Fun House Variety
  • It's not our normal, but let's kick off today's edition with a little variety, starting with these vidcaps from Abys of Janine Theriault from "The Hunger".
  • As everyone knows, we Americans constantly make fun of the French for loving Jerry Lewis. Yet despite all of our taunting, they give us Laetitia Casta. Perhaps it's time to forgive them for accepting "The Nutty Professor" as a cultural icon, and say just say "thank you". Here's the voluptuous model showing us exactly how lingerie was meant to be worn. Thanks to TAG for this scan.
  • One more for the "Road to Wellville" collectors. Here's yet another installment of 'caps by Graphic Response of Lara Flynn Boyle.
  • Another mystery to me, Lisa Jakub. She's been in a ton of movies, but I still can't place her face. Her she is in 'caps from "The Wicked Wicked West".
  • Also from "The Wicked Wicked West", here's Kelly McGillis. Thanks to Dann for these two.
  • From Hugo, here's B-movie regular, Jennifer Rubin. Vidcaps from "Stranger by Night".
  • From Arthur Figgis
  • Next up, the openly bisexual pop singer, Sophie B. Hawkins. Her she is doing what she does best, posing nude. (since her music stinks)
  • Sophie B. Hawkins buck nekkid, #2.
  • Suzanne Somers
  • Now this is great stuff from RDO! Long before she became famous, Suzanne had a small, but very revealing part in the Dirty Harry classic, "Magnum Force". Thanks to the magic of the video capture card, and RDO's desire to 'cap every frame of celebrity nudity ever filmed, we now have some of the best topless images of Suzanne in her prime!
  • Suzanne's fabulous breasts, #2.
  • Our final look at Ms. Somers gorgeous bosom.
  • Looking for Paparazzi shots? Most any famous one you can remember can be found in the back issues and the Encyclopedia.