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Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky



Anna Mouglalis film clips

Samples below




Coming up: a new set of material.

Brainscan says,

"Mainly of A-list gals in performances that have been posted many times before but were so attractive resistance was futile.  Take the Anna Paquin scene from True Blood - has to be one the most beautifully shot and downright sexiest scenes filmed at any time by anyone.  Or the Caprice Benedetti scene from Brotherhood - whoda known that gal has such an attractive caboose?  And then there's Jessica Biel and Marisa Tomei and how did we ever get so lucky to live in a time when women this attractive thought it perfectly reasonable to take off their clothes in front of a camera?  Hi Def at that. Ain't life grand?" 

Here's part 4:

"True Blood"


This was the #2 nude scene of 2009

Anna Paquin


"The Brotherhood"


Caprice Benedetti





Amy Beth Hayes





(Season two : A Tale of Two Cities, episodes 8-13)


Katie Wall film clip (collages below)


Susie Q film clip (stills below)

Leonine Smith film clip (still below)




Film Clips

Here's the women of Hatchet II in 720p quality:

Sarah Agor

Alexis Peters

Charlayne DeVillier

Marine Drouhet and Malika Benhadj in Sans queue ni tete (2010; sample below)

Sabila Moussadek, also in Sans queue ni tete  (sample below)

Lili Bordan in Silent Withess, s14e7 (720p; samples below)

Hanna Hall in Happiness Runs (2010; samples below)


Angela Featherstone hasn't really done that much nudity in her career, none since 2001, so it's a pleasant surprise to see her pole dancing topless at age 45 in Wake, aka Beneath the Dark. (2010) She looks great. (Samples below)

Shannon Elizabeth, pre-Nadia, in the offbeat 1997 horror spoof Jack Frost (sample below)

Two Sophie Marceau classics, 15 years apart (samples below each)

La Fidelite, 2000, age 34

Police, 1985, age 19

Scandinavian classics, samples below each:

Neel Ronholt in Efter Brylluppet (2006)

Marina Bouras in Springet (2005)

Susanne Storm, in a rare appearance without her Fantastic Four teammates, in Springet

Ghita Norby in Mig og Charly (1978)

Ghita Norby in Den Korte Summer (1976)




Marina Bouras in Den Arabiske Nat (2004, live theater in Copenhagen)