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TV Land

Today is an all TV Land day.

First up Jessica Blank shows off her beautiful boobs in an episode of "Bored to Death". Caps with a HD clip.



Then Beyonce with some nice cleavage accepting her award on Sunday nights Grammy Awards. Caps and a HD clip.






Leelee Sobieski film clips. Samples below




This week's Defoe videos, part 1, the women of Avoue que tu Mens

  • My favorite French actress, and probably the most prolific in history, Inconnue.





(2010, s3e9)

Satisfaction has been a little light on the nudity this year, but here are some exceptions:

Camille Keenan

Renai Caruso



I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell


Based on the best-selling autobiographical book by Tucker Max about his antics as a young adult, this comedy is funny in parts, but flat in others. It portrays Tucker as a total and unlikable dipshit who mistreats women in very mean ways (which he may well be, who knows?), and generally left me underwhelmed. I suspect the book is better.

Tucker convinces his two best friends, one of whom is getting married, to travel 300 miles to a stripper bar to celebrate his bachelor party. What he doesn't tell them is his main interest in the trip is to see a stripper who is a little person, with hopes of bedding her.

The trip is one disaster after another, resulting in the bachelor being beaten within an inch of his life, and thrown into jail. The good news: Tucker screwed the midget, but also got disinvited to the wedding. How can he make amends, especially after drinking a beer spiked by a heavyset woman he was verbally abusing, resulting in him crapping all over the hotel lobby?

Yeah, you get it. A great deal of this movie is more disgusting than funny, including the way the main character treats women. Not one I'd recommend.


Bridget Powers Yvette Yates various


Victoria Abril in Hot Summer Rain

Marta Nieto in Hot Summer Rain

Imma Garcia in Hot Milk

Ana Turpin in Hot Milk

Vanessa Otero in Hot Milk

Macarena Gomez in Hot Milk

Sabine Azema in Zone Rouge

Kamilla Baar in Hamlet. My kind of Shakespeare.

More of Lady Gaga at the Grammys

Georgina Cates in An Awfully Big Adventure

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Julia Ormond in The Baby of Macon



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