Basic Instinct 2:

The IMDb trivia page for this film is fascinating. It's had more ups and downs than Jenna Jameson's head.  At any rate, there is some kind of promo reel floating around, and it's quite a "hard R," so here it is (zipped .mov - sorry, you need QuickTime), and here are several sample vidcaps:



You will find more BI2 material below.

Sharon Stone



Eros (2006):

LC is again in the future, although he's come closer to our time. This film comes to DVD tomorrow. Here are three film clips with sample collages:

Ele Keats

Here's a video clips of Keats

Regina Nemni

Here's a video clips of Nemni

Luisa Ranieri

Here's a video clips of Ranieri



Lie With Me (2006):

Here are three more film clips that appeared today in USENET at  alt.binaries.multimedia.nude.celebrities. This one comes to DVD a week from tomorrow.

  • Lauren Lee Smith (1, 2, 3)

    Final Destination 3 (2006):

    This film was put together by James Wong and Glen Morgan, the duo who made the original Final Destination such an appealing genre pic. It opens in  theaters this Friday. It seems that there is nudity, but the nudity has been blurred in these vidcaps from some sample footage, especially in the footage with Chelan Simmons. I'm gonna guess that the sample tape was specially made for general distribution, and the blurring is NOT going to be there when you hit your favorite metroplex. I hope not, anyway!

    Crystal Lowe

    Chelan Simmons



    Other Crap:

    NFL/ABC Edit Out Explicit Rolling Stones Lyrics
    • Normally I disagree with censorship, but I think the line about giving a Dirty Sanchez to the queen was a little strong.

    CNN Speaks Ill of Dead Film Critic

    • There are those who say you should not speak ill of the dead. Take Hitler, for example. Lovely guy.
    • But I say hey, if you can't make fun of the dead, who CAN you make fun of?

    CORRECTION: Ryan Seacrest Is Not Not Gay in Trenton

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Naughty Side: Lingerie Shops, Playboy Rumors

    Angelina Jolie in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For?

    Watch the Superbowl Commercials

    Smoking out photo hoaxes with software

    Congrats to the Steelers. Once 7-5 and doubtful for the playoffs, they stepped up and ran the whole table against the best of the best.

    VIDEO: What happens when you microwave a glass bottle of beer?. (Hint: don't repeat it at home.)

    VIDEO: The excellent cold opening from Steve Martin's record SNL hosting appearance last night.

    US-Mexico Drug/Immigrant Tunnel Wins Prestigious Safety Award

    DeadBrain issues an apology to Islam had a commercial banned from this year's Super Bowl.

    • According to the page, they had 14 failures before they got one approved. (The link goes to this year's, and their page also has a link to last year's.)

    Film Jerk's - Early Report for February 5

    • This week's Early Report covers the 55 known new movies opening in theatres or expanding their runs between Friday February 10 and Friday March 10

    The ancient, mystical, and Druidic secrets of Best Buy

    German BMW Banned From Google for spamming the rankings

    Hitchcock had the right idea, wrong location. South Africa's power grid threatened by bird shit.

    Vin Diesel to Topline Babylon A.D.?

    • "Le Film Francais is reporting that Vin Diesel will star in Babylon A.D., a big-budget futuristic thriller to be directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. It had previously been reportred that Vincent Cassel would play the role. (Cassel and Kassovitz are frequent collaborators.)

    This is a pretty cool picture, if you're looking for a new backgropund for your desktop. (Assuming you like the red-blue-violet portion of the color palette.)

    There is quite a bit of nudity in Eros, a multi-director anthology which hits the streets on DVD Tuesday. These links lead to film clips on Rapidshare.


    Weekend Box Office Results, February 3-5, 2006

    • When a Stranger Calls did substantially better than expected, thus dominating the weekend.
    • Some Oscar-nominated films were awarded expanded distribution, and moved up in rank. Brokeback went from 6th to 4th, Walk the Line from 12th to 9th, Capote from 24th to 12th, Good Night and Good Luck from 37th to about 20th.
    • The other new film, Something New, did not perform up to expectations
    • Overall, the box was down about 7% from last year.

    Ito's collages of Anapola Mushkadiz in "Batalla en el cielo" 2005

    • Warning: very naughty stuff which may be unsafe if you are at work.

    What is James Cameron up to these days?

    "In 1951, this film was created as a public service to teach children how to survive an atomic war."

    The writer's guild honors Crash (original) and Brokeback (adapted)



    Movie Reviews:

    Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




    "Forbidden Games"

    Forbidden Games (1995) is a soft-core thriller that takes itself way too seriously, and is rather stingy on nudity and simulated sex. It does have a kick-ass ending. In fact, I can imagine the writers sitting around at a party and saying, "Wouldn't it be great if a thriller ended ...," and someone else said, "yes, and the hero ..." Then, they proceeded to invent a plot to match that ending. Unfortunately, if I say anything about the ending, I will spoil nearly the only good thing about this film.

    As the film opens, a man is in bed with a topless Becky Mullen when his estranged wife calls. Mullen freaks and leaves, and a woman knocks on the door, giving him an envelope with a huge check in it, and a time for an appointment. We find out that he is an ex justice department investigator who used ESP to solve crimes until he has a nervous breakdown from the stress of what he saw. Now in therapy and on disability, his wife has separated from him, as she wants financial security. The appointment turns out to be with a very rich daughter of a man recently deceased. Even though the grand jury found death by heart attack, she suspects her father was murdered, and wants our man to use his special abilities to find out what happened.

    Of course, we know she is right about the murder, as we see him bound and blindfolded, and then killed with amyl nitrate before the opening credits.

    The suspects include the owner of a modeling agency (Amy Weber), any of the models there, all of whom seem to have had sex with the deceased at one time or another, and the deceased's young widow, Gail Harris. Our hero gets romantically involved with the sweetest of the three, Harris, after his wife files for divorce.

    Gail Harris gives the only 3 B performance in the film. Becky Mullen shows breasts. Ashley Rae and Amy Weber shows breasts and buns, as do many other women, credited as "models."

    IMDb readers say 4.9. The plot was clumsily developed, causing me to figure out most of the ending in advance, they simulated sex was humdrum, and, despite a high nipple count, the nudity was somewhat disappointing. The ending salvages a C- for them.

    Amy Weber

    Ashley Rhey

    Becky Mullen

    Gail Harris



    Today from the Ghost...more skin from "Hotel Erotica Cabo". Today's babes show just about everything in a variety of scenes.

    Nikita Lea

    Nicole Oring

    Today we found another "Babe in Bondage" from yesterday's feature "Satan's Slaves". Gloria Maley is bound and gagged on the bed and terrorized with a knife. She has a bad ending. Lot's of "Fuzz Box" shots, but there could be a body double involved.

    Gloria Maley

    Then we have a sexy scene from "100 Women" as Erinn Bartlett starts off with nice pokies in her slip then slowly reveals a pretty impressive breast.

    Erinn Bartlett

    We start the new week with Fun House regular Laura Antonelli, the drop-dead gorgeous all-natural 1970's actress with an exuberant volume in the Encyclopedia. The occasion is the Italian movie Il merlo maschio (1971; aka. Secret Fantasy). Il merlo maschio literally translate as The Male Blackbird, but according to my dictionary merlo also means both smart ass and sucker.

    The story, for as much as there is one, deals with an average musician in an orchestra who is not really popular among his colleagues. When he finds out that they are more interested in his wife he starts taking nude pictures of her that accidentally fall into the hands of his band members. Now they do find him interesting and start to show some respect...That's about it.

    Today we'll be viewing a first batch of 8 clips showing Laura mainly at the doctors' and in bed while her husband photographs her with a digital camera from 35 years ago that didn't require a computer, a printer and a USB cable. I think my dad still has a camera like that lying around somewhere gathering dust.

    Where will it all end? Well, please tune in again tomorrow for the final 8 clips and you'll know, cause I don't think you'll find this movie on DVD anywhere.

  • Laura Antonelli (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • 'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "The Path of Evil"
    2004's Harvest of Fear told the story of a serial killer stalking the small coastal town of Devils Lake. During the killing spree, a local deputy and his wife were among the victims, before the so-called Harvest Killer is found and imprisoned. This 2005 sequel takes place 20 years later.

    Deputy Jake Barker still struggles to cope with the death of his parents, and the recent estrangement of his girlfriend of three years has pushed him over the edge, and sent him on a drinking binge. He's been placed on leave for psychiatric evaluation, and as he tries to regain his job, bodies start popping up again, brutally killed by knife just like the victims 20 years ago.

    Vowing to find the killer, an apparent copycat, but still suspended from active duty, Jake clashes with the sheriff and local medical examiner, who by coincidence is the new boyfriend of Jake's lost love. Meanwhile, the man who is serving time for the original killings is continuing to protest his innocence, and pointing to the new murders as proof.

    Predictable, and poorly acted by many of the actors, but with a fairly twisty ending and great nipples on Wendy Watson, this slasher B-movie is just interesting enough to be worth watching; just don't expect too much.

    Wendy Watson



    Here's a bit of variety taking the shape of a Brain/Tuna collaboration.


    April Hannah
    "A Housewife Named Brandi"
    Astrid Frank
    "Au Pair Girls"
    Brigitte Lahaie
    "Les Raisins de la mort"
    Callie Cox
    "Confessions of a Call Girl"
    Gabrielle Drake
    "Au Pair Girls"

    Jane Adams
    "The Anniversary Party"
    Joan Gerardi
    "Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein"
    Jocelyn Jones
    "Great Texas Dynamite Chase"
    Julia Parton
    "Rosebud Beach Hotel"
    Karen Black
    "Cisco Pike"

    Keeley Hawes
    Laurence Côte
    "La Bande des quatre"
    Lisa A Morrison
    "Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant "
    Lyn Yeldham
    "Au Pair Girls"
    Manuia Taie
    "Pacific Banana"

    Maria Ford
    "The Unnamable II"
    Mathilda May
    "The Tit and the Moon"
    Monique Gabrielle
    "Rosebud Beach Hotel"
    Nell Campbell
    Nichole Law
    "A Housewife Named Brandi"

    Parker Posey
    "The Anniversary Party"
    Peggy Church
    "The Pig Keepers Daughter"
    Rachel Miner
    Richmond Baier
    "The Groove Tube"
    Rosanna Arquette
    "Black Rainbow"

    Sandra Carey
    "Deep Jaws"
    Stacey De Simone
    "Hidden Beauties"
    Susan Dey
    "Echo Park"
    Tammmy Morris
    "Barely Legal"
    Terry Gibson
    "The Pig Keepers Daughter"

    Tonie Perensky
    "Varsity Blues"
    Ursula Andress
    "Mountain of the Cannibal God"
    Yutte Stensgaard
    "Zeta One"




    Here's a great sneak peek at the upcoming sequel, "Basic Instinct 2". I believe the brunette we see here is Anne Caillon, but the real news of course is that Sharon Stone still looks amazing nekkid!