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Dracula's Widow


A "Babe in Bondage"' day.

Candice Sims is stretched out topless on the rack in "Dracula's Widow." Be warned: the final cap is very bloody. Caps and a clip.

Scoop's note: Dracula left a widow? Well, I am glad to see that Dracula respected the sanctity of marriage. He was kind of a traditional, conservative, old-fashioned kind of hell-spawned demon, as evidenced by the tuxedo. This film, which stars Sylvia Kristel, was written and directed by Christopher Coppola, Nic Cage's brother. He was 26 at the time, and this was his first feature film, which is rated 3.7 at IMDb.

His IMDb ratings have gone up since, but not much:

  1. (4.51) - G-Men from Hell (2000)
  2. (4.38) - Palmer's Pick Up (1999)
  3. (4.07) - The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (2004)
  4. (3.96) - Gunfighter (1999)
  5. (3.83) - Deadfall (1993)
  6. (3.65) - Dracula's Widow (1988)
  7. (3.36) - Clockmaker (1998)



TV Land

Over in TV Land Blake Lively hosts "Saturday Night Live" in an ultra mini short dress along with some nice cleavage. Caps with a HD clip.







In the Realm of the Senses


An all-time classic of erotica, now in HD.

Part 4 of 5

Eiko Matsuda film clip. Sample below




This is the second and final part of this Aussie soap from the 90s.

Episode 112 White Cargo

Cathy Purling - topless

Kim Donnell - topless

Rebecca McKenzie - topless

Episode 113 The Beast Within

Amanda Mitchell - underwear

Karen Richards - topless

Katherine Li - butt and side-boobage

Lisa Orrico - underwear

Episode 114 Utangi

Cathy Purling - nice

Karen Richards - backside

Katherine Li - topless

Unknown - sexy

Episode 116 Contained

Danielle Fairclough - underwear

Kate Langbroek - topless

Episode 117 What Rough Beast

Danielle Fairclough - underwear

Kym Carter - underwear

Episode 120 Cowboy Lover

Katherine Li - topless

Kimberly Harrison & Danielle Gray -

Linda Ross - upskirt

Episode 121 Blood Lines

Karen Richards - pokies

Katherine Li - topless

Liza Mare Syron - underwear

Episode 122 Blood Lust

Danielle Fairclough - cleavage

Katherine Li - cleavage

Liza Mare Syron - cleavage

Episode 124 Fangs for the Mammaries

Danielle Fairclough - cleavage

Katherine Li - cleavage

Episode 126 Valkeries Last Ride

Danielle Fairclough - underwear

Episode 127 It's Now or Never

Katherine Li - sexy

Patsy Stephen - sexy



National Lampoon's Ratko: The Dictator's Son


This movie was shown on the Comedy Network heavily bleeped and no nudity. However, there is nudity on an unrated DVD but that's only available in Australia. This has premise similar to Borat but the comedy misfired when Ratko was made a Hispanic stereotype instead of an Eastern European one.

Elisa King: topless as sorority girl.

Angela Fong: topless as sorority girl.

Lucia Oskerova & Ildiko Ferenczi: topless as Ratko's brides.

maids (left to right: porn stars Olivia O'Lovely, Lucious Lopez, Rucca Page) show boobs and buns.

sorority girls: Emma Lahana (blue bra), Christine Danielle (blue towel), Adrienne Carter (Delta-Sigma-Sigma, i.e. ASS shirt).

bikini girls: Amy Esterle (zebra bikini) & Marika Taylor (leopard spot bikini).

thong girls: Alexandra Hansen (blonde) & Stephanni Wolfe (brunette).

wedding guests: Lesley Zegers (redhead) and Michelle Bailey (brunette) nude as strippers.

Katerina Bowden: a laughable bra and panties.

porn inserts: some of these going back to grandpa's time.

Poison Ivy: The Secret Society

(2008; TV)

What should have been a softcore sequel to the series was initially shown heavily edited on the Lifetime network. Why they wanted first broadcast rights is puzzling.

Miriam McDonald: side boob in a grainy video was the extent of nudity before the unrated DVD was released a year later.


le saison 4, le episode 5

No (female) nudity in this episode but one of the male characters got kicked out a massage parlor buck naked and spent most of the episode in the buff.

Sophie Bourgeois: has a lot of sex but no nudity.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Hit and Rum"

While the series is shot in Newfoundland it appears this opening scene was shot in a Toronto peeler bar.

Jessica Rimmer: very sexy as stripper/lapdancer

stripper: sexy but uncredited

"Death Comes to Town"

episode: "Big City Smackdown"

Another bar babe from last week's episodes has been identified.

Inessa Frantowski: cleavage.

"Cra$h & Burn"

episode: "Bond Blame Baptize"

Catherine Burdon: bikini and Miss Godiva outfit in blooper reel.

"Blue Mountain State"

episode: "There Is Only One Second Best"

Despite the many strippers and cheerleaders in the Spike series shot in Montreal there appears to be no (female) nudity.

Moshanne Halbert: pink brassiere

Other stuff

Julie Menard: C.A. babe full frontal in "Far Away and Blue" (2001)

Vicki Ng Wan: former Miss China Montreal sexy in C.A. episode.

Holly Gauhter-Frankel: voice actress topless as burlesque stripper Miss Sugarpuss.

Emma Lahana: sexy in the very last Guard episode.




Lara Stone very naked in Love magazine


Jennifer Aniston, not naked, but looking great in a bikini

Film Clips