Munich (2005):

Munich is a very serious movie which requires a great deal of thought and consideration, so I can't write about it in this context.

The stills below will give you the impression that the scene is sort of sexy, which it most certainly is not. Watch the film clip (zipped .wmv, 16 meg but worth it), which demonstrates how brilliantly the scene is realized, and how much advance thought went into it.

Marie-Josee Croze




Some other film clips (not mine):




There are about fifty new individual volumes in section B of the Encyclopedia, thus adding about 550 new images.





Jennifer Coolidge of "American Pie" and "Joey" fame attended a couple of movie premieres in 2003, including the one for "Legally Blonde 2," wearing very sheer black tops that left little if anything to the imagination. If anyone has quality examples of these, please post them.




In "Forbidden Games" (Tuna's section, Monday edition), that's not Ashley Rhey.  That's Aleksandra Kaniak. 



Other Crap:

200 pound pussy missing
  • Police seek warrant to search Roseanne Barr's house

New event at the Winter Olympics: Norwegian moose surfing.

  • There are, one must admit, severe repercussions to global warming, but the planet-strangling heat also has its positive side. Soon there will be no more Winter Olympics.
  • I'm really gonna miss that thing where they ski for a while, then stop to bag some elk, then ski some more, then stop to write a saga about Odin, then ski some more. How do they score that thing? Does grammar count in the saga portion? "Sorry, Bjørn, you were the fastest skier, but you had the wrong angle on those lines through your "ø's"

The musical collaboration we've been waiting for. Forget Brecht and Weill. Forget Lennon and McCartney Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul 2 - together at last

The Fantastic Four will battle Silver Surfer and his planet-eating master Galactus.

  • That was probably the greatest continuing FF story ever, but it could be ruined if they decide to make it too light-weight and jokey. I'm not sure they can get the right tone with the existing cast, particularly given the example of the first film.
  • I wrote in my review of FF that they should have just skipped the origin and gone directly to the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Be careful what you wish for. Now I guess they will give me a chance to prove what a complete idiot I am.
  • Who could play the introspective, haunted Silver Surfer? That's a tough one. It needs someone with a Shakespearian eloquence for long monologues who can convert a sinister presence to sensitivity. Ralph Fiennes comes to mind, but I don't think this kind of movie is his cup of tea, and I can't envision him spending an entire film wrapped in tinfoil.

The history of Sexual or Erotic Films, as catalogued by filmsite.org

Rochester Insider presents 40 Obscure Facts about Rochester, New York's favorite son, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  • As a fellow native Rochesterian, I tip my hat to Hoffman for managing to remove most traces of the dreaded Rochester accent. Other actors to come from Rochester, like John Lithgow and Robert Forster, can't hide their broad vowels. I've been gone for thirty years and still catch myself pronouncing "loft" as if it began with the "la" sound in "tra-la-la."
  • Here's to ya, Phil. I'll eat a "white hot" and drink a "botla pop" in your name
  • (When you ask for a hot dog in Rochester, they ask "red or white?" God knows why.)

Samuel L. Jackson in "Afro Samurai"

The trailer and Super Bowl spot for Mission:Impossible III

  • The web page identifies it as Mission:Impossible III - Starring Tom Cruise, presumably to keep you from confusing it with the competing version, Shakespeare's Mission:Impossible III, which stars Danny Bonaduce

Newsweek's long article about the Titan of Truthiness, Stephen Colbert

The trailer for Gen, an indie horror film from Turkey

  • "In 'Gen,' a newly appointed doctor witnesses a series of murders in a hospital which no one can reach due to heavy snow. Everybody is suspicious of each other and searching for the killer. In three days the hospital, which has been quiet and peaceful over the years, faces a terror that turns nightmares into reality."

An estimated 90.7 million people watched the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks Sunday

  • 57% of all TVs in Pittsburgh were tuned in. That's not 57% of the ones on, but 57% of all of them, including the ones off.
  • I wonder that the percentage was in Austin during the Rose Bowl.

George Clooney does impressions of Groucho Marx with his penis.

  • Clooney and I should so hang out. My penis does a great impersonation of George Fenneman.

Bid to smuggle out cockle spat foiled

  • Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Malaysia has been developing a critical cockle spat shortage

This is a real headline: "Karate experts hired to control marauding parrots in New Zealand"

  • No more parrot poop on my classic T-Bird? Thank you, Chuck Norris.

When hip-hop guys have a video shoot, they take the "shoot" part very seriously.

Mitch Hedberg Video Gallery!

  • The strange, nervous comic died last year, still in his 30s.

Will Virginia Madsen be the new Indiana Jones babe?

  • We've been praising Virginia since the beginning of time, so it's nice to see the world finally coming around. It's amazing that it's taken her twenty years to become a real star.

A nice collection of comedy videos from Milk and Cookies

Reese Witherspoon Early Favorite to Win Most Annoying Celebrity Award

White House Staff Hit Hard By Human-Animal Hybrid Ban

Every Super Bowl XL Commercial, hosted on Google Video

Clerks II: Growth and gross-outs

CAA DROPS JESUS AS CLIENT ... Cancellation of Book of Daniel leaves the Messiah without representation

AUTO DEATHS UP 85% IN LOS ANGELES FOLLOWING SUCCESS OF CRASH ...Angelenos intentionally crashing into each other in hopes of connection, racial reconciliation

"BUSH CALLS SUPER BOWL A VICTORY IN WAR ON TERROR ... Claims Link Between Seattle QB and al-Qaeda"

This seems to be a complete collection of SuperBowl Commercials

Various sexual records

Sexual Averages - the average size of everything

MovieJuice! turns a jaded eye to When a Stranger Calls

Former Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione has lost his fabled New York mansion for defaulting on a $25 million loan.

Jennifer Aniston has told why she split up from Brad Pitt - they were too fuckin' HAPPY.

According to this source: The footage cut from Basic Instinct 2 was an orgy scene.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Eros (2004)

Eros (2004) is a trilogy of supposedly erotic shorts by three directors, Wong Car Wai, Stephan Soderberg and Michelangelo Antonioni.


The Hand (Wong Car Wai)

A young tailor, Chang Chen, is summoned to the apartments of a famous courtesan, Gong Li. She orders him to remove his pants, then fondels him, telling hi that he will never forget her, and will make beautiful clothes for her. Her approach works, and he is devoted to her, making all of her gowns. When she begins to run out of looks, and therefor customers and money, he sticks with her, even to her end, after sinking to the level of street whore. There is no nudity at all, every scene is in near darkness, and I saw little of interest, erotic or not. It is an interesting take on unrequited love, but not one that I found at all entertaining. I would keep the fast forward handy for this segment.



Equilibrium (Stephan Soderberg)

We see what we learn is a dream of a woman (Ele Keats) taking a bath and putting on her make-up nude. We only see Breasts and bush. Cut to black and white. An ad executive is in a shrink's office, obsessing over his inability to come up with a sales campaign for alarm clocks, and also over a toupee a co-working is wearing, and his dream of the woman. The shrink convinces him to lay down on the couch and close his eyes, then peers out the office window and sails paper airplanes out the window while he talks to him. Nonetheless, the shrink manages to help him. The surprise ending reveals the identity of the woman in the dream.

Ele Keats shows breasts and bush in the dream sequence.


Ele Keats

I also failed to see the eroticism here, and, while Robert Downey Jr as the patient, and Alan Arkin as the shrink gave good performances, I did not see the point. Again, this segment, for me, was a waste of time.



The Dangerous Thread of Things (Michelangelo Antonioni)

As this film opens, Regina Nemni is laying topless in front of a villa. A man comes out, and it is clear this is the end of an affair. She puts on a transparent top, and the two do some sightseeing, finally breaking up standing on a pier. Cut to the man outside a neighboring villa, and Luisa Ranieri inviting him in. She shows him the roof, and then goes back in, strips to her panties, masturbates, and then he comes back inside and the two have sex.

The man leaves for Paris, paving the way for an amazing third act. We see Luisa Ranieri, completely nude, dancing on the edge of the surf at length, then laying down on a blanket. Then we see Regina Nemni Do exactly the same thing. As the film ends, Nemni finds Ranieri, and the two stare a teach other.

Both women do extended full frontal and rear nudity in bright sunlight.

Luisa Ranieri

Regina Nemni

The imagery is beautiful here, clearly showing a master's touch. I am sure those who are fond of finding the symbolism within art will find fertile ground here, with the two women being an alpha and an omega with the man connecting the two, and then the beginning and the end meeting. In fact, I should probably suggest this film to my old English teachers, as they thrive on the discovery of symbolism. I don't know from symbolism, but I do recognize eye candy, and this film makes the entire DVD with the time just for the eye candy alone. I can't imagine a better visual treat than seeing a completely nude woman dancing along the surf line in broad daylight, and this film has two of them. Further, the scenics in the first half of the film are also wonderful. In terms of plot and pace, this is not much better than the first two, but makes up for it in visual appeal.


IMDb readers have this at 5.9. It had a short US theatrical release last April, earning nearly nothing. Ebert awarded three stars, but despised the Antonioni sequence for precisely the reasons I enjoyed it, and loved the Wong Car Wai film because he found it so erotic. I will call the genre foreign erotica, and give this one a C.




Let's take a look at another "Really, cheap, trashy movie".

We have Holly Hollywood (Stacey Leigh Mobley) in "Legal Seduction". Holly reveals all as she has whipped cream squirted on her naked body before settling down to some serious lovemaking.





Some clips (zipped divx .avi) of former Hefmate Mercy Rooney (nee Montello) in Space Things ...

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)




We start the new week with Fun House regular Laura Antonelli, the drop-dead gorgeous all-natural 1970's actress with an exuberant volume in the Encyclopedia. The occasion is the Italian movie Il merlo maschio (1971; aka. Secret Fantasy). Il merlo maschio literally translate as The Male Blackbird, but according to my dictionary merlo also means both smart ass and sucker.

The story, for as much as there is one, deals with an average musician in an orchestra who is not really popular among his colleagues. When he finds out that they are more interested in his wife he starts taking nude pictures of her that accidentally fall into the hands of his band members. Now they do find him interesting and start to show some respect...That's about it.

As announced yesterday we'll be viewing the final batch of 8 clips featuring Laura Antonelli in Il Merlo Maschio. We have her naked in several situations, all more musical than yesterday, including in bed being used as an instrument, at the doctor's, in a train while on nude display for the workmen...This finally leads to the grand finale in the last clip, when hubby seems to go mad. Given the fact that she is out of her clothes so often, it looks like a small miracle to me that Laura managed to hide bush all the time.

(9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)





The Last Marshall (1999) is a mediocre cop drama with plenty of shoot-ups and blood.

Some nice nudity by Natalie McCullough, who plays a stripper,

and there are some unidentified strippers.

There are a few sexy caps of Lisa Boyle, who is given a name in the credits but is not named in the film.

Constance Marie is very wet but nothing  is visible.

There's no visible nudity in Never Die alone (2004), although Jennifer Sky

and Reagon Gomez-Preston do become naked.


Amanda Peet takes her top off in The Whole Ten Yards (2004) but she is facing the other way. We're left with some sexy caps.


666 - in Bed with the Devil (2002) is a German comedy that was  actually amusing. No nudity, just lots of underwear, pokies and cleavage by

Claudia Schiffer

Verona Feldbusch

Mariella Ahrens

Patricia Lueger

Sonsee Ahray Floetmann

Sandra Selig and Dobrawa  Czartolinksi.

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (1967) is a Brazilian horror film, with plenty of bodies and boobs. Identifying the actresses was difficult as they weren't listed with their character names. So, with  my best efforts, the topless and see-through ladies were

Tina Wohlers

Nadia Freitas

Esmeralda Ruchel

Arlette Brazolin

Lya Laguette

and Nina Monte

and various unidentifiables

Helene Joy is topless in Desolation Sound (2005).

In Predator 2 (1990), which is nowhere as good as the original, we see a completely naked Teri Weigel.


No nudity in the idiotic Bio-Dome (1996), but some lovely pokies by Joey Adams

 and Dara Tomanovich.



Some delightful cleavage by Valerie Perrine in Superman (1976).


Some lovely nudity in Bad Company (1995).

A brief crotch-flash by Ellen Barkin

Michelle Beaudoin is topless

and there are some sexy caps of Gia Caridis.






The ubiquitous Paris Hilton at the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pat's comments in yellow...

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow announced that they have called off their engagement. Ironically, Crow recently complained that it was hard to be a celebrity couple because tabloids are rooting for you to break up, and they were always disappointed every time Crow denied a rumor that they'd split.

*  If tabloid editors root for celebrity couples to split up, they must be deliriously happy all the time.

*  She may be lying about breaking up just so she can take it back and dash their hopes.

*  It's not that Sheryl doesn't love Lance, but it turned out he really IS the world's fastest man...And like the French, she got tired of him always finishing first.

* But she had a ball before she left.