TV Recap

The February 6th episode of Naked News featured these two segments:

An audition from Iris, who will obviously not get a gig.

The Hollywood Xposed segment was hosted by Natasha Olenski this week.

The new German show Schuld nach Ferdinand von Schirach (2015) has not even aired yet, but several of the episodes have already been leaked to the internet. The following three women appeared in three different episodes.

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The Baby of Macon


This movie will take three days to cover. Yesterday: all of the stills and the first film clip of Julia Ormond

Today: the second set of Julia Ormond footage


They Live


Scoop's note: Roddy Piper's classic line is in this John Carpenter film:

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum."

Brainscan's comments:

Oddest damn topless performance ever was that of Cibby Danyla in They Live.  The movie goes on for hours with all sorts of silliness but they get to the end, the very end, the last 13 seconds of the whole thing and someone must have said, "Wait, not a single gal got nekkid yet" and so they stuck Cibby on top of an alien and the director said, "Action" and the movie ends.

Cibby Danyla film clip (collage below)




Diane Lane collages

Dark City


Melissa George collages

TV and Film Clips

Anna Prochniak and Zofia Wichlacz in Miasto 44 (2014) in 1080hd

Laurence Ashley-Taboulet in Unleashed (2005) in 720p

Michelle Thrush in Dead Man (1995) in 720p

Jolina Mitchell-Collins in Heated Vengeance (1985)

Julie Christie in Don't Look Now (1973) in 1080hd


Kim Kardashian stark naked

Classic topless paparazzi of Elizabeth Hurley

WWE diva Kelly Kelly, aka Barbara Blank

Sharon Stone in Fading Gigolo