, so from that you can extrapolate the rates for Ms Carrington. Next up at the Bunny Ranch; Mila and the infamous Kathy Willetts. I thought I'd send along the link so you could keep the public informed when Senor Kabong posts a Bunny Rancher. Here's the link.

So far over 60 reasonably well known Strippers and Porn Stars have done one or more tours at the Bunny Ranch since 1998. Teri Weigel is reported to have made over $200,000 in one two week tour. Terri's career seems to have gone full cycle, from the Bunny Magazine to the Bunny Ranch."

  • Nancy Travis, "Internal Affairs". Non-nude
  • Joan Chen Great see-throughs and she looks great, but Blackshine didn't identify the movie. Somebody tell me.

  • Pitters Scoop - many requests for Helen Baxendale in Crossing the Floor. No collage, but some small raw caps. Sort of a do-it- yourself collage kit.

    Scoop's note: The nudity appears in 6 through 12. Unfortunately, her face is not clearly seen in those frames. #1 is an upskirt, and quite a delicious one.

    (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15)

  • Flame, from Sizzler, Vol 3 (#1, #2)
  • Barbie Dohl, again, from a 1987 issue of "Genesis" (#1, #2, #3)
  • Tammie Tail in Risque, Vol 2, No 2 (#1, #2, #3)
  • one more of Tara Monroe in Sizzler

  • Unique 1 Hi, scoop. I'm just finishing up Debra Beatty and Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000". The Y2K bug infected all the cast and crew of the now tragically lost Oscar-caliber Caged Heat 2000. They have recovered and are now working on an 18th century period piece.

    Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Lisa Boyle in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Debra Beatty in "Caged Heat 3000" Fawna McLaren in "Lover's Leap" Fawna McLaren in "Lover's Leap" Fawna McLaren in "Lover's Leap" Fawna McLaren in "Lover's Leap" Sarah Kaite Coughlan in "Witchboard 2" Sarah Kaite Coughlan in "Witchboard 2" Sarah Kaite Coughlan in "Witchboard 2"


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    a "The Real Blonde", from Tuna

    These are Tuna's comments:

    The Real Blonde is a romantic comedy set in New York City, and concerns people in modeling and acting. The critics didn't much like it, probably because it does not have much action. It is more a study of characters. Some of the characters are not very likeable, such as a shallow actor, and his equally shallow girlfriend. There are some very funny (if understated) moments, such as when a therapist hits on his female patient, the model's favorite perfume is "Depression, more than a fragrance -- a way of life," and a scene where a Spanish "hunk" who is modeling with the model becomes mortified because he has "never passed the gas in front of a woman before."

    I have produced 37 images of the pretty much unknown cast: Kathleen Turner (non-nude) (#1, #2) Elizabeth Berkeley (non-nude) (#1, #2, #3, #4) Marlo Thomas (non-nude, thank heaven) (#1) Daryl Hannah (Side of breast in 6 and 7, pokey in 8) (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10) Catherine Keener (Breasts in 7 and 8, and pokeys or panties in the others) (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9) Bridgette WIlson (breasts in 2 and 3, and partial breast in 10) (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10)

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  • humor or something: Stallone and Schiffer.
  • Scanman collage from Stone Cold's Jessica Biel collages
  • More associate press wirephotos edited by Nexus. Paltrow Downblouse
  • More associate press wirephotos edited by Nexus. Paltrow Downblouse
  • Landon Hall in "Sweetheart Murders"
  • Landon Hall in "Sweetheart Murders"
  • Landon Hall in "Sweetheart Murders"
  • Landon Hall in "Sweetheart Murders"
  • Isolde Barth in "Exit ... nur keine Panik"
  • Isolde Barth in "Exit ... nur keine Panik"
  • Julia Brendler in "Tatort"
  • Anica Dobra in "Spieler"
  • Enie van de Meiklokjes in "Liebe Suende"
  • Annette Uhlen in "The century's most beautiful love story"
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