Age of Consent

Age of Consent (1969) is a story about an older Australian artist (James Mason, with an Aussie accent, sort of) who has lost his inspiration, so moves to a remote island to recapture his connection with nature. (The film was actually lensed on Dunk Island in the Great Barrier Reef area.) His nearest neighbor on the island is a crazy old alcoholic granny and ... here's the good part ... her very young and free-spirited granddaughter (Helen Mirren), who becomes the artist's model and muse. Various mischief ensues. There are some sub-plots about the girl's would-be boyfriend and the artist's former colleague who visits and steals some money, but the point of the film is basically Helen Mirren getting naked and James Mason painting her to reinvigorate his ... er ... artistic muscles.

While not exactly a weighty milestone in cinema history, Age of Consent is a very pleasant, old-fashioned movie. Made in 1969 in Australia, it exercised that era's new sense of social and cinematic freedom with plenty of sensuous nudity from a young, curvaceous, pre-regal Mirren in her nude debut. While the script has some serious underlying ideas and is not precisely a zany comedy, it has plenty of laughs. I guess it's what reviewers used to call a gay romp, back in a day when that phrase had a different meaning.

The nearest film in spirit is probably the legendary nude-fest Sirens, and there is a very direct connection between the two films. Sirens is a fictional story about a genuine Australian artist named Norman Lindsay, who lived apart from civilization with his family and his coterie of models in a tropical paradise where everyone frolicked about guiltlessly naked while Lindsay painted and sculpted them into works of art. His creations sort of blend Rubens and Gauguin into celebrations of a naked female form which is inevitably full-hipped, large-breasted, and free-spirited. Lindsay was one of those guys with boundless mental energy. Not content with being merely a painter and sculptor, he was also a prolific editorial cartoonist, a novelist, a poet, and an author of children's books ...  ... although you more conservative types might not want your children exposed to Lindsay's thought process.  Here is his Wikipedia entry if you would like a quick summary of his achievements. You will notice that among those achievement is a novel called Age of Consent, which brings us to the connection between this movie and Sirens.

Lindsay certainly knew a thing or two about the subject matter of this film since it is partially autobiographical. James Mason, imperfect accent notwithstanding, was in top form as Lindsay's surrogate, and kept his usual oily mannerisms completely in check. Mirren, with her abundant hips and breasts, had (still has actually) the perfect body for a Lindsay model. At various times Mirren swims about in the buff, poses for nude paintings, and just admires her own impressive knockers in the mirror. Overall, Age of Consent is a pleasant way to pass the time, and was a moderate hit in its era.

A fully restored version of this film was shown at the Sydney Film Festival in 2005 and is apparently now available on DVD in Australia, at least judging from these third party film clips, which are of excellent quality. My old VHS tape has a slightly longer version of one of the nude scenes, so I made a clip of that as well, although the quality of that is decidedly sub-par. This is a film which cries out to be released on Region 1 DVD.

It's a C or a C+ on our scale. Whatever the precise grade, it's an easy if somewhat trifling way to pass the time.

6.2 at IMDb.

Helen Mirren film clips.


Sons & Lovers

Comments and film clips in yesterday's edition. Here are the collages.

Esther Hall

Lyndsey Marshal



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Stocks and Blondes

Stocks and Blondes (1985) is a soft-core sex film, but I immediately noticed a cast of hard-core performers. The reason is simple. This is really an edited version of the hard-core classic, Wanda Whips Wall Street, starring Veronica Hart in the title role. This sort of conversion was common in the 80s. Porn was not legal in many places in the US, so the editor would snip out penetration, erections, and as much male full frontal nudity as possible to create what was often called a hard R or a soft X for unrated video tapes or late night cable fare. What is amazing is that the hard-core porn of the classic era often had enough of a plot and a sufficient caliber of acting to allow the editor to cut ten minutes and create a reasonably watchable stand-alone soft-core film.

The film is the story of how Wanda (Veronica Hart) and her secretary (Tish Ambrose) used sexual blackmail to seize complete control of a major Wall Street brokerage. It is told from the point of view of a college student investigating the subject for a term paper. Two familiar faces, Jamie Gillis and Ron Jeremy, were called in to investigate while the takeover was happening.

Frankly, it is more interesting than the majority of the current crop of direct-to-vid soft-core. As a soft-core, this is a C. It also gives a less extreme way to view one of the all-time classic hard-core films.

IMDb readers have barely heard of this film, and there are no reviews listed.


Veronica Hart does full frontal.




Tish Ambrose shows breasts.



Several unknowns also expose body parts.









Easy Prey


Easy Prey (1986) is a fact-based movie about a serial killer and rapist played by Gerald McRaney. No nudity but early sexy appearances by Jessica Steen and Shawnee Smith (of the Saw trilogy). This is currently being shown only on European cable.

Shawnee Smith

Jessica Steen


Concrete Hell


"Concrete Hell" (1985) aka "Turning to Stone" is a hard-hitting but non-exploitation women-in-prison movie. Nicky Guadagni plays the wrongfully convicted prisoner and gets raped by lesbian prisoners several times. Kim Renders is shown in a wet t-shirt. Shirley Douglas (mother of Kiefer Sutherland) plays the queen bee, and Paul Gross in his first role sports a better hairdo than any of the female cast. Again, this is currently being shown only on European cable.

 Nicky Guadagni

Kim Renders

Shirley Douglas

Paul Gross


The Last Casino

"The Last Casino" (2004). Katharine Isabelle is very sexy in this movie while Sofia DeMedeiros plays a sexy stripper.

Katharine Isabelle

Sofia DeMedeiros


When Tomorrow Dies

"When Tomorrow Dies" (1965) is a seriously dated cautionary tale about bored housewives and adultery. Patricia Gage is shown in her maidenforms.


Patricia Gage




"Tamara" (2005) is a skinless horror only worth seeing because of a lesbian scene between a P. Diddy dancer named Jenna Dewan and Melissa Elias from Falcon Beach.

Jenna Dewan

Melissa Elias


The Diary of Evelyn Lau


"The Diary of Evelyn Lau" (1993 TV) is the movie which made Sandra Oh famous. Here she is in her skivvies having fully clothed sex with Jabba the Hutt.

Sandra Oh


The First Season

"The First Season" (1988). Kate Trotter shows some rare partial breast exposure from this movie which recently resurfaced on cable.

Kate Trotter


"Jeff Ltd."

"Jeff Ltd" is a TV series which returns for season 2 on CTV next Saturday. For a teaser here is cougar Deborah Grover with her nipples blocked out from the first season.

Deborah Grover


"Night Heat"

Another trip in the wayback machine. Cynthia Belliveau, best known as for her role as Mona Lott before she started playing brainy newsbabes, is shown in a sexy teddy as a prostitute in a 1986 episode of Night Heat.

Cynthia Belliveau






Animal House

Today the Time Machine is back in 1978 for "Animal House." Time flies when you are getting old. Can it really be 29 years since this classic scene of John Belushi climbing a ladder to spy on Mary Louise Weller?

Not a ton of skin but sexy and funny.






Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy


... now that I have collaged the two greatest sci-fi nudity films, "Lifeforce" & "Species" I can say that the better film is "Species" even though I can't imagine another naked woman ever topping Mathilda May's beauty in "Lifeforce"... but it's a matter of taste...

Natasha Henstridge







Les Colombes

Two French-Canadian actresses in this 1972 film:

Lise Thouin



Diane Guerin








Jeannette Swenson in Mazurka

Rebekah Kochan in Freakshow

Amanda Ward in Freakshow



Jeannette Swenson in Mazurka

Victoria Abril in 101 Reykjavik

Carrie Fleming in The Tooth Fairy







Pat's comments in yellow

In Sofia, Bulgaria, TV screens in the bus stations show bus schedules during the day, but at night, the management has started showing soft-core porn on them.  A spokesman said it's not likely any children will be around at that time, and it takes riders' minds off the cold and the wait.  But it has sparked angry protests, especially from mothers, who say it's not only disgraceful, but the security guards are no longer patrolling for thugs because they're too busy staring at the porn on the giant screens.

*  That's okay, the thugs are also staring at the porn.

*  If you want to see hard-core stuff, try the bus station restrooms.

The Daily Mirror reports that Jeff Donovan of Southampton, England, has been banned from his local pub, the Gordon Arms, for playing Mariah Carey on the jukebox.  He's such a Mariah fan, he played her songs 20 times a day for six years until other customers got fed up, particularly with hearing "All I Want For Christmas" year-round.  The pub owner said Donovan was repeatedly warned, but he just laughed and thought it was a joke.  The dejected Donovan said, "I love Mariah and listen to her over and over again, but other people obviously didn't share my musical taste."

*  The pub owner would've thrown him out years ago, but his choice of music was driving people to drink.

TMZ.com reports that Tom Cruise may be considering a new career direction: doing a buddy comedy in the type of role usually played by
Owen Wilson.  Cruise has reportedly been talking with Ben Stiller about co-starring in a goofy comedy called "The Hardy Men," about the crime-solving Hardy Boys as grown-ups.

*   But Ben Stiller doesn't know if he wants to work with Tom Cruise because he's just too goofy.  
WEB LINK!  They might actually make a good comedy team.  They have before (from the 2000 MTV awards)

BIRTHDAYS - (Almanac) Zsa Zsa Gabor (90).

*  For you kids, Zsa Zsa Gabor was a celebrity whose major talent was marrying rich people...She was like the blond, female Kevin Federline.