Naked News



on the 2/2 edition:

 Carli Bei drank beer out of Eila Adams' butt


on the 2/3 edition:

Addilyn did the Hollywood XPress segment

there was an audition from Krysta

Dois Irmaos

s1e8, 720p

Giovana Cordeiro

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The Man in the High Castle

s1e4, 1920x1080

Keisha Haines

Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers (2016) in 1080hd
No real nudity, but the caps don't do it justice. It's sexy stuff.

Silke Bodenbender in Koenigin Der Nacht (2016) in 720p

Samantha Robinson and April Showers in The Love Witch (2016) in 1080hd

It's mostly this kind of stuff:

Claudia Gerini in Il Traduttore (2016). Good scenes, but low quality clips.

Summary: Kate Moran and Ruth Vega Fernandez in the first season of Cannabis 720p



Barbara Carrera and the Harris twins in I, the Jury (1982) in 1080hd
I thought this nudity was the bee's knees when the film was first released.


The Harrises

J-Lo Instagram

Lindsay Felton in "Me in My Place" (stars at home)