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Poison Ivy 4


Both of these women were child actresses. Miriam played on DeGrassi for many years, and you probably remember Shawna as Icebox in Little Giants.


Miriam MacDonald film clips

A top nude scene of 2009: number 14

Samples below



MacDonald and others



Shawna Waldron film clips

Samples below






Coming up: a new set of material.

Brainscan says,

"Mainly of A-list gals in performances that have been posted many times before but were so attractive resistance was futile.  Take the Anna Paquin scene from True Blood - has to be one the most beautifully shot and downright sexiest scenes filmed at any time by anyone.  Or the Caprice Benedetti scene from Brotherhood - whoda known that gal has such an attractive caboose?  And then there's Jessica Biel and Marisa Tomei and how did we ever get so lucky to live in a time when women this attractive thought it perfectly reasonable to take off their clothes in front of a camera?  Hi Def at that. Ain't life grand?" 

Here's the final installment:

The Cell 2


This was the #2 nude scene of 2009

Amee Walden


American Pie 7


Jennifer Holland



The Army of Crime


Lola Naymark





Annie Sorell




Film Clips

Hilary Swank in The Resident (2011, I never saw this coming, sample below)

Zoe Nonn in A la recherche du temps perdu (2011, this week, HDTV, sample below)

Sarah Pasquier in A la recherche du temps perdu (sample below)

Caroline Tillette in A la recherche du temps perdu (sample below)

various unidentified women in A la recherche du temps perdu (sample below)

Anais Demoustier in D'amour et d'eau fraiche (2010, samples below)

More of Chloe Sevigny in Mr Nice - this time in 1080p!

More of Laura Ramsey in Middle Men, also in 1080p this time

Rosalind Halstead in the latest version of Wuthering Heights

Audrey Bastien in Lights Out (2009, sample below)

Selma El Mouissi, also from Lights Out (sample below)

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Crime of Love (2009, sample below)

Julie Delpy in Tykho Moon (1996, sample below)

Mia Sara in Time Cop in 1080p (1994)

and Laura Murdock, also in the HD version of Time Cop

Sandra Bullock in Fire on the Amazon in 720p (1993; samples below)

Gloria Guida in Fico d'India (1980)



Sasha Barrese in Let Me In

Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal