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Stir of Echoes


Scoop's notes: A spooky story which came out just a month after The Sixth Sense, and explored many of the same ideas. It seemed like a "me, too" film at the time and was a box office mediocrity. In its opening weekend it was actually competing against The Sixth Sense, which was in its sixth week and still kicking ass. (TSS was an absolute phenomenon, and had no drop from weekend 1 to weekend 5!) The Sixth Sense took in $16 million that weekend. Stir of Echoes seemed like an afterthought, and grossed $5 million. After all, how many movies do you want to see in one month if they're all about precocious kids who can see dead people?

But here's the worst part. That same weekend, yet another supernatural story, Stigmata, also opened and took away the #1 spot which The Sixth Sense had held for five weeks. Stir of Echoes was thus fighting against two giants for its share of the supernatural thriller market, which is limited to begin with. Unfortunate timing.

Over time, the film has developed a loyal following and it is rated a most acceptable 7.0 at IMDb (below Sixth Sense, but well above Stigmata). I've often wondered how it would have fared if it had come out before The Sixth Sense and how, in turn, The Sixth Sense would have performed if it had been the one which had seemed like the copycat. I reckon The Sixth Sense still would have been a big hit, but probably not to the tune of $300m. Stir of Echoes may not have been a hit, but I'll bet it would have done far better than its eventual total of $21m.

Kathryn Erbe ("Law and Order") did some pretty good nudity, seen here in glorious 1920x1080 resolution. Collages follow below.







The Net


Sarah Doolan shows off the boobs in the new release "Red Sands."


TV Land

Mary Lynn Rajskub of "24" does leg and thigh shows for both Leno and Conan in today's TV Land segment.

With Jay

With Conan







House of Love


Susan Featherly

Small sample below.








Notes and collages


Jeri Ryan in Star Trek Voyager

 (s5, e22)


Marin Hinkle in 2 1/2 Men

(s1, e5)









Jennifer Connelly looking spectacular (but fully clothed) in Blood Diamond

Magdalena Boczarska in The Underneath

Toni Collette in Hotel Splendide


Film Clips

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. An upskirt in slo-mo. Sample right.
Kim Yates in Sex Files: Alien Erotica. Sample right.

Donatella Finocchiaro in Angela

Jennifer Nitsch and Padma Lakshmi in Pirates: Blood Brothers

Violetta Kolakowska in Julie Walking Home


From the famous Danish Bedside Series:

1. Romantik pa sengekanten:

2. Der ma Vaere pa sengekanten: