TV Roundup

There was a brief, dark topless scene featuring Emily Hampshire in episode three of Man Seeking Woman

Alicia Witt will be topless in next week's House of Lies (s4e5), which is already available on Showtime on Demand. I don't have a film clip yet, but I have this small preview .gif, which is pretty sweet!

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El Nino


Johnny's comments:

El Nino is about a young Spanish man who becomes a drug courier for a drug run between Africa and Gibraltar. It also follows two cops determined to stop this from happening and take down the head of the operation.

Nothing new, but pretty watchable nonetheless.

Mariam Bachir 1080hd film clip



Johnny's comments:

Wolves is a werewolf thriller where a high school football star finds out he's a werewolf (hey, Teen Wolf!) and may have possibly killed his parents. He is directed to a town that is run by one group of werewolves who prefer to be human while been hunted by another group of werewolves, where the head of the group wants a son to continue his legacy, but the football star leads the town to stop this from happening.

Silly stuff that ends up with a confused villain and feels more like a TV pilot that didn't get picked up.

Some nice nudity, though, from Merritt Patterson.

Merritt Patterson 1080hd film clip


Killing Device


Strippers: film clip here


TV and Film Clips

Gillian Thompson and Scottie Thompson in The Lookalike (2014) in 1080hd. Minimal nudity, but sexy.

Daryl Hannah in Blind Revenge (2009). The breasts are Daryl's, which is pretty impressive because she was about 50 at the time. The butt is a body double.

Not Daryl


Robin Tunney in Supernova (2000) in 1080hd. That's really Robin, but the accompanying Angela Bassett nudity was done by a body double who (puzzlingly) does not resemble Angela Bassett at all. She does look great, however.


not Bassett

Here is what Angela Bassett actually looked like naked - nine years earlier - in City of Hope

The tiniest bit of nipple exposure from Sarah Michelle Buffy in I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) in 720p

The amazing Diane Lane in Priceless Beauty (1988)

Pics and Collages

Iggy Azalea's breast escapes from her blouse


Heather Graham looks incredible

Kim Kardashian still has an enormous butt