TV Recap

Well, not TV exactly. Amazon, like Netflix, is producing its own content, or at least trying to. Their opening move is to produce five pilots, the fate of which will be determined by viewership. Or something.

If it were my decision, I would produce two episodes of each prospective show rather than one. The ratings of the first one would show how many people are interested in the idea. The drop-off (or increase) from the first to the second would reflect customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth.

Anyway, two of the new shows had nudity in the pilot. In The After, Arielle Kebbel (and possibly a body double in the scene before she goes in the water - the hips and breasts seem bigger than Arielle's) stripped down for a skinny dip. Clear buns and quick glances at boobs.

There was a lot on nudity in Transparent, but we don't have all the film clips yet. We do have some still captures:

Gaby Hoffmann did full frontal and rear nudity. Gaby seems to be the current go-to lady for bush.

Alison Sudol (singer A Fine Frenzy) bared her breasts

Amy Landecker flashed her bum

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"Magic City"

Season Two, 1920x1080

Episode 3

Jessica Marais

TV/Film Clips

Leticia Colin in Bonitinha Mas Ordinaria (2013)

Kaylee DeFer in Darkroom (2013) in 1080hd

Sledge 007 really got into some old 1980s episodes of Polizeiruf 110

Heike Schroetter (1982)

Christine Weickardt (1981)

The image summary also includes the twosome below

Christine Schorn and Yvonne Voss (1981; see above)

Ruth Reinecke (1981)

Birgit Linke (1980)