Note: The Sienna Miller sex scenes from Factory Girl, which you have been reading about in the past three days  ("Are They Real?"), can be found in the January 14th edition of the Fun House. Some people have suggested that Darth Vader's willy is on view in the scene, but if it is, I missed it. It's not possible to determine whether the scene is real or simulated.

Personally, I think the rumors were spread by Darth himself to propagate a heterosexual image for himself. (Many people have suggested that he plays for the other team.)


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Home Before Midnight

Two young women, Alison Elliott and Debbie Linden, are hitching, and picked up by a lorry driver. They stop for coffee, and the driver, who fancies Linden, tries to set Elliott up with his mate. She is having none of it, and leaves. Another bloke in the restaurant, James Aubrey, also leaves, and picks her up on the road. They get on well, and make a date for later that evening. Meanwhile, Linden and the lorry driver pull into the wood and have it off.

The date goes well, starting with dinner and wine, moving to a nightclub, and ending up in his bed. It is the best sex he has every had. We learn that he is a successful musician and composer. The two become an item, and everyone is happy about it until he discovers that she is only 14. It is inevitable that they are caught. Parents and police make it a federal case.

This 1979 film was based on a real story, and the facts of the case are enough to make you think long and hard.

1) The girl looked 20.

2) She drank publicly with him, again indicating she was of age.

3) She was very sexually experienced before she met the guy.

4) The police and her parents invented a rape charge when they found out.

5) He genuinely cared for her.

6) When he discovered her age, he knew he should break it off, but didn't.

All of that certainly excuses some of what happened, but her actions after daddy caught her indicate that she was in fact not mature enough for the relationship, and she moved on to another guy her age too quickly and easily, again showing she was not ready for an adult relationship.

This film is writer/director Peter Walker's one and only attempt at socially relevant drama. Walker is otherwise known for exploitation movies, mostly drive-in horror films. He would never write another film after this one, although he would direct one more, The House of Long Shadows, a high camp horror film with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, John Carradine and Christopher Lee. 

I found Home Before Midnight very well done. The film didn't give easy answers, but fairly presented all sides. It's Pete Walker's career achievement, and is still as relevant today as when it was made -- perhaps more so.

It is a solid C, worth the time and effort, and is finally being released on DVD next week.

There are no reviews, and IMDb has too few votes for a statistically meaningful score.


Debbie Linden shows breasts in the lorry, and again in the shower with Elliott.



Alison Elliott does full frontal in the shower scene and a sex scene.

She also shows breasts in other scenes.




An unknown stripper shows breasts.











The 2007 Goya Awards

Part 2: Salvador


A principios de los años setenta, el Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación (MIL), un grupo izquierdista formado por un puñado de militantes españoles y franceses muy jóvenes, pone en jaque a la policía al cometer varios atracos en Cataluña con el objetivo de conseguir dinero para apoyar a los sectores más combativos del movimiento obrero. En un primer momento, el éxito de sus acciones espectaculares, provocadoras e irreverentes proporciona a los jóvenes del MIL una sensación de invulnerabilidad que termina bruscamente en septiembre de 1973, cuando efectivos de la Brigada Político Social tienden una trampa a dos de sus militantes.

En el transcurso de su detención se produce un confuso tiroteo en el que muere un joven inspector de policía. Salvador Puig Antich (Daniel Brühl) resulta gravemente herido y, tras pasar por el hospital, ingresa en la cárcel Modelo de Barcelona a la espera de un consejo de guerra. A partir de ese momento, tanto sus hermanas como sus abogados inician, ante la indiferencia general, una carrera contrarreloj para salvar la vida del joven activista. Pero el 20 de diciembre de 1973 se produce el atentado de ETA (un grupo terrorista español) contra el presidente del Gobierno Franquista, el almirante Carrero Blanco, y Salvador Puig Antich se convertirá en el chivo expiatorio que un sector del Régimen Franquista reclama. El Consejo de Guerra contra Puig Antich es una farsa y el joven Salvador es condenado a muerte. Todos los intentos por salvarlo, incluso una improbable y rocambolesca fuga, resultarán inútiles y el 2 de marzo de 1974 Puig Antich es ejecutado mediante el "garrote vil". Su muerte trágica y cruel deja una gran huella, durante años, a toda una generación que aún se pregunta si pudo hacer algo más para evitar una ejecución tan terrible como inútil.

Ha ganado:

  • Mejor Guión Adaptado: Lluís Alcarazo

y nominada a:

  • Mejor Director: Manuel Huerga
  • Mejor Actor: Daniel Brühl
  • Mejor Actor de Reparto: Leonardo Sbaraglia
  • Mejor Música Original
  • Mejor Fotografía
  • Mejor Montaje
  • Mejor Dirección de Producción
  • Mejor Sonido
  • Mejores Efectos Especiales



At the beginning of the Seventies, the Iberian Liberation Movement, a leftist group formed by a handful of very young Spanish and French militants, challenged the police by committing several holdups in Catalonia, with the objective of giving the money to support the most radical sectors of the labor movement. At the outset, its spectacular successes and provocative irreverence made the young revolutionaries feel invulnerable, a sensation which ended abruptly when the national police trapped two of its militants.

In the course of their apprehension, a confused shoot-out caused a young police inspector to die. The anarchist named Salvador Puig Antich (Daniel Brühl) was seriously wounded and, after a stay in the hospital, he was incarcerated in the Modelo de Barcelona Prison to await military justice. When his sisters and lawyers initiated a race against the clock to save the life of the young activist, the public was merely indifferent to his fate, but at that time a Spanish terrorist group (ETA) mounted an attack against the Franco Government, and the government  made Salvador Puig Antich the public scapegoat for the public's general anti-terrorist sentiment.  The military trial of Puig Antich was a farce and the young Salvador was condemned to death. All the attempts to save him, including a quixotic rescue attempt, were useless. On March 2, 1974 Puig Antich was executed by garrote. His tragic and cruel death left a terrible legacy to a generation that is still asking if it could have done something to prevent his horrifying and useless execution.


This won the Goya for:

  • Best adapted screenplay

It was also nominated for:

  • Best film
  • Best director
  • Best leading actor
  • Best supporting actor
  • Best original music
  • Best cinematography
  • Best editing
  • Best set design
  • Best sound editing
  • Best special effects



Ingrid Rubio









The Haunting of Morella


Today we wrap up The Haunting of Morella with two B-movie babes together: Maria Ford and the late Lana Clarkson, both topless in these caps and three clips.







The Hunger

episode: "The Other Woman"

Ignoring that his very jealous wife (Joanna Cassidy) makes it plain what she will do if she catches him committing adultery, a fashion designer (Nicholas Campbell) has an affair with his young protégé (Lisa Bronwyn Moore). It's a simple story that follows its premise without any surprises, but is still a fun episode.


Lisa Bronwyn Moore






Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy

The Lawnmower Man

---I like this story about a scientist who uses a simple-minded landscaper as a lab rat for an experiment in the education of a mind. Being a Stephen King tale, the story naturally twists into nightmare.

How would you treat other people if you were suddenly the most brilliant mind on the planet?

Jenny Wright







This Sci-Fi from 1981 is outstanding on several levels, not the least of which is it is loaded with beautiful women. Written and directed by Michael Crichton, many of the things he envisioned in 1981 are taken for granted in 2007. He had a lot of good stuff in here; robotics, security access by coded plastic card, the overwhelming influence of TV, the ability of computers to dominate people's lives, and the obsession of Hollywood starlets and models with plastic surgery. He even had computers replacing real people with computer animation, something that's common today. The only thing he missed was the Internet.

A prominent plastic surgeon becomes alarmed when models he has operated on begin to die in strange ways. He decides to stay close to the forth of the group, to see if she is the next one marked for death. As he looks into the matter, he traces the deaths to a mysterious corporation that is using computers to develop new technologies. He begins to believe they are doing more than research.

Although it's slightly dated by 80's hairstyles and fashions, and the DVD quality is not great due apparently to a master that's in pretty bad shape, this is still a top-notch and well-done story which today is not science fantasy, but mostly science fact. I loved it.

Terri Welles Susan Dey









Denise Richards

vacationing on Maui Friday, Feb 1

Elena Anaya

shows more than she expected to



Kelly Preston in Love is a Gun. Very hot stuff, but all of the nudity is done by a body double.

Today's collection-builder is Jacqueline Bisset