The New Pope

season one in 1080hd

Yulia Snigir in episode 7

Ludivine Sagnier and Kika Georgiou (and many others) in episode 7

Chiara Mocci in episode 8

L'Age Tendre
new short film in 720p

Noee Abita

Marie Denarnaud

The Lighthouse
Nominated for an Oscar in Cinematography

2019, 1080hd

Valeriia Karaman


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Gloria Bell

2018, 1920x800

Julianne Moore

Continuing with Scandinavian this week with movies from Denmark and Sweden, although nearly all of them are co-productions with other Scandinavian countries.

The Girl Who Played with Fire

aka "Flickan som lekte med elden" (2009)

Lena Endre,

Noomi Rapace

and Yasmine Garbi are topless in The Girl Who Played with Fire .

Scoop's note: it's a sequel to the original Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Just as with the books, neither of the sequels were as good as the original.

Comments by Brainscan:

There is something of a theme in some of today's offerings.  In you take IMDb's word for it,

Ingrid Cedergren in Scorchy,

Lisa Allison in Love Circles

and Itonia Salchek in Blood Harvest

each appeared in one movie before disappearing from the big screen.

All three were way up in there in the looks department and all three were generous in showing off what good genes and good nutrition gave them.  And then they were gone.  Well, Lisa - the most exuberantly gifted of the three - did make another appearance of note a year after Love Circles, in the pages of Penthouse; and because it was Penthouse of the 1980s, she is starkers and explicit in her posing (the original scans are not mine and they were not in the best of shape and nothing I could do improved them much, but still...).

I suppose you could construct all sorts of scenarios that has the three women finding joy in something else, which had them give up acting, but as a reader of the Funhouse, I sure wish all had done a lot more.

In that same vein is Alaina Alfaro, also cute as the dickens and well-exposed in 2019's Return of the Slasher Nurse, as of yet her only movie.  Let us all hope she does not follow Ingrid, Lisa and Itonia into the land of obscurity.


Last is Alicia Endemann, who appeared in movies before 2016's Ma famille t'adore deja, but it was her last appearance and that is a crying shame.  The camera loves her and so, I imagine, does more of her audience than some random imager.  Do not know why she went away, but it would be nice if she were to re-appear soon and often.  Twas the only thing I asked from Santa this year.


Koo Stark is her own theme, I suppose.  When Randy Andy, the second son of HRH Elizabeth II, was a much younger man, he and Koo dated for a couple of years.  It was noted at the time that she was an actress and had appeared in the buff, and that, clothes on or off, she looked to be much younger than her 20 or 21 years at the time she made Justine.  Really?  How much younger? I'd be shocked, shocked I say to learn that Prince Andrew had anything but honorable intentions in his dealings with women younger than 20.  

My Summer of Love

2004, 1080hd

Emily Blunt and Natalie Press film clips (collages below)



Camille De Pazzis in Where We Go From Here (2019) in 1080hd

Eliza Rycembel in Boze Cialo (Corpus Christi) (2019) in 1080hd

Eliza Rycembel and Julia Kijowska in Nina (2018) in 1080hd

Alena Dolakova in Pepa (2018) in 720p

Marion Cotillard