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TV: The Movie

TV: The Movie (2006), AKA National Lampoon's TV the Movie, is being released next week.

Do not accidentally buy or rent this film. You have been warned.

It is supposedly a spoof of modern TV programming, as interpreted by the Jackass crowd, led by Steve O. The highlights, per the commentary, are the apartment living room skateboarding stunts, which totally trash several different sets. Then there is the Tijuana Cops, drug lords in training, crazy topless women in an asylum, interviews with a gay Jesus, a commercial for High Risk condoms prison queens trying to seduce burly drug peddlers, and more that I have mercifully forgotten. The film is completely disjointed, devoid of humor, and pointless, but is a masterpiece compared to the commentary. Either Steve O is a brilliant actor, or he was totally fried for the entire film.

This is an F.

IMDb readers say 3.4 but with nearly no votes. Based on the comments, even fans of the Jackass group dislike this effort. My vote will drop the IMDb score.


Iglesias Estefania shows breasts in the condom ad.



Several women show breasts in the the Girls Gone Bonkers segments.












The 2007 Goya Awards

Part 3: Volver


Volver ha sido la clara triunfadora de los premios "Goya" de este año, ganando 5 de las 14 nominaciones que tenía. Para Penélope Cruz esta película le ha supuesto estar nominada a los oscar convirtiéndose en la primera actriz española que goza de ese privilegio.

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) es una madre joven, emprendedora y muy atractiva, con un marido en el paro y una hija en plena adolescencia. La economía familiar es muy precaria, por lo que Raimunda tiene varios trabajos. Es una mujer muy fuerte, una luchadora nata, pero a la vez muy frágil emocionalmente. Desde su infancia guarda en silencio un terrible secreto. Su hermana Sole (Lola Dueñas) es un poco mayor. Su marido la abandonó y desde entonces vive sola. Un domingo primaveral, Sole llama a Raimunda para decirle que la Agustina (Blanca Portillo), una vecina del pueblo, le ha comunicado por teléfono que su tía Paula (Chus Lampreave) ha muerto. Raimunda adoraba a su tía, pero no puede ir al entierro porque momentos antes de recibir la llamada de su hermana ha encontrado a su marido muerto en la cocina, con un cuchillo clavado en el pecho. Su hija le confiesa que lo ha matado ella porque el padre, borracho, la acosó insistentemente. A regañadientes, Sole se desplaza sola al pueblo. Entre las mujeres que la acompañan en el duelo escucha rumores de que su madre (que murió en un incendio con su padre) volvió del otro mundo para cuidar en los últimos años a su tía Paula, que estaba enferma. Las vecinas hablan con naturalidad del "fantasma" de la madre (Carmen Maura). Cuando Sole vuelve a Madrid, después de aparcar su coche, escucha unos ruidos procedentes del maletero. Sole lo abre y allí encuentra, rodeada de bolsas, al fantasma de su madre. Sole no tiene otra opción que convivir con el fantasma materno e integrarlo en el trabajo de la peluquería. Por su parte, Raimunda sólo le comenta que Paco, su marido, las ha dejado y que intuye que no volverá. En realidad está tratando de desembarazarse del cadáver. Lo insostenible se convierte en cotidiano, cada cual por su lado, las dos hermanas emprenden una huida hacia adelante, sobreviviendo a situaciones muy tensas, melodramáticas, cómicas y también muy emocionantes. Ambas mujeres las solucionan a base de descaro y mintiendo sin la menor contención. "Volver" es una historia de supervivencia. Todos los personajes lu-chan por sobrevivir, incluso el fantasma de la abuela.

Ha ganado

  • Mejor Película
  • Mejor Director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Mejor Actriz: Penélope Cruz
  • Mejor Actriz de Reparto: Carmen Maura
  • Mejor Música Original

y nominada a:

  • Mejor Actriz de Reparto: Blanca Portillo y Lola Dueñas
  • Mejor Guión Original: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Mejor Fotografía
  • Mejor Dirección Artística
  • Mejor Dirección de Producción
  • Mejor Diseño de Vestuario
  • Mejor Maquillaje y Peluquería
  • Mejor Sonido


Volver has been the clear champion of the Goyas this year, winning five of its fourteen nominations. This film has also earned Penélope Cruzs the privilege of being the first Spanish leading lady to be nominated for  an Oscar.

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) is a young, enterprising and very attractive mother, with an unemployed husband and a daughter in the heat of adolescence. Her everyday financial situation is very precarious, so she has several jobs. She is tough-minded woman, but also very fragile emotionally. From her childhood she has kept a terrible secret.

Her sister Sole (Lola Dueñas) is a little older. Sole's husband left her so she lives alone. One spring Sunday, Sole calls Raimunda to tell her than their Aunt Paula (Chus Lampreave) has died. Raimunda adored their aunt, but she cannot go to the burial because moments before receiving her sister's call she found her husband dead, lying on the kitchen floor with a knife in his chest. Her daughter confesses then she killed her drunken father because of insistent sexual harassment.

Sole goes to the burial alone, and hears from the neighbors that the ill and helpless Aunt Paula had been cared for by her sister - the mother of Sole and Raimunda. This seem unlikely since that woman has been dead for many years, having died with her husband in a fire. The neighbors speak matter-of-factly of the “ghost” of the mother (Carmen Maura), as if there could be no doubt of her existence. When Sole returns to Madrid, she hears noises coming from the trunk of her car and it turns out to be the mother's ghost. She has no choice but to co-exist with her spectral mother, and gradually integrates her into the operation of her beauty salon. 

Meanwhile, Raimunda only tells her sister that Alpaca, the dead husband, has left them and is not expected to return. In reality, she is trying to dispose of his corpse.

The sisters survive through various tense, melodramatic, humorous and exciting situations. Volver is a survival story. Everyone fights to survive, even the ghost of the grandmother.


This won the Goya for:

  • Best picture
  • Best director
  • Best actress
  • Best supporting actress
  • Best original music

It was also nominated for:

  • Best supporting actress
  • Best supporting actor
  • Best original screenplay
  • Best cinematography
  • Best art direction
  • Best set design
  • Best costumes
  • Best hair and make-up
  • Best sound editing



Penelope Cruz



Yohana Cobo









Head of the Family


Today a delicious "Babe In Bondage" scene from Head of the Family. Jacqueline Lovell is the "Damsel in Distress" as she is stripped down to full frontal nudity while tied to a stake as the baddies decide to burn her alive. Fear not. She is rescued. Caps and five clips.






The Hunger

episode: "Clarimonde"

A young priest (David La Haye) about to take his vows has a rapport with a beautiful young woman (Audrey Benoit), but accepts his vows anyway.  He moves to a chapel in the mountains and starts having dreams about the woman. He seeks the advice of an older priest who tells him that the woman is a witch trying to take him away from God.


Audrey Benoit






Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy

The Ghosts of Mars

No nudity; just Natasha Henstridge looking hot in cotton underwear.

Aside from garters with silk stockings, most lingerie consists of itchy, scratchy polymers - visually pretty but annoying to wear. I'll take a woman in a cotton shirt any day of the week over the acrylics which dominate the "hot lingerie" market these days.






Starhunter: episode "The Divinity Cluster"

The first episode of the Canadian/UK cable series with a  nice helping of British skin to attract the viewers.

Helen Natham shows her boobs in the opening scene

Nikki Grosee pops a nip during a fully clothed threesome

and an uncredited stripper is topless.

"Foreign Ghosts" (1998)

Canadian trilogy directed by the aptly named Hunt Hoe.

Camille Martinez has a triple-B performance

while Vaggos Evyenia is shown in her brassiere as a lesbian.

"Ladies Room" (1999)

Surreal comedy with an ensemble cast.

Molly Parker  ...

 ... and Lorraine Bracco are shown in their underwear

Veronica Ferres shows a fairly explicit upskirt while with  pregger Greta Scacchi.


"Artificial Lies" (2000)

Daphne Zuniga has sex with her brassiere on

while  Maxim Roy is shown in her leotards.

"Showdown at Williams Creek" (1991)

A rare topless scene by the Moccasin Flats actress Michelle Thrush in this hard-to-find movie.


Godiva's season 2, episode Inked (2006)

Sarah-Jane Redmond has a fully clothed threesome with Sonja Bennett.


"Totally Awesome" (2006) (TV)

One thing wrong in the casting department is they had Crystal Lowe but instead of having her doing a nude shower scene they had her kicking an actor in the crotch. The casting department for the recent Black Christmas remake did not repeat this same mistake.


"Night Heat"  (1987)

Another trip in the wayback machine. Samantha Follows, sister of Megan Follows, shows partial boob in a TV episode








Anne Grete Nissen

in Mazurka

San San

in Shottas

Cybill Shepherd

on Sunday's L-Word

Joelene Smith

in Tiki

Ashley Williamson-Payne

in Tiki

Charlotte Church

(HQ upgrade of old image)

Kim Cattrall

in Rosebud (L,C)

and Smokescreen (R)

Beau Garrett

in Turistas

Melissa George

in Turistas

Olivia Wilde

in Turistas

Edie Falco

in The Quiet

Penelope Cruz

in Chromophobia

Kristin Scott-Thomas

in Chromophobia



Anne-Grete Nissen in Mazurka. (Danish Film from 1970. (See samples above.)

Edie Falco in The Quiet (See samples above) (NOTE: in order to play Johnny Moronic's videos, I had to download the latest codec from XVID.

Penelope Cruz in Chromophobia (Non-nude, and a very big download at nearly 100 meg, but you definitely want it anyway if you like Penelope. See samples above to clarify.)

Kristin-Scott Thomas in Chromophobia (See samples above)

Beau Garrett in Turistas (See samples above)

Today's collection-builder is Kim Cattrall.

(Missing: The Bastard. Mr Skin says there is a look at her right breast somewhere in that TV film. I have no idea where to get that on DVD. It is available on VHS.)

Kim was born in August of 1956, so she was 18 in Rosebud, 48 in Sexual Intelligence