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Alicia Witt in next week's House of Lies (s4e5), this time in 720p

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Once Upon a Time in America


Elizabeth McGovern

Olga Karlatos

Margherita Pace

Ann Neville

The Scarehouse


Johnny's comments:

The Scarehouse is a horror movie where Corey (Sarah Booth) and Elaina (Kimberly-Sue Murray) set up a 'scare house' under the guise that it's for a sorority party for a college sorority that the girls were once attempting to become members of. Corey and Elaina have spent two years in jail for the accidental death of a man they were playing a prank on to get them into the sorority and now they want revenge. One by one, they torture, dismember and attempt to kill various members of the sorority that abandoned them and left them out to fend for themselves.

Not much more than that, which inevitably means that the movie is fairly repetitive, nasty and boring as most movies obsessed with torture usually are because torture is boring. It's also hard to feel much sympathy for the killers as they were stupid enough to go along with the dumb prank to begin with. Probably could've done with a more overt sense of humour, there are some attempts at jokes, but not nearly enough to say that was the intention. Inevitably, as with most 'torture porn', it's all about the torture and never about the story. At least it girl-on-girl torture so we don't have to hear the cries of misogyny. Yawn...

Emily Alatalo 1080hd film clip


Ned Rifle


Aubrey Plaza


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Katherine Heigl (not nude), Jordana Brewster and Catherine Ashton in Home Sweet Hell (2015) in 720p



Hannah Hoekstra in Sunny Side Up (2015) in 1080hd

Angelina Armani in Fear Clinic (2014) in 720p

Maria Aura in Amar (2009)

Clemence Poesy  in Sans Moi (2007)

Virginie Ledoyen in Heroines (1997)

Sophie Duez in Una Spina nel cuore (1996)

Toni Basil in Breakaway (1966)