Under the "House of the Dead 2" category in Thursday's page, you have misidentified one picture as Tina Mahler.  It is actually Cristin Michele (also soon to be seen in "2001 Maniacs"). I don't know Tina, but I do know Cristin, and was actually there when the scene was filmed.

 It's hard to argue with that ID! Thanks.



All Soul's Day (2005)

All Soul's Day was written and produced by Mark A. Altman, whose previous track record as writer/producer consists of exactly two films:

  1. (6.60) - Free Enterprise (1998)
  2. (2.12) - House of the Dead (2003)

Mark seems to be reaching for the Franklin Shaffner Award which is presented once in a generation to the filmmaker with the greatest gap between his best work and his worst.

Here's Shaffner's own overview:

  1. (8.10) - Patton (1970)
  2. (4.39) - Yes, Giorgio (1982)

Altman has never directed but we'll allow him to participate in the general category of "creative talent." As of today, his high/low score is schooling even the master himself, with a 4.38 gap between his best and worst, compared to a mere 3.71 for Shaffner, and Altman managed to do it in two films, while Shaffner took most of a lifetime before he could pump his score up by directing Yes, Giorgio. Approaching Altman's third project, you have to wonder which Mark will show up. Will it be the guy who wrote the delightful geek comedy Free Enterprise, which starred Bill Shatner doing a hilarious turn as Bill Shatner; or will it be the guy who produced and co-wrote Uwe Boll's worst movie, which is rated 14th on IMDb's list of anybody's worst movies? I suppose your only guarantee is that the film will offer plenty of laughs. The uncertainty lies in whether they will be intentional.

You know what? Even after watching the movie, I'm not sure whether the laughs are intentional. On the surface, All Soul's Day is another hilariously bad movie about the undead, in the tradition of House of the Dead, but maybe that's only a half-truth. It's true that it sometimes seems to be a zombie movie which is so bad as to be hilarious, yet at other times it leaves you thinking that the filmmakers couldn't make such obvious mistakes, and therefore must be attempting an over-the-top spoof of the genre, kind of the zombie equivalent of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I guess I should have listened to the commentary to find the answer, but there are only so many hours in a day, and I just didn't want to devote several more of them to this movie.

It begins with a brief bit of action in 1892 which shows a corrupt Mexican businessman killing everyone in a small town on The Day of the Dead. (Seems like a fitting celebration to me.) The town is Santa Bonita. Hey, if you have to have a patron saint, it may as well be an attractive one. The town of Santa Fea was doomed from the start. The second part of the film skips forward sixty years to 1952, as a white-bread American family pulls into that same small town on their way to a tourist destination. Unfortunately for them, they decide to visit on The Day of the Dead, when the town is filled with zombies and ghosts and human sacrifices and Republicans. They have no choice. They are tired and out of gas, so they stroll into a local hotel ...

... where they promptly start to act like characters in a grade B horror movie.

Let's see, what should we do?

H-m-m. Nobody will come to the front desk of the hotel. When we wander around a bit, we encounter many spooky characters, none of which will look at us or talk to us. So what do we do? Since nobody will wait on us, we decide to sign ourselves in and grab some keys. When we go to sign the guest register we see that nobody has stayed in the hotel in the previous five years. This raises no red flags. Oh, sure, we see some horrible ghosts in the mirrors, but that must just be the result of stress built up in our long, long day on the road, so our next step is to head on upstairs for a relaxing night of sleep!

At this point I actually got permanently lost in the plot. You see, the daughter took a shower and got killed by zombies, while the son had some kind of mystical connection with the ghosts who haunted the hotel, and ended up living in the town forever. (The town has both ghosts and zombies. It's like a resort for the undead.) What about the parents in that family? Beats me. I have to admit I started to lose interest in this, but I don't think the film ever explained what happened to them. The last we saw of them, they were gettin' ready for ... well, ol' dad was going to eat a taco, and I don't mean Mexican food.

Then the third part of the story jumped forward another fifty years, as another American car was driving into Santa Bonita on The Day of the Dead. This is where I started to get really lost, because the ghosts started talking about events that happened "more than 150 years ago," but the events pictured seemed to be the same events from the prologue, which took place in 1892. Did the exact same events happen twice, or are ghosts just bad at math? Then I started to think about some of the other plot points. The little boy from 1952 is now supposed to be the sheriff of the town, but he was about ten in the 1952 sequence, so that would make him about 63 years old now. Huh?? The role is played by David Keith, who is only fifty years old and looks younger. What the hell? Is he immortal? Did the other ghosts manage to make him a ghost somehow? Did the filmmakers just not think about how old the character is supposed to be? I have no idea.

That should be enough to give you the general feeling of the movie. The script further stretches one's credulity when the portion which takes place in the present features a very improbable relationship between the people of the town and the girl who just happened to wander into the town looking for directions. Is it supposed to be a spoof of the silly plot points in bad movies, or is it just a silly plot point? Again I have no idea.

Altman wrote Free Enterprise, so we know he has some talent, and director Jeremy Kasten showed some good visual style in a pretty decent little movie called The Attic Expeditions a few years ago, so he has shown some promise as well. Unfortunately the team just didn't mesh here, and the film was a quickie, shot in 17 days for the Sci-Fi channel. The film has dubious logic, trite characters, confusing facts, bad acting, unresolved plot points, and very little gore. The visual style isn't so bad, but Kasten didn't have an adequate budget to create the special effects necessary to support the style. Is it all meant to be a comedy? Maybe. If you assume that all the film's most outrageous flaws are there to spoof genre films, ala Beyond the Valley of the Dolls or Deathstalker II, you could draw that conclusion. There are indications that the filmmakers were headed in that direction. (The family from the 50s, for example, seems to be a purely comic invention.) In the final reckoning, it doesn't matter. Either way, zombie film or zombie spoof, I just couldn't find enough positives to keep me from getting bored.

On the other hand, the DVD is a different story. It is an Anchor Bay production, and is up to the standard we expect from that company. It includes a full-length commentary and 68 minutes worth of featurettes ... lots of discussion. I can't really tell you too much about all of those features, because the film itself just didn't motivate me to watch or listen to them, but you could easily spend three hours on the special features!

One thing that IS worth watching is the nudity from gorgeous Mircea Monroe

Mircea Monroe
Danielle Burgio




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Wisconsin woman drops gun, shatters toilet

  • Yes, I know it sounds boring, but it is a great read. I love this paragraph:
    • "The woman told her she was packing to move to New York and took the loaded .357-caliber handgun from under her bed and went into the bathroom to grab a towel."
  • She must have been expecting some serious competition for that towel. Coyotes? Brigands?

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Jon Stewart analyzes the State of the Union speech

The Daily Show: "The Democrat's response seemed to lack passion, insight and any sign of carbon-based life."

The Daily Show's Ed Helms reminisces about good times with his old buddy, Alan Greenspan

  • "One time Greenspan busted in with two hookers on each arm and talked about raising interest rates."

The trailer from An American Haunting

  • Based on "The Bell Witch: An American Haunting" by Brent Monahan.
  • Known throughout Tennessee as "Old Kate," the Bell Witch took up residence with John Bell's family in 1818. It was a cruel and noisy spirit, given to rapping and gnawing sounds before it found its voices. With these voices and its supernatural acts, the Bell Witch tormented the Bell family. This extraordinary book recounts the only documented case in U.S. history when a spirit actually caused a man's death. The local schoolteacher, Richard Powell, witnessed the strange events and recorded them for his daughter. Members of the Bell family have previously provided information on this fascinating case, but this book recounts the tale with novelistic vigor and verve.
  • I don't know about the film itself, but the trailer for this has an unusual aspect ratio of 3:1. It's like watching Ben-Hur. In fact, even Ben-Hur was "only" 2.76:1

An extended clip from 'Eight Below', a Disney wilderness adventure about a man and his sled dogs.


"Angelina Jolie has reportedly sold her Buckinghamshire mansion and is planning a dream home with Brad Pitt in the US."

  • The Daily Mirror says it comes after Brad and Angelina decided they wanted to bring up their family in the US.

It's Good To Be Big Ben - here are those pictures of Roethlisberger partying like the new Namath.

Big Ben signs his name to a deal to sign his name

  • "Tannenbaum said he is happy that Roethlisberger exhibits good penmanship, an important factor in a name as long as his."
  • Look at that. Even if I had turned into the next Mantle, my penmanship would have killed my market value. Sister Mary Euthanasia was right.

Sheehan Arrested In Presidential Potty

  • Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested early yesterday after trying to unfurl a very long but narrow banner in the bathroom of the White House living quarters.

Stoner sets up his own pot bust

  • "Dude, where's my weed?" He called the cops after his stash was stolen from his home.
  • Officers caught the thief, then called the victim and asked him to come to the police station to identify his pot. He did and was promptly arrested.

The 2006 State of the Union Address: Complete Transcript of President George W. Bush's Speech to Congress and the Nation (Satirical WHITEHOUSE.ORG version)

Four clips from London

  • " When Syd (Chris Evans) learns that his ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) is leaving New York without telling him, he responds by impulsively crashing her going away party. Once there though, rather than confront her, he holes up in the bathroom with a pile of cocaine and Bateman (Jason Statham), an enigmatic Englishman he barely knows. As the two engaged in a drug-fueled conversation that runs the gamut from anarchy to S&M to the meaning of life, Syd struggles to work up the nerve to talk to London before it is too late.

    Chris Evans ("Fantastic Four"), Jessica Biel ("Stealth"), Jason Statham ("Transporter 1 & 2"), Joy Bryant ("The Skeleton Key"), Isla Fisher ("Wedding Crashers"), Kelli Garner ("Thumbsucker") and comedian Dane Cook star in this twisted and obsessive love story as a group of hip, wealthy twentysomethings who share a love of cocaine and partying. Featuring all new music by The Crystal Method."

The trailer for The Second Chance

  • "Ethan Jenkins (Michael W. Smith) and Jake Sanders (introducing Jeff Obafemi Carr) are both passionate pastors who worship the same God from the same book--but that's where the similarity ends. White and well-to-do Ethan is comfortable in his music ministry at the media-savvy suburban mega-church, The Rock; Jake is a street smart African-American who ministers to the gang members, teen mothers, and drug addicts of the urban Second Chance. When they are suddenly thrown together in a tough neighborhood and forced to work side by side, Ethan discovers there is no boundary between the streets and the sanctuary. But can the faith these two men share overcome the prejudices that divide them to give themselves and a struggling urban church a second chance?"

Six clips from Firewall, a new thriller with Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




The Hot Wives Club (2002)

This is yet another soft core starring hard core actresses with a typical hard core plot. For those who don't know what I mean by a hard core plot, they have a very few lines leading up to a sex scene, followed by another few lines, introducing the next sex scene, and so on. In this case, a husband confides in his coworker that he has the 7 year itch. His coworker supplies the answer in the form of a pass to attend the hot wives club, a swingers club. When he suggest this to his wife (Allysin Chaynes), she strips in a hallway and screws his brains out to prove that she is as exciting as he could want. Nevertheless, he talks her into going to the club. Turns out his fantasy is to see her and another man.

On there first visit, they just watch. Visit two, she does another guy, and on visit three, he does another woman. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Tonight we have way too many images from Allysin Chaynes in two sex scenes, in which she shows everything. Tomorrow night, the other women.


Allysin Chaynes


La Teta y la Luna (1994)

"The Tit and the Moon" is a Bigas Luna comedy seen through the eyes of a 10 year old boy. He is the "crown" on a local pyramid team, who must climb to the very top of a huge human pyramid. His father, a macho type, constantly pushes him, but he always loses to anther team. This is not the worst part of his life, however, as his mother (Laura Mañá) is pregnant, and he does not relish competition for his mother's attention. When he sees her nursing the baby, he becomes obsessively jealous, and sets out to find a tit of his very own. He has figured out that men pump the milk into the women at night, based on his interpretation of what he has seen his parents do.

Fortunately, the moon grants his wish in the form of a carnival performer, half of a team which does a motorcycle farting act. His older brother also falls for this lovely woman, putting the two in competition for the married Mathilda May. Her husband, the fart master, is mostly impotent, so she is susceptible, and likes the flamenco songs the older boy sings outside her window all night.

Luna purposely makes it impossible to tell what is real and what is fantasy in the mind of the young man. Thus, almost anything can and does happen in this odd film. Both Laura Mañá and Mathilda May show breasts in this film.

IMDb readers have it at 6.9. Berardinelli was mostly unimpressed at 2.5 stars. I sort of enjoyed it. It became somewhat predictable, but the characters were all likable. I found it an easy watch. C.

Mathilda May

Laura Mañá




Today, I hope you feel like looking at a really cheap, trashy movie. We have one: "Carnal Desires."

Almost no plot. It's about a guy working in a massage parlor who wants to own his parlor. The good part is the naked women that are his clients. Today we are featuring Mia Zottoli who IMO is a real cutie and she has no problem revealing it all.

Tomorrow we will have more.





A few zipped .avi clips from Hollywood Sins. Today: Kim Dawson and Mia Zottoli.

Tomorrow: the others.





Anicée Alvina has her own volume in the Encyclopedia. This French actress was very much in demand in the late 1970's but faded into oblivion in the early 80's. However she does have 2 credits in the IMDb in this millennium.
Here you can see her in all her glory in Isabelle devant le Désir (1975; "Isabelle in front of lust," literally translated). The film, directed by some guy from Brussels, is rarely shown on TV, is not available on DVD and is still awaiting five votes on the IMDb. I haven't seen the film either since the program ran late at night, went way over time and the end was missing when I checked the following morning what I had recorded. But weep not my friends, for what is important to us was still recorded.
So here are nine clips featuring Anicée in several degrees of undress, from topless to the full monty.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)  I sure hope no-one gets depressed from the overall tone of this movie.




Some sweet paparazzi shots of Elle MacPherson. The file names include the date February 1, 2006, but I don't know when they were actually taken. They may be old, but they are new to me. If they are really from this month, she is still "the body."
Lauren Lee Smith tickling the taco in Lie With Me